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5 Most Out-Of-Control Godlike Comics Characters
Posted by Steve Gustafson on 09.03.2014

Welcome back! My name is Steve Gustafson and this is a corner of 411mania reserved for those interested in talking comics! As always, I want to thank everyone who took a few minutes to read and comment last week. Check out my 20 of the Sexiest Women of Reality TV and write up about Why DC Comics Are Doomed at the Box Office! You can also go and read my interview with Playboy's Miss June, Jessica Ashley and my interview with Playboy's 2014 Playmate of the Year, Kennedy Summers!


It was a battle of the blurbs last week when the Punisher and Thunderstrike went at it. Here are the results:

 photo cover_zps2e7ed18d.jpg

Punisher 77.38%
Thunderstrike 22.62%

Punisher takes it easily and I think we've learned a lesson about inviting him to the beach. This week is a Galactus party! We've got Fantastic Four #48 and #49! Which one would you pick up from the newsstands?

 photo Cover_zps3675907b.jpg


DC Comic Characters That Should Have Their Own Video Games! That was the subject and poll question last week. Here are the results:

Lobo 47.65%
Green Lantern 21.32%
Bizarro 10.97%
Legion of Superheroes 7.21%
Doctor Fate 3.45%
Hawkman 3.13%
Atom 1.88%
The Invisibles 1.88%
Wonder Twins 1.25%
Doom Patrol 1.25%

If this poll taught me anything, its that DC hasn't touched the tip of potential that they have with Lobo. If he got a proper writing and art team, he'd be unstoppable. Also, it was good to see Legion of Superheroes get some solid love. Here's what you all said...

powerbomb69: "Great Superman games? do tell..."

APNelson: "How about a Mass Effect style Action RPG Green Lantern game. You could potentially go a route where you build up a team with members from each corps to face some larger threat (could work with Blackest Night like you suggested)"

lorddarias: "Black Canary/ Birds of Prey
Green Arrow
Suicide Squad
Power Girl"

Timber_wulff: "Lobo Lobo Lobo, I would leave it at that, but come on.... He goes through space fragging people on various planets, and if you need boss battles Have Lobo fight... Lobo. every drop of his blood spawns new Lobos so there's bound to be a few for him left to frag, big bounty, that twilight lame duck version of him from new 52"

El Atomico" "Can't decide between Dr. Fate and Hawkman. How about the Spectre?"

KipSmithers: "A Flash-inspired Pinball game?"

VT_JizzyFingerz: "GTA style Deathstroke game"

Lindsay Lohan Spread Eagle: "Plastic Man"

Feather Wifflebottom: "Birds of Prey game set up like a Metal Gear Solid type espionage would be killer"

CMWolf: "I chose Doom Patrol just because you pissed me off by talking smack about Grant Morrison. You are the FIRST person in the history of anything to NOT think his run on Doom Patrol wasnt simply brilliant and elevated that title. So there. :::raspberries:::"

Solomon Grundy: "Give me the Superfriends Vs The Legion of Doom game!!!

That would knock out alot of characters who haven't been in a game and would allow me to hear "Meanwhile, at the Hall of Doom" again!!!"

Oj: "After the success of the Arkham series games introducing the universe to people I'd love a Gotham City Sirens game."

Thanks for the comments and feedback!


Have you been reading Marvel's Original Sin? To give a recap: Nick Fury and the Avengers are investigating the murder of Uatu the Watcher, but each sees a "sin" from their past, hence Original Sin. There's plenty of action and mismatched run-ins. I was discussing with a friend over the weekend and the subject of Godlike characters came up. Comic book history is FILLED with storylines of what happens when omnipotent characters get too much power. Both heroes and villains have encountered the dilemma and we've gotten some great stories out of it. Usually it ends up with them getting too much power, making a mistake, then learning that it's OK to be human or some other nonsense. We get exceptions to the rule but you get the picture.

