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Get LOST: 316   (12.31.1969)  - Ben Piper

A man of science begins to find his faith as the events that take most of the Oceanic Six (plus Ben) back to the island transpires. 411's Ben Piper and Rick Tym have all the details inside...
411 Movies Roundtable: July 2009   (12.31.1969)  - Larry Csonka

The 411 staff takes a look back at the month that was, and discusses the upcoming big releases in July!
Nether Regions 11.28.12: Human Highway   (12.31.1969)  - Ashish

If you want to read about a rare 80's movie made by people on drugs that is awful and makes hardly any sense, this is the week you'll want to click on my column.
Hot Off The Rack 10.14.02: We Were Soldiers   (10.14.2002)  - Terry Lewis

A brutal as all hell war flick, with some equally brutal acting.
Z At The Movies 10.14.02: In The Company Of Men   (10.14.2002)  - Andrew Shillinglaw

Need something good to rent, but you either have seen all the new releases or nothing looks good? Click the link to find a classic old movie you may have missed!
411 Movies Zone News Report 10.14.02   (10.14.2002)  - Lionel Bohbot

Welcome to the first edition of the 411 Movies Zone News Report. Lionel here with your dose of hot off the rack news. In today's issue: Hannibal 4 news straight from the mouth of Anthony Hopkins, Dirty Dancing 2 has found its male lead, Freddy vs. Jason filming location, Resident Evil DVD release and more.
Popcorn Favorites 10.16.02: The Breakfast Club   (10.16.2002)  - Chris Williams

Don't you forget about me!
411 Movies Zone News Report 10.18.02   (10.18.2002)  - Ashish

Major news update today with information on Independence 2, Spider-Man, xXx2, Terminator 3 and much more. Find out how to get a free Spider-Man DVD copy. Pictures, trailers and posters from Harry Potter 2, Terminator 3, Die Another Day and more.
Z At The Movies 10.22.02: This Is Spinal Tap   (10.22.2002)  - Andrew Shillinglaw

I hope everyone rented In the Company of Men. Come inside Jake’s Video Emporium to find this week’s rental recommendation.
411 Movies Zone News Report 10.22.02   (10.22.2002)  - Lionel Bohbot

Huge Superman scoop! Who'll play Superman? Grand Theft Auto movie in the works. News on Gladiator 2, Hannibal and more.
Hot Off The Rack 10.23.02: Frailty   (10.23.2002)  - Terry Lewis

One of the most intellectually disturbing movies I have ever seen... And I do mean that in the nicest way possible.
Popcorn Favorites 10.24.02: Lethal Weapon   (10.24.2002)  - Chris Williams

I'm too old for this shit!
411 Movies Zone News Report 10.25.02   (10.25.2002)  - Lionel Bohbot

News on Will Smith, Madonna, Nicole Kidman and more, plus a big Indiana Jones IV update. Also, check out New Line's 2003 and 2004 releases.
411 Movies Zone News Report 10.29.02   (10.29.2002)  - Lionel Bohbot

A talking car, a Terminator, a bag of bones and some nice Lord of the Rings items...only a few of the cool things you'll find in today's report.
Z At The Movies 10.30.02: Boogie Nights   (10.30.2002)  - Andrew Shillinglaw

Since I saw Punch-Drunk Love this weekend, it seemed like a good time to go back and visit the movie that made director Paul Thomas Anderson a player in Hollywood.
411 Movies Zone News Report 11.01.02   (11.01.2002)  - Lionel Bohbot

Christopher Lee in Harry Potter? Man, I'll go just to see the reaction of all those 8 year olds when they see him on screen for the first time!
411 Movies Zone News Report 11.04.02   (11.04.2002)  - Lionel Bohbot

Hey, guess what? No Harry Potter news this time! MSN Denmark does have 20 new Two Towers pictures. See, Denmark is useful after all.
Z At The Movies 11.05.02: Oscar Predictions   (11.05.2002)  - Andrew Shillinglaw

