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San Diego Comic Con Wrap-Up: Avengers 2, Wonder Woman Costume, Batman v. Superman, More
Posted by Terry Lewis on 07.31.2014

Hi there guys! This weekend the 2014 edition of San Diego Comic Con arrived so all the big companies of television, film and comics books - not to mention other aspects of pop culture media - rocked up to San Diego Convention Hall and showed off their new projects or some one close to completion with sparkling footage and teases.

I was thinking "we should get our best brains on here to pick apart what came out of SDCC this year", so I put the message out and gathered some of 411's best from the Movie Zone to take part. We have taking part today our super cool panel comprised of:

Bryan Kristopowitz of The Gratuitous B-Movie Column and regular contributor to our weekly Top 5's and Monthly Roundtables!
Steve Gustafson of Comics 411, The Big Screen Bulletin and the Hollywood 5 & 1 fame!
And of course - ME! Regular Movie reviewer and contributor to Top 5 and our Monthly Roundtables!

Join us whilst we look back over the best and worst in show at Comic Con with our thoughts on the convention itself, with awesome new trailers and pictures brought out over the last few days to bring you up to speed!

Daniel Radcliffe gets horny in Horns

What does the San Diego Comic Con mean to you?

Bryan Kristopowitz: It's a big, annual event that tends to feature lots of big news about damn near everything. It doesn't mean anything else to me beyond that.

Steve Gustafson: I've been a comic book fan since I was able to read. When I first heard about the San Diego Comic Con, it instantly became the mecca of comic book events. I was lucky enough to attend the Con several times in the 90s, just before Hollywood figured out they could use it to market their goods and turn it into the giant, mega-buzz amusement park it is today. I have tons of great memories being there, meet the artistic minds behind my favorite books. Of course, this was during the great rise of Image comics and the flood of variant silver embossed cover exclusives that drove the "speculation" audience to buy as many issues as possible as an investment. I was just there for the fun. One of my favorite memories was running into Jim Shooter and getting a chance to talk to him for a good 30 minutes. He pulled out the first issue of Plasm, autographed it for me, and thanked me for being a fan. I can't imagine that type of meeting happening today.

Terry Lewis: It's the only place where all of western television, movies and comic book, not to mention other aspects of pop culture, gathers to showcase their wares and discuss them in such detail. It means alot to see everything put on a show to strut it's stuff somewhat and bring together all communities for healthy discussion. There really is quite a buzz this time of year when everything gets previewed and we find out new plans from our favourite shows, series and movies. Whilst it's not quite the Wrestlemania or Superbowl Final of pop culture (since it's the release dates and final products that count, not the announcements), it's definitely the Royal Rumble or whatever the round before the Superbowl is called. I love it. Really like to go one day.

 photo amell.jpg

Cue some jackass asking "Yeah but how much do you lift bro?"

Do you feel that it has made more successful or lessened the impact of the comic book industry, after the inclusion of other media industries?

Bryan: I think it all depends on what you mean by "comic book industry," because if we're talking about comic books in conjunction with some other major media property (a movie or a TV show) then it's a big deal and the industry gets to revel in the spotlight. If we're talking about something that's just comic book related then, no, because the major attention is all on the movies and the TV shows. No one but the diehards seem to care about that stuff.

Steve: By reading the thoughts of comic book pros on social media, it has lessened the impact. While comic books are the source material for the massive superhero franchises that are driving the movie industry, it seems they are less apt to really give back. Unless you have Spider-Man, Batman, X-Men, or the Avengers, the new breed of fan doesn't pay you much attention. San Diego Comic Con is barely a comic book convention and I'm sure if Hollywood and other "media industries" had their druthers, they'd hide the comic books behind some curtains or put the artists and writers in another building all together.

Terry: Well it was came up with to promote and celebrate comic books and whilst the more popular industries catch the majority of media and fan eyes, it's still prevalent. There's no other comic convention which can boast the sheer numbers of eyes and interest in one span of a few days thanks to the waddling in of other industries. Most of them do form a tie-in being movies and TV shows based on comics, like The Walking Dead. Comic books keep pumping out the ideas for TV and films which in turn keep them running in a time when print media is going through a rough patch. A welcome alternative to some, a encroaching annoyance to others, I don't feel there's a correct answer at the end of the day.

I don't even know where the book ends and Jackson's additions creep in anymore...

How do you feel about it's continuous growth - do you think it will outgrow it's San Diego Convention Centre home in it's current format?

Bryan: I guess it could, eventually, outgrow its current building, but then where is it going to go? What place is going to be big enough to handle the influx of fans and entertainment types? As for its current format, it may have to become like a two-and-a-half week event to handle everything.

Steve: While it's great to see the characters I grew up reading on the big screen, the Con has become such a spectacle. As long as comic book themed movies perform as well as they do, expect this convention to grow and, yes, outgrow the San Diego Convention Centre.

Terry: I feel it already has in the sense that the massive properties like Avengers bring in ridiculous tales of people queuing for two days straight just to say "I was there in Hall H". That's their prerogative but it would be so much bigger if there was a digital platform set up by SDCC. So people can pick and choose what they want to see through streaming. Of course it would require media types to play ball and want to be shown but 9 times out of 10 I'm sure they will because it is free advertising at the end of the day. The Convention Centre itself is fine for the size but they need something to get people to go elsewhere, not just for the big reveals.

 photo brolinthanos.jpg

"Bow down before your new god Marvel fanboys!"

What was your biggest comic book news announced at CC?

Bryan: The S.H.I.E.L.D. comic book, that's apparently going to exist within the continuity established by the TV show, sounds kind of interesting. How is that going to work? And what does "continuity" mean in this context? Are we going to be encouraged to read the comic at the same time as we watch the show? Is Marvel going to go that far in terms of cross promotion?

Steve: They had comic book news? Kidding. Actually, I dug the news that Fight Club and 'Django Unchained will be getting sequels...in comic books. It's very cool that they are expanding the genre and thinking outside the box to tell their stories. And yes, I know Joss Whedon did it with Buffy before this. Also, Batman goes a lot of love and I hear "Batman Day" was a big success.

Terry: I love the sheer out-thereness of the planned Star Trek meets Planet Of The Apes crossoverfrom Boom & IDW. It's like stroking a mink every time I hear it. It's the original Kirk 60's Enterprise crew as well meeting the original Ape movie cast so there's massive potential there as these two mammoth franchises of the 60's finally collide! I quite liked what IDW did when The Next Generation met Matt Smith's Doctor Who so if this new crossover is a patch on that, it could be a classic.

The talent behind the new Marvel Star Wars comics has me frothing at the mouth with superstar writers and artists on board. I mean Jason Aaron is great but to throw in John Cassaday on top, doing what happened straight after Return Of The Jedi is amazing. The Dark Vader spin-off sounds intriguing too. I'll be checking those out when they're in TPB format definitely.

On smaller notes, Angela is getting her own series and won't be Female Thor so that's that rumour put on toast. Spider-Verse has only 8 Spider-Men ever NOT in it which is pure radicalness on whose going to appear stakes. Oh and Daredevil & She-Hulk will be going one-on-one finally!!!... in a courtroom. Never been done before so interested to see where it goes. I think it's just nice for Marvel to throw in these little character-led bones now and again.

Arrow Season 3 looks a rather good 'un no?

What was your biggest comic related bit of television news?

Bryan: Ra's Al Ghul is going to be the big villain on Arrow for season 3. I don't watch the show (although I really should. It looks great. I just need more time in the day) but it will be interesting to see how the nerd world responds to having Ghul as the bad guy. Will it be cool or will it turn out to be a bad thing?

Steve: DC wins this one easily. They have four fall live-action shows getting buzz — the returning Arrow and three new series Gotham, The Flash, and Constantine. They made the most of their Comic-Con appearance with the casts and creative teams from all four coming together in the biggest panel in Comic-Con Hall H history. All four received big boosts from positive feedback and put DC in a great position. On the TV front, as least.

Terry: DC Entertainment rolled out it's Big 4 Comic TV trailers with Flash, Constantine, Arrow and Gotham getting a look in. Constantine looks great for a horror/supernatural piece of work which is very in now with TV channels wanting a piece of horror action to call their own. Do like they managed to nail the tone of the comic style wise. Hopefully we can see more of John's characteristics like double crossing and smoking sooner than later. I'm still yet to be convinced by Gotham. It looks too much like a fan servicing exercise with Batman without Batman. I feel there's too much focus on the future villains and not enough done to highlight it's a fresh young detective trying to deal with this bleak horrible city that coughs up crime after crime. Regardless, I'm still going to give it a go. Arrow looks as great as ever as easily the best comic book adaptation for TV with some nice treats in store for Ollie, especially with Ra's Al Ghul being the big bad. Shame that Felicity is going over to Flash but that's really nailing the positive and lighter side with Barry fighting Gorilla Grodd and the like. No other inter-show crossover confirmed apart from Flash & Arrow as of yet, but there maybe a few coals in the fire heating up later on if you ask me.

The new Walking Dead trailer dropped and blimey they're going all out. Big massive action set-pieces and zombie fighting to make up for the second part of Season 4 being relatively light. Digging the team up between Team Rick and Terminus crews as Terminus become blinded by Rick and co.'s journey up to save the world via Eugene in Washington. I am still waiting patiently on the hunters storyline. Me and my friend really hope that gets adapted since it deals with one of the aspects of a zombie apocalypse not covered yet...

Oh and that Adam West 1960's Batman blu-ray set is damn expensive but worthwhile. Someone please buy for me and I will review it! ;)

 photo ww2.jpg

Seriously though - dat Wonder Woman outfit...

What was your biggest non-comic related bit of television news?

Bryan: Sam Raimi is developing an Evil Dead TV series with Bruce Campbell as the star. That is monumental horror nerd news. Humungous. Which network will pick it up? Standard cable? HBO? Who wants it?

Steve: Off the top of my head, I can't recall any huge non-comic TV news. Wait! Stephen Colbert, who's on TV, moderated The Hobbit panel. Colbert delivered a pretty funny and passionate speech about the history of the film franchise and what it meant to him and other Tolkien fans.

Terry: We had some details of American Horror Story: Freakshow and it's ambitious to say the least. Sarah Paulson as a two headed person? It really needs a good season to start strong off the bat, after last year's frightfully dull outing with the witches in the Big Easy/southern states.

Toy Story Which Time Forgot has an alright premise to it. Quite like to see Pixar's take on franchise toys ala Transformers if they go that far.

Oh and the Hannibal Season 2 blooper reel is by far the greatest thing committed to screen this year.

What was your biggest comic related bit of movie news?

Bryan: Everyone seems to be freaking out over Wonder Woman's costume for the Dawn of Justice movie. She does look like Xena in that outfit.

Steve: Sheesh. Can I just say The Avengers: Age of Ultron and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice for the tie with Ant-Man coming in 2nd?

Terry: Has to be, before the first one is even released, the reveal of Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 for July 2017. Clearly Marvel has alot of faith in the first one and must be over the moon with director James Gunn's final product for them to commit to a second so quick. Mind you, there is this big promotional push for people to get behind with Guardians. Seriously, there's so much toys and gear you can pick up coming out not, it's insane!

I didn't massively think much of the Batman v Superman teaser since that's all it was - a teaser. Still, Gail Godot's Wonder Woman costume looks insanely bad-ass. Could have done with a touch of brighter colour since it has the overall impression of brown but it's certainly what a warrior princess would wear and given me hope to see Godot bash Supes & Bats heads together for kicking off at each other.

I'd be keen on the rumoured Spider-Man: Sinister Six movie being confirmed for 2016 but I'm waiting and seeing if it's got anything of substance with villains redeeming themselves and if they do proper introductions, compared to just guys in suits going "Grr" & saying they have to get Spidey. Needs more than that to make the most of the best opportunity as the first proper super villain team-up movie.

And finally, Chris Schnepp has been showing off his Superman Lives documentary which looks at what happened to Tim Burton's vision of a Supes film with Nicholas Cage being derailed and it's very interesting. Just see who they get in to interview - Burton, Kevin Smith, Grant Morrison - big names alone, all mixed in with test footage which Cage in a light up, glowstick suit. Magnificent. Sound quality could have done with going over mind, unless it'll be touched up for final release.

 photo hatefuleightposter.jpg

Not quite Comic Con but Tarantino has a new movie coming up - he's done more than EIGHT films surely?!

What was your biggest non-comic related bit of movie news?

Bryan: Skull Island! It sounds like we're going to get a new King Kong movie, and as far as I'm concerned that's never a bad thing. The Godzilla sequel news where it was announced he was going to fight Mothra and a few other classic Zilla villains should have come off as a bigger deal, but then, based on the recent Godzilla reboot, even if Godzilla does fight Mothra we're probably not going to see much of it.

Steve: The trailer for Mad Max: Fury Road rocked it out and didn't look back!

Terry: Legendary Pictures making grand plans by announcing Skull Island and Godzilla 2's special addtions. So we're getting a King Kong origin film from hopefully Attack The Block director Joe Cornish as he's been offered the job which sounds interesting and has potential given Cornish's imagination. In a bit of good news/bad news, Gareth Edwards confirmed he won't be making 'Zilla 2 until he's done with his Star Wars spin-off but promises to bring in Rodan, Mothra & King Ghidorah when he's back. All of this paragraph was pure awesomeness brought to you by Legendary. Just wait until they get round to all these crossovers with Pacific Rim as well.