Instead of talking about the best or our favorite, let's talk about which one was the worst in terms of controlling themselves. I'm avoiding the obvious ones like Darkseid/Thanos/Apocalypse. I'm sure they'll get love below. I'll be picking 5 that I enjoy and I'll leave it to you to fill in the rest below. I wouldn't mind this column get more debate heavy in the comments because I've seen some really good back and forth in the past. Let's kick it off with...

 photo Anti-Monitor_zpsc5de46de.jpg


This guy controls the Antimatter Universe and is the evil counterpart to his brother, the Monitor. He made a big impression during the Crisis on Infinite Earths when he almost succeeded in destroying the positive matter Multiverse, slaying billions in the process. Why does he make this list? The scope of his influence is huge. Crisis on Infinite Earths, Infinite Crisis, the Sinestro Corps, the Black Lanterns, The New 52...nothing Anti-Monitor does is on a small scale. When he shows up, you know trouble is going down.

 photo Franklin_zps809233d5.jpg

Franklin Richards

Franklin is an Omega-Level mutant. While you wouldn't normally include him in discussions where the likes of Phoenix or the Watcher are involved, his abilities have been a part of some mega-cosmic stories. Do you remember Psi-Lord? Franklin gets on this list thanks to Onslaught and the related effects. It's a bit of a mess but Onslaught (a sentient psionic entity created from the consciousness of Professor Charles Xavier and Magneto) kidnaps Franklin in order to use his powers to reshape reality. To beat him, the Fantastic Four, the X-Men, and the Avengers have to beat him physically AND psychically. After all this death, including his parents, Franklin shows off his true power and creates the Heroes Reborn universe. Oh, this pocket realm is a bluish ball which Franklin carries around. I told you it would be messy.

 photo Dr-Manhattan_zps360d47dd.jpg

Dr. Manhattan

Dr. Manhattan was born in an accident involving a nuclear physics experiment. He was given god-like powers, including superhuman strength, telekinesis, the ability to teleport himself and others anywhere, control over matter at a subatomic level, near total clairvoyance. What gives him an edge and makes the list is his perception of things. He sees time happening (past/present/future) simultaneously and all events are predetermined.His cold demeanor always stood out to me in Watchmen and is probably the best written example of Godlike powers we have.

 photo Miracleman_zps6afac9e1.jpg


Or is it? Even today, the short run but highly acclaimed Alan Moore run of Miracleman stays with you long after you're finished reading it. He gets on this list because although we never get to see it, after Miracleman and his allies put the entire planet under their totalitarian control, giving up his humanity to remain benevolent, you know things aren't going to turn out OK for the world.

 photo Molecule_zpsc320f66a.jpg

The Molecule Man

Those weird face tattoos get him on the list. I kid. Molecule Man is interesting because he was always written with a lot of self-doubt and hatred. So much so that he imposed (unconsciously) limitations to his powers of being able to control molecules. He believed he could only manipulate inorganic molecules. I really got into to him during Secret Wars and that's really where he shined the best. I almost put the Beyonder on the list in his place but Molecule Man gets it because right before his death (SPOILERS) at the hands of Sentry, he showed his true power and character.

OK, that's my random 5. Now it's your turn to vote and comment below!


Do YOU want to be a reviewer for COMICS 411? Send me an email at stevethegoose@gmail.com to find out how! If we can get enough people doing a weekly review on a consistent basis, I would love to spin it off into it's own column. One step closer to getting a Comic Book section back at 411mania! Take it away, RobF and Rob Bonnette!

Avengers #34

By RobF

Jonathan Hickman and Co. presents a time traveling tale that sets the table for the upcoming Time Runs Out mini-series. This dialogue-driven issue puts Captain America in the spotlight and it might be his best issue yet.

Over the last few issues of the Avengers Captain America has bounced all over the timestream. He met some familiar characters who shed some light on the actions of the Illuminati. The words of Kang, Immortus and Iron Lad have a powerful effect on Cap and solidified his later actions. They want Steve to stay put so that the Illuminati can keep saving the prime Earth from future Incursions by destroying more parallel worlds. The Kangs feel that is the only option, because they say that they've seen what happens when Captain America travels back and convinces Iron Man to find other ways to hold off the Incursions. Cap finally comes to the realization that Iron Man and Co. are the true enemies and that they must be stopped. He has reached the "end of the line", both literally and figuratively.

llustrating this chapter is Leinil Francis Yu, with Gerry Alanguilan on Inks and Sunny Gho & Matt Milla providing the coloring. Yu's detailed pencils here add a weighted weariness to Hickman's script; Captain America looks like a man who has been hurtled through time. Yu and his team also make great use of shadow, especially in how it relates to faces. As Captain America bows his head, his eyes and cheeks are embellished in darkness, and the wrinkled face of Immortus becomes frightening as his frustration grows.