Taking a look inside my crystal ball this week, I noticed something that appears around this time every year … Oscar predictions!
Hot Off The Rack 11.06.02: Murder By Numbers   (11.06.2002)  - Terry Lewis

Is it a gritty, psychological thriller or a tedious tale with a paint-by-numbers plot?
411 Movies Zone News Report 11.06.02   (11.06.2002)  - Lionel Bohbot

Another Jurassic Park. Vegas has set the over/under for number of people eaten at 12. If it's anything like Jaws 4, we're in big trouble.
Popcorn Favorites 11.07.02: The Lost Boys   (11.07.2002)  - Chris Williams

Sleep all day. Party all night. Never grow old. Never die. It's fun to be a vampire.
411 Movies Zone News Report 11.08.02   (11.08.2002)  - Lionel Bohbot

Winona Ryder phones in another performance although the trial was still better than Mr. Deeds.
411 Movies Zone News Report 11.11.02   (11.11.2002)  - Lionel Bohbot

What's your best recent movie and why? Ben Affleck to marry... a woman. De Niro in Spider-Man?
Hot Off The Rack 11.12.02: The Hitcher   (11.12.2002)  - Terry Lewis

A stupid horror movie, with a stupid plot, stupid characters, and one of the funniest damn "buzz" moments in cinematic history!
411 Movies Zone News Report 11.13.02   (11.13.2002)  - Lionel Bohbot

Keep sending in those best movie choices. While you're at it, stop by and take a look at some Spider-Man and Solaris news. Think you've got what it takes to make it as a screenwriter? Let Kevin Spacey decide.
411 Movies Zone News Report 11.15.02   (11.15.2002)  - Lionel Bohbot

Step right up. Find a bad html tag and win a prize! You'll also want to see some new Two Towers and Bond stuff.
411 Movies Zone News Report 11.18.02   (11.18.2002)  - Lionel Bohbot

Come check out your choices for Best Movie since 1975. If that's not enough, how about a Two Towers love scene? Bet ya weren't expecting that!
411 Movies Zone News Report 11.20.02   (11.20.2002)  - Ashish

X-Men 3, Legally Blonde 2, The Ring 2, Deuce fn' Bigalow 2, Lethal Weapon 5 (minus Gibson). Yep, Hollywood is officially in the crapper.
411 Movies Zone News Report 11.22.02   (11.22.2002)  - Lionel Bohbot

Michael Jackson likes to show off little boys over balconies. Pee-Wee Herman just likes little boys. David Arquette is one of Pee-Wee's closest friends. They sure knew how to pick their champions over at WCW.
Z At The Movies 11.22.02: Waiting For Guffman   (11.22.2002)  - Andrew Shillinglaw

One of the masterminds behind This is Spinal Tap comes to the forefront with his own “mockumentary.” Come inside my emporium and find this week’s rental suggestion.
411 Movies Zone News Report 11.25.02   (11.25.2002)  - Lionel Bohbot

Down Goes Potter! Down Goes Potter! It just doesn't sound like Down Goes Frazier. Then again, I'm no Howard Cosell.
411 Movies Zone News Report 11.27.02   (11.27.2002)  - Lionel Bohbot

The Rock in Spider-Man? You have got to be kidding me. The first Two Towers review is online. It seems that the movie is absolute horsesh*t. Peter Jackson has lost his edge. Oh and this just in: Nic Cage is a loser.
411 Movies Zone News Report 11.29.02   (11.29.2002)  - Lionel Bohbot

Raise your hand if you plan on burning those Thanksgiving calories by playing Smackdown: Shut Your Mouth. Man, button mashing should not be considered a form of exercise.
411 Movies Zone News Report 12.02.02   (12.02.2002)  - Lionel Bohbot

