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Angel Investigated 4.17 - Inside Out
Posted by Jason Chamberlain on 06.29.2011

4.17 Inside Out
Writer: Steven S. DeKnight
Director: Steven S. DeKnight

Whedon Speak

Fred: Will it make a difference? We really are just pieces being moved around a board.
Gunn: Then we'll kick it over and start a new game. Look, monochrome can yap all he wants about no-name's cosmic plan, but here's a little something I picked up rubbing mojos these past couple of years. The final score can't be rigged. I don't care how many players you grease, that last shot always comes up a question mark. But here's the thing—you never know when you're taking it. It could be when you're duking it out with the Legion of Doom, or just crossing the street deciding where to have brunch. So you just treat it all like it was up to you—the world in the balance—'cause you never know when it is.

Case Files

Gina Torres (Jasmine) has appeared in many genre shows, like Hercules, Alias, and Whedon’s own Firefly.

Ronny Sarnecky has the full review!

At the end of “Players,” Angel Investigations trapped Cordelia as they finally realized that The Beast was inside of Cordelia. Of course, Connor wasn’t “in the know.” In “Inside Out,” Connor arrived just in time to “save the day” for Cordelia. I said it during the first run episodes, and I’ll say it again now, I really don’t like the Connor character. He is so naive and gullible that it's annoying. So annoying, that I always seem to not like the episodes that heavily feature Connor, even if the episode is good. This episode was no different. Instead of just bashing the episode entirely, there were some really good things about the show. The best thing about the episode was the appearance of Darla. It was great to see her again, as I forgot that she was on this episode. Having her come back as the “angel” to Cordelia’s “devil,” as both tried to convince Connor to take their side. After living such an evil life as a vampire, from the way she was dressed, and her dialogue, it was made clear that Darla has been saved from her “evil” side in her death. Think the end of “Return of the Jedi.” Despite Darth Vader’s reign of terror, at the end he was redeemed, and got to live the afterlife with rebel heroes Obi Wan Kanobi and Yoda.

The other positive that I saw in this episode was the scene between Angel Investigation and Skip. Skip explains all of the details regarding Cordelia and The BeastMaster. While I did like how everything tied together with Cordelia, what I didn’t like was the assumption by Skip that everything that has happened since the series began was all predetermined. Like Gunn, I feel that’s pushing things a little. That being said, it was good to see, through the use of flashbacks, how everything went down from the time Cordelia returned.

Besides not being a Connor fan, there was one other thing that I didn’t like about this episode. That would be the end of the show when Jasmine was “born.” Angel became enthralled with her beauty as the show came to a close. I know this gets explained later in the season, and I wasn’t a fan of the storyline during first run episodes. Will I change my mind, like I did with “flashback” episodes? We’ll see in the next couple of weeks.

Jeremy ThomasReaders of this column will know how much I have disliked the Cordelia/Conner side of this season. So imagine my opinion of an episode where the Cordelia/Conner side is the best part. No, I'm not saying that I hate Skip; far from it. Skip was one of those great side characters who was always fun to see, and he helps the rest of the cast make that part as fun to watch as possible. What I disliked about that side was twofold. First, I dislike that they have to spend all their time working out how everything really went down via flashback scenes and exposition. It reeks of an "Ah-ha! See how smart we were, it really makes sense how this worked!" when in reality it didn't work. The other problem is the biggest issue I have with this episode, and it drives me up the wall: the idea that everything we've ever seen was predestined and no one's choices really mattered. That completely retcons the last three and a half seasons and makes it all seem useless. It was a terrible, terrible idea and it immediately killed this episode. The Cordelia/Conner side is better, mostly thanks to Julie Benz's return as the good angel on Conner's shoulder. Just seeing Benz on the screen made me happy. She's an immediate reminder of what we love about this show; granted, she's also a reminder of what we had to trade in so we could get Conner. I think we got the raw end of the deal. Kudos to the cast for trying valiantly to make this work, but they can only do so much. 4.5
Mike GormanIt's time for another good old fashioned birth on Angel, so first the stage needs to be cleared and reset for the "baby's" arrival. "Inside Out" accomplishes this with a ton of exposition and talking heads as all of the pieces of Cordelia's machinations are put together, with some not so willing help from Skip, the supposed agent of the Powers That Be who Angel fought previously and was instrumental in Cordelia's ascension. It was nice to see everyone finally figure out what has been going on. Then just when you think the episode might actually have no real action, Cordelia, with some help from Connor and a virgin, gives birth to a full grown woman while Angel attempts to thwart her plans. However the script gets flipped as the season's big bad is revealed and Angel drops to his knees and says, "You're beautiful." He's not wrong, but what the heck is going on??? Stay tuned! Personally this cliff hanger re-energized me a bit after several dragging episodes. I'm ready to see what is really happening. 8.5
Jason ChamberlainConnor really becomes a tragic figure here. Yes, he is a willing participant in the murder of an innocent, but this kid has had his head fucked with since day one and it’s no wonder he’s close to losing it by now.
Skip revealing himself is kinda depressing, cause he was a cool side character. The fight with him in the hotel is suitably brutal and Wes’ killing shot is awesome.
Love Darla’s appearance, and it’s cool to see her as agent of good. Too bad Connor is too far gone to listen.

GRR!!! ARGH!!!

The 411: With Angel Investigations finally knowing the truth about Cordelia, it looked like there may finally be a break for the side of good. However, once Connor rescued the evil “Cordelia,” the gang had to regroup . This episode was made by the scenes where Darla’s ghost and the evil Cordelia played a tug of war with Connor’s emotions. Following Connor taking Cordelia’s side, Jasmine was born. This leads to one of the worst storylines in “Buffy/Angel” history
Final Score:  8.0   [ Very Good ]  legend


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