Overall Avengers 34 is a strong lead in to the next story arc. At this point the 3 Avengers books (New, Uncanny and Avengers) are at their creative peak. I encourage anyone to track down these books, they are well worth it.

 photo Avengesr_zpsa798c263.jpg

Batman Eternal #21

By Rob Bonnette

The issue starts off with Lt. Bard, soon to be commissioner Bard, dropping by to see Vicki Vale, the Gotham news reporter he's been giving exclusives to while he's tried to solve the mystery of who messed with Jim Gordon's mind to make him shoot an electric box he thought was a gunman and crash the subway. This is the first big reveal of the wee;; Bard and Vale have been sharing more than exclusives and are in cahoots of sorts. Bard has been feeding her information about police work and she's been reporting stories to paint him in a good light. The result is that the Mayor chose him to be the new commissioner after Gordon's fill-in went down for being connected to Gotham crime boss Falcone. While Bard and Vale are celebrating, the verdict is announced for Gordon's manslaughter charge from the train crash he caused. Guilty on over 100 counts and a life sentence to Blackgate. For the first time, Bard looks to be something different than the fresh faced Lieutenant Gordon brought in to help clean things up. He's up to something nefarious and we'll find out more later.

We switch over to Falcone getting ready to leave the prison, supposedly to be extradited to Hong Kong. But to his chagrin, the warden letting him walk through the doors was just to let Batman hoist him into the air for a little interrogation. With Batgirl, Batwoman, and Red Hood having uncovered what it was that made Gordon see an gunman and finding that the culprit was associated with Falcone's Hong Kong underworld gang, he presses the gangster for answers. And he gets none. It turns out the Falcone was given a tip to come back to Gotham because the plot to bring Gordon down was already in motion. He had nothing to do with it, and was just coming home to see what he could get out of it. Later at the Gotham PD, Harvey Bullock offers his support to Bard as the new boss and tells him to not try to fill Gordon's shoes but make his own. Batman emerges from the shadows to voice his agreement and give his support, but with the admission that he still doesn't trust the new boss. He then hands him a flash drive with the necessary evidence to clear Gordon's name, then disappears.

Back At Wayne Manor, Alfred and his daughter are having a candid conversation. Alfred is struggling to tell her just why he's been so distant all these years when the alarm goes off. He shoves her into a safe room and draws his weapon to take on the intruder. He fires a shot (after a cool monologue where he makes it clear that Bruce Wayne's no guns/killing rule is not one he abides by), and goes looking for the assailant. That's when he's caught from behind, and dosed with a needle full of fear toxin. The assailant is revealed as none other than………Hush, who quickly departs. Alfred's daughter emerges from the safe room, and as Alfred slips into unconsciousness he mentions the grandfather clock and time that serves as the code to get to the Batcave.

We end up back at Blackgate, where Bard is coming to release a prisoner against the wishes of the Warden. As he walks to the cell, he makes it clear to the Warden that he's not playing by the old rules and she better play ball to keep her job. As he makes his way, down the hall he's talking to someone he refers to as ‘Mother' and he snaps the flash drive Batman gave him into pieces. As he gets to his destination, we see the clothing of the man he's coming to let out. It's Zachary Gate, the Architect. This issue was one of the most revealing ones of the series. We saw the new 52 debut of Hush, and Bard has been revealed as being worthy of the Dark Knight's suspicions. We also see what appears to be a dead end for Gordon as he heads off to spend life in Blackgate. We're almost halfway through the series, and a lot more is yet to come.

 photo batman_zps77ad45fa.jpg

Before I say GOODBYE!
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That's all the time I have. See you next week!


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