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Modern Family Review - 4.6 'Yard Sale'
Posted by Michael Adams on 10.31.2012

The Dunphy Family
Luke's class is having a yard sale for UNICEF, and it's being held at Jay and Gloria's. When Jay moves his motorcycle out of the garage, it catches Phil's eye. Phil tells Jay how much he's always wanted one, but Claire won't let him. However, Claire gives Phil her support because she actually thinks motorcycles are sexy. Now Phil is stuck, because he actually doesn't want one as they scare him. When he takes it out for a test drive, he becomes one with the bike, literally. The bike falls on Phil's leg trapping him without cell service. Phil records a video for his family, takes out his pocket-knife, and makes the ultimate sacrifice.

Alex has a new boyfriend, Michael. You remember Michael, don't you? He took Alex to prom last season. Well now they are an item, and Claire is worried for her daughter, because she has a suspicion that Michael might be...gay. When Claire enlists the help of Mitchell and Cam to find out, Alex decides to confront Michael herself. She does and he tells her he's not.

Ah, the Dunphy Family. Probably my favorite family on the show, since they have Phil and Luke. I thought they were great tonight as they all played an intricate part in the plot. I thought Phil's business with the motorcycle and the video ala 27 HOURS was great. Claire and Alex actually had a lot to do besides yelling at each other, and Luke was...well...Luke. Now, nothing tonight really progressed the story as a whole, but the reintroduction of Michael will definitely give us some more moments down the line.

The Pritchett Family
While finding stuff to sell for the yard sale, Manny and Luke come across an old suitcase, but when they bring it outside, Gloria flips out and brings it inside. Manny and Luke sneak inside to find out what Gloria could possibly be hiding from them, and it turns out to be something they never expected, an old dummy known as Mr. Grumpy. Ventriloquism was Gloria's talent during her beauty pageant days, but when it came time to perform, she didn't have the courage to do it, and yet she still won. Luke guilts Gloria into performing with Mr. Grumpy during the yard sale, and it turns out that Mr. Grumpy is very similar to Jay.

Jay, who is not a big fan of yard sales, spends most of his time trying to stop people from haggling him and trying to take his stuff.

Eh. The Pritchetts were alright; probably my least favorite plot of the episode. The only thing I did like was Jay's ornery attitude towards everyone and the realization that Jay was Mr. Grumpy.

The Tucker-Pritchett Family
Since Cam lost all his weight, he brings his fat jeans to the yard sale. Mitchell however, grabs them off the table and hides them in the car. Turns out, Cam has lost weight before, but always puts it back on, and then they have to go out and buy MORE fat jeans. Mitchell figures, why not just keep the ones we have. When Cam confronts him about this, he tells Mitchell that if he has this "safety net", he will always end up putting the weight back on.

Cam and Mitchell are also put on the task of telling Alex that her boyfriend is gay. In doing so, we learn that both Cam and Mitchell had experience with the ladies before they went to the "pink team".

I thought this was a pretty fun plot line. I always like hearing about Cam's days back on the farm, because you always know that it's going to be the most outrageous, ridiculous stories ever. I also like it when Mitchell is actually funny. Most of the time Mitchell plays the straight man(no pun intended) but when he breaks out, it's always good.

This Week's Top Quotes...
Claire: Honey, come on. Give it up. Even John Mayer doesn't have a John Mayer poster anymore.
Haley: It's signed by him.
Claire: It's time you knew; they come that way.
Haley: But it's 'To Haley'.
Claire: In a different color. Your dad wrote that.
Haley: Ew, he wrote my body is a wonderland.
Claire: I didn't catch that 'til after.

Phil: Luke, back me up.
Luke: I hope you mean into the garage, because I have friends on this street.

Luke: Sure! What's it to you, some kid gets sick bathing in Poo river, Africa.

Phil: I'm not nervous. I've had bigger hogs than this between my legs.

Alex: Stop, I get it. I know what you think about Michael, Mom. You didn't need to bring in your big gay guns to back you up. (to Mitchell and Cam) No offense.
Mitchell: None taken.
Cam: I kinda like it.

Claire: Oh my god, she married her puppet.
Don't see your favorite quote from last night? Add it in the comment section.

Character of the Week...Another tough week for me to decide. I really like Jay and his hatred for the Yard Sale. His exchanges with the ashtray guy and toaster guy were great. I also like Cam. As always, his outrageousness makes me realize why he has 2 Emmy awards for this role. He is hysterical and yet always makes me feel a little for him.

The 411: This wasn't a bad episode at all. I really liked how despite it being an group episode, there were the separate family plot lines. Now, as is a constant qualm of mine, these plots didn't do anything to progress anything, they did bring Michael back in to become the constant outside character...I hope. I was never a fan of Dylan, as I really don't like stupid characters(Joey Tribiani), but I think the constant insinuating about Michael's sexuality will bring