Forget Kill Bill. Tarantino is already looking ahead to his next film. Who lit a fire under his ass? Lord of the Rings on IMAX? I'm so there.
411 Movies Zone News Report 12.04.02   (12.04.2002)  - Lionel Bohbot

A big, massively huge Star Wars Episode 3 spoiler!!! Click the link. Click, click, click. You know you want to. You can't resist. You need to read it. It's calling your name. It's saying "Joe or Bill or SexGodess45, here's what happens in Episode 3." Ashish's "Anakin adding weight" spoiler has nothing on this. Trust me.
411 Movies Zone News Report 12.06.02   (12.06.2002)  - Lionel Bohbot

Did ya like the Star Wars stuff? How would you feel about the first pictures from Rock's new HELLDORADO movie? Maybe a quick Total Recall 2 fix? How about Eminem as a famous superhero?
View From The Cheap Seats 12.07.02: As The Lights Fade   (12.07.2002)  - Rich Wilson

Right at the beginning, let's set the record straight...
411 Movies Zone News Report 12.09.02   (12.09.2002)  - Lionel Bohbot

Find out how to win your fantasy football league. Since this *is* the Movies Zone, I've included your usual dose of Star Wars, X-Men, Freddy vs. Jason and Two Towers stuff. That means more details, new pictures and why you should not draft Brett Favre in your football league.
Double Take 12.10.02: Take One   (12.10.2002)  - Geoff Bell

“You never forgot your first time, even if it ain’t all that good! From The Two Towers to Twelve Monkeys”
The Cutting Room Floor 12.11.02: An Introduction And A Drooling God-Thing   (12.11.2002)  - Bill Doughty

A mission statement of sorts, a bit of a rant and a creepy Dean Stockwell. Sounds like a recipe for fun to me.
411 Movies Zone News Report 12.11.02   (12.11.2002)  - Lionel Bohbot

You might want to know who Brett Ratner is eyeing as Lex Luthor in his big Superman movie. Hint: He's a sex/drug addict.
Works Of Genius 12.12.02: The Godfather   (12.12.2002)  - Cassius

An easy one to start.
This & That 12.15.02: LOR, Potter, Star Trek, More   (12.15.2002)  - Michael Dalvano

How's it going everybody? Since this is my first column here at 411, I'd just like to do a little introduction.
411 Movies Zone News Report 12.16.02   (12.16.2002)  - Lionel Bohbot

Comic book fans, this report will please you. Superman, Batman: Year One, Batman vs. Superman, Spider-Man and Hulk-Man. What a manly report! I've even added in some Mad Max-Man and Gladiator-Man items.
The Cutting Room Floor 12.18.02: Good Artists Copy, Great Artists Kill A Lot Of People   (12.18.2002)  - Bill Doughty

People have died for their art throughout history; nothing new there. People dying for other people’s art… now that’s a story.
411 Movies Zone News Report 12.18.02   (12.18.2002)  - Lionel Bohbot

Is there some sort of blockbuster opening today? Look, I realize Jennifer Lopez has a new movie out but why are people lining up outside my house?
Double Take 12.19.02: As The Mask Of Sanity Slips   (12.19.2002)  - Geoff Bell

Geoff’s back and suffering with Insomnia, also includes an explanation of American Psycho, A warning to stay away from Riding in Cars with Boys and more of The Two Towers.
View From The Cheap Seats 12.19.02: The Terrorist Of Taste   (12.19.2002)  - Rich Wilson

Before Peter Jackson went to Middle Earth, he made a trio of awesome trash classics...
411 Movies Zone News Report 12.20.02   (12.20.2002)  - Lionel Bohbot

Lord of the Rings: the good, the bad and the plain weird. Plus, news on Gladiator 2, Mad Max 4 and Indiana Jones 4.
Z At The Movies 12.21.02: Oscar Predictions Pt. 2   (12.21.2002)  - Andrew Shillinglaw

I’m back once again, from across the Pacific Ocean with an update on what my crystal ball sees for this year’s Oscar awards.
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