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Comic-Con 2014: Avengers: Age of Ultron Footage Report
Posted by Jeffrey Harris on 07.27.2014

At this year's 2014 Comic-Con International, I was able to check out the highly anticipated Avengers: Age of Ultron footage at the Marvel's Avengers: Age Of Ultron Headquarters Powered By Samsung. Samsung was nice enough to invite me out to their lounge, where I was given a personal preview of the full footage reel of Avengers: Age of Ultron shown at the panel. The footage was shown in a personal screening room on Samsung's new Galaxy Tab S tablet.

WireImage for Samsung

Before the screening, I along with other attendees were treated to the lounge featuring digital images of concept art, production stills, and other photos from the Marvel Cinematic Universe throughout the lounge. Attendees were also allowed to personally demo the new Tab S. Now to what everyone is really excited about: the Age of Ultron footage. Now fair warning, the footage does contain some very revealing moments from the film. So if you want to remain absolutely spoiler free for Age of Ultron, stop reading now.

WireImage for Samsung

The reel begins with a fun, humorous sequence. The Avengers: Thor, Captain America/Steve Rogers, Tony Stark/Iron Man, Hawkeye/Clint Barton, Bruce Banner/Hulk, and Black Widow/Natasha Romanoff are all chilling out with drinks in the lounge area of Avengers Tower. James Rhodes/War Machine and Maria Hill are also there. Thor is in casual clothes and lays his hammer down on a coffee table. Hawkeye is joking around saying that Thor's inscription of him being able to wield the hammer is all just a big parlor trick. So Thor lays down the challenge for the other Avengers to lift the hammer. Tony Stark is up first, but he cannot lift it. He then brings out his Iron Man armor gauntlet and still cannot lift the hammer up. Then, Stark brings in Rhodey to help him, and it still does not work. Banner and Hawkeye try and fail with humorous results. Then Captain America gives it try. If you remember, in the Marvel Comics, Captain America is one of the few people, other than Thor, that is able to lift Mjolnir. Cap tries, and the hammer appears to budge. Thor's look of mirth turns solemn very quickly, but Cap is also unable to lift the hammer. The Avengers suggest Black Widow give it a try. Widow shrugs it off saying that is one question she does not need answered. Stark asks Thor if the hammer is encoded to his hand. Thor simply says the Avengers are not worthy enough to wield Mjolnir. The Avengers' revelry is then interrupted by a loud buzzing noise. And it is here that Ultron appears.

I am unsure if this is Ultron's first appearance or even his first look. Ultron says in what sounds like James Spader's voice that "The truth is, none of you are worthy. You're all killers." In this sequence, Ultron appears to have culled his body together from leftover junk in Stark's lab. His design is very crude and rough. His faceplate is very reminiscent of his early appearance. His mouth does not move. The Avengers all prepare for a fight as they witness Ultron's speech.

Here the main montage sequence starts. Ultron reveals his grand plan. He runs down the Avengers as being killers but being truly unable to help and save the world. He talks about humans all being connected by strings. In the background, a sad, ominous cover version of "I've Got No Strings" from Disney's Pinocchio, plays. While the earlier sequence was fun and light, the montage footage is very grave, dark, intense and serious. There is a lot of footage of the South Africa sequences with civilians on the run from destruction. There are some money shots of Iron Man in the Hulkbuster armor fighting the Hulk. Hulk appears to be on an uncontrollable rampage, and Iron Man is forced into action to stop him. Or at least that is the impression the footage gives. The shots show Iron Man arriving in the armor. It looks like Iron Man has just jumped in the Hulkbuster suit as it starts to enclose over Iron Man and attach the big Hulkbuster helmet. Hulk and Iron Man then go into battle and Iron Man is able to grab Hulk's fist.

The footage briefly shows some action shots of Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, but nothing substantial. Nothing relating to Vision was shown. Now for fans of the Hulk and Black Widow pairing, there was one specific shot of the two in a frozen wilderness. They have a tender moment where Black Widow puts her hand up against the Hulk. It looks as if Black Widow is trying to get through to Banner underneath the beast. Some photo stills have been revealed showing Hawkeye and Black Widow together in a snowy forest, so I assume this moment is from that particular sequence. Another interesting shot shows Bruce Banner cowering and shivering under a blanket in the Quinjet. Banner looks particularly shaken by some type of experience.

Near the end of the montage, Tony Stark is left to see the apparently defeated, broken, and quite possibly dead Avengers. Now to be clear, I do not believe the Avengers are dead. The context of this moment is not clear. But in this sequence, Stark is overlooking his fallen comrades. Hawkeye is among them and is sitting down, leaned over. I am not sure if he is unconscious, awake or dead. What is worse? Captain America's shield has been shattered. It has been broken apart. So at some point in the movie, Cap's shield is likely shattered. That is unless this was merely a nightmare sequence for Stark, considering he is responsible for Ultron's creation for the purpose of the story. The crescendo of the footage is Ultron in his full glory. Ultron's complete form is revealed. He appears as he did in the reveal image on the Entertainment Weekly cover. He is much more decked out, with glowing red highlights throughout his chassis and frame. He is dark and sleek. He does speak, and his mouth moves as he articulates. He says, "There are no strings on me." It appears that this might have a double meaning. For one, he is referencing the lyric of Pinocchio's song, saying he has no strings, and he is a puppet without his strings. But I believe he is also saying that he has no strings or connections to humanity because he intends to be their instrument of destruction.

This looks like it will be a dark, brutal, and intense movie. Based on the footage, the Avengers will be shattered by their encounter with Ultron. The impression is that the Avengers are living large, and then Ultron's appearance basically knocks them off their pedestal. The context of why Hulk and Iron Man come to blows is not clear. However, it looks like more than a mere misunderstanding. It definitely is not a training sequence. Hulk or Banner appears to have lost control of his powers, so Iron Man has to quell his science bro. Now obviously the important Avengers such as Thor and Captain America will not die yet, since they still have other movies to continue. However, Age of Ultron looks as if it will be The Empire Strikes Back or Wrath of Khan installment of the franchise. In short, Earth and the Avengers look totally screwed.

WireImage for Samsung

Thanks again to Samsung for having us at the lounge. Avengers: Age of Ultron hits theaters on May 1, 2015.


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