Horns with Daniel Radcliffe was revealed and it looks surprisingly great. A neat twist on the "kid gets powers" concept with lovely dashes of horror spread all over it with Radcliffe showing off a decent 'murican accent. Oh and if they get Maisie Williams / Arya Stark to potentially take lead in The Last Of Us movie, that really will be something to watch.

No witty comment here - it's Mad Max 4 - brace yourself for the radness!

Any big announcements (film/TV/comics/anything) that didn't particularly impress you?

Bryan: The Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice "Comic Con Only" teaser thing was pretty lame. The fans in the hall audience freaked out when they saw it, sure, but it must have been one of those "you had to be there" kind of things. The thing I saw on the internets was just… so what?

Steve: Christopher Nolan's Interstellar felt flat to me. I'm a big Nolan fan and I understand he doesn't like doing convention appearances. It showed.

Terry: As much as I like Bruce Campbell and think most of Sam Raimi's output is watchable, the announcement of an Evil Dead TV show has left me a bit cold. Horror is very much back in on TV so it's a no-brainer for the duo to pitch a spin-off from the movies (whether it's replacing the rumoured Army Of Darkness 2 is anyone's guess), but the idea of an aging Campbell taking on Deadites again doesn't wet my appetite as it may have once did. What are they going to do as well - a Supernatural type show with Deadite of the week? Colour me uninterested. Also, not as keen on Raimi producing a big screen version of The Last Of Us as other people are.

I used to like Kevin Smith alot but Tusk failed to hit the right chords for me. I like how it's an old fashioned, man bloke in the wilderness doing unspeakable, screwed up things to humans, but I really don't think I should have been laughing at the trailer as much as I did.

Comics-wise, despite having Grant Morrison writing and some cool graphics & logos, The Multiversity doesn't sound that appealing. I know it's DC's go to for crossover and events to go to alternate Earths and such, but good lord does it feel old hat. I guess it's their first one since the New 52 launched is the excuse, but concentrate on getting your house in order with clear identities and continuity of your characters before getting all ambitious!

 photo tmntpizzathrower.jpg

Holy hell, they made the TMNT Pizza Thrower toy INTO A REAL LIFE TANK WHICH SHOOTS PIZZAS AND ROTATES! Only way the new movie is going to be saved if this cameos

What piece of footage (trailer, film clip, cartoon, anything!) got you excited the most?

Bryan: The Family Guy/Simpsons crossover clip was awesome. Hilarious. I can't freaking wait until the end of September to see the entire episode.

Steve: Again, The Avengers: Age of Ultron, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and Mad Max: Fury Road were the biggest standouts to me.

Terry: We got our first look at Mad Max: Fury Road and yeah it's pretty fine. Very Road Warrior with tonnes of vehicle chase sequences in practical effects, stylistically lush looking and glimpses into what the plot could be. There's so much in George Miller coming back to his post-apocalypse rural Australia epic that could go wrong, but early signs are damn promising with everything look suitably past civilisation with everyone scraping together to survive. Oh and Charlize Theron has a claw hand. Can't wait.

Whilst the footage and lack of a trailer shown online is more than likely going to drop after Guardians, The Avengers 2 display with a broken Cap shield looks awesome along with Ultron V.1 and the potential Hulkbuster armour looks great. Hype is slowly rising for this one! Oh and Josh Brolin with the Infinity Gauntlet looks amazing.

Schnepp manages to depress Burton some more in The Death Of Superman Lives: What Happened? - if that's possible

Your overall "Best In Show" - what stood out head and shoulders above the rest?

Bryan: The Skull Island announcement was the big bit of news, followed closely by the Evil Dead news. Both are amazing, amazing things.

Steve: I think Marvel Entertainment gets the nod. The cast is so likable and know just the right tone to set to engage with the crowd and get people excited. Josh Brolin coming out wearing the Infinity Gauntlet was icing on the cake.

Terry: Rather tough to be honest. I'm going to plump for Gail Godot's Wonder Woman costume because it looks amazing. This is what Wonder Woman should look like. Now we wait and see what Godot does with the character.

And that's a wrap! Thanks to everyone who took the time to contribute to this!

I hope we've summed up and reminded you of the big news and some of the lesser publicised projects out there. Most of all, I hope we've given you some food for thought on whatevers coming out you maybe interested in.

Let us know what your highlights were below in the comments section! The best one gets a free No Prize! Enjoy! :)



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