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411 Fact or Fiction Movies/TV: Expendables, Ms. Marvel, Lonely Island, More
Posted by Ben Piper on 08.15.2014

Like everyone else, I was horribly stunned and saddened by the passing of Robin Williams this past Monday. It is a horrible loss for us all, to have this incredible talent taken from us all far too soon. Early next week, I will be putting together a staff wide tribute column to the man. I hope that you'll all keep an eye out for it.

Onto more pressing concerns and Fact or Fiction. This week we've got Steve Cook and Bryan Kristopowitz here to help us out. Let's see what they have to say…

The Expendables 3 won't be up to par with its predecessors.

Steve Cook: FICTION I suppose it depends on your level of expectations for Expendables movies. It's pretty well established after two of these productions that you're going in expecting star power, action & general craziness. I guess the main thing worrying people is the PG-13 rating, but you can generally get away with stuff with that rating. I don't expect it to rival Citizen Kane, but it'll probably be on the level of the other Expendables movies.

Bryan Kristopowitz: : FICTION The PG-13 rating is troubling, as that means we're not going to get as many bloody decapitations or scenes where bad guys are blown apart by heavy machine gun fire. However, PG-13 action movies can get away with quite a bit more than they used to, so there's a chance that we'll still get to see some of the "good" stuff. The cast for part 3 is bigger, featuring more general star power, and from what I've seen via the trailers and TV commercials it's going to be a kick-ass time at the movies. I can't freaking wait.

Katee Sackhoff would be a good choice to play Ms. Marvel in an upcoming Marvel Comics Universe movie.

Steve Cook: FACT Sackhoff has plenty of street cred for the hardcore nerd fanbase since she was on Battlestar Galactica, & she played a character on that show that should be similar in characteristics to what will be expected of Ms. Marvel. She'll translate well to the common viewer since she's attractive. I would question building a movie around a character I'd consider limited in popularity like Ms. Marvel, but anything with the Marvel brand is making tons of money these days so why the hell not.

Bryan Kristopowitz: FICTION Katee Sackhoff is a good actor and always gives an interesting performance no matter what. And I'm not saying that she couldn't rock the world as Ms. Marvel. I bet she could. But she comes off as a too low key choice when there are other female actors out there with bigger name recognition. How about finding a way to get Kate Hudson to do it? Or how about Yvonne Strahovski? She has some nerd clout and just came off the last 24 season. She would be a better choice.

Quentin Tarantino writing and directing a sci-fi movie is something you would be interested in.

Steve Cook : FACT Tarantino's never been afraid to do something different. Science fiction is not something he's delved into before, so I'm not surprised it'd be upcoming on his agenda. Would it be good? I don't know, but I wouldn't mind finding out. I'm not sure what the argument against this would be, it's not like the guy only makes one type of movie & never does anything else.

Bryan Kristopowitz : FICTION While I'm sure the actual movie would be interesting, the idea of Tarantino doing a sci-fi movie comes off as one of those things he says at some event that gets the internets all hot and bothered but then never happens. Remember the Vega brothers movie? Or the kung fu movie in Mandarin? Or how about the Kill Bill novel? He's just getting around to finding a way to release the four hour version of Kill Bill. I'd much rather get excited about that than a movie proposal that will probably never happen.


Let's Be Cops will not be a very good movie.

Bryan Kristopowitz: FACT I've liked the trailers, I like the premise, and I'm a fan of Damon Wayans, Jr, but Let's Be Cops won't be a very good movie in the traditional sense. It will likely be a very funny modern comedy; a bunch of funny scenes intermingled with several somewhat funny scenes that go on forever. I'm hoping I'm wrong and Let's Be Cops is a tight, lean and mean bit of hilarity. Comedies are just too long nowadays.

Steve Cook: FACT People that actually read me on a regular basis know that I hate to cast something aside as being not very good unless I have enough experience watching something to know that it'll be bad. I don't like to sell things short too early. That being said, I saw a commercial for this movie over the weekend and it looked fucking horrendous. Not worth your time unless you're renting it at Blockbuster. Oh wait we don't do that anymore...um, download it online? I don't know what the kids do these days. But this movie doesn't look good.

You'd be down with a comedy musical Lonely Island movie.

Bryan Kristopowitz : FICTION I'm against this movie not because it won't be funny, but because it sounds like one of those hip and edgy comedies that gets oodles of press and publicity but then drops like a rock at the box office. Or one of those comedies that gets a small theatrical release in the big cities but a relentless media campaign where Samberg goes on every talk show to talk about the movie and then reprise some of his SNL bits. I just don't want to participate in that kind of thing.

Steve Cook : FICTION Yeah, I'm not sure what the hell's going on here. Something about Judd Apatow & Andy Samberg & stuff like that. I'm sure I'm supposed to like that because of oh my god SNL & Apatow & Samberg are so funny, but it's not really my cup of tea. I'm probably the wrong person to ask about this sort of thing, but that's nothing new in the history of this column.

The Giver despite the impressive cast, will fail to make much of an impression at the box office.

Bryan Kristopowitz : FACT The Giver has a built in audience and, yes, a top notch cast, but I have a feeling that the sci-fi fantasy will be ignored because of the continued success of Guardians of the Galaxy and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot. And The Expendables III will probably have a good opening, so that will likely cut into The Giver's box office take. Of course, ultra-right wing Christians could decide to show up in droves to see The Giver because they think it's an attack on secular humanism or whatever. Walden Media probably should have waited and released the movie at some other time.

Steve Cook: FACT I hate to keep agreeing with Bryan because that makes for a boring column, but he's right on this one. It's a good cast & the book it's based on is good, but it's not what today's movie going audience is looking for. They look for superheroes, blood & guts, and I don't think The Giver has a whole lot of that on display. Unless I read the book completely wrong, which I guess is possible, but as far as I can tell it's not what the people desire. It does have Taylor Swift though, so who the hell knows.

Bonus Question: What is your favorite Robin Williams movie?

Bryan Kristopowitz : It's really a toss-up between Popeye and The Birdcage. Popeye is just Williams mugging and singing and fighting and whatnot, capturing the essence of the comic strip and cartoon character and making you truly believe that he is Popeye the sailor man. I love every minute of that movie (I remember trying to watch it on cable every single time it was on when I was a kid). And The Birdcage has Williams somewhat restrained but still laugh out loud funny. He gets to do a few zany things but he lets Nathan Lane do the really ridiculous bits and that takes guts especially when you realize that had Williams been Albert he would have been brilliant. It's a different kind of comedic performance for Williams. It, to me, just stands out.

Steve Cook: The one that has a special connection to me is Mrs. Doubtfire. I am not a man that treks out to the movie theater very often, and that's because when I was young my family didn't go to the theater very often. I do explicitly remember going to the theater with my mother, my grandmother & my sister to see Mrs. Doubtfire. I haven't seen it since then, so I don't know how it holds up, but it's part of why I've said in this column before that people dressing in drag is always funny. Williams was hilarious here when I was 10 years old, and as far as I know other people feel the same way. I loved him in Good Will Hunting, Dead Poets Society & countless other movies, TV shows & stand up comedy specials, and it can't be said enough how much he'll be missed. God bless him.

And there you have it. Steve and Bryan do not always agree, but on a few occasions do so. Thanks to them both for playing, and see you all again next week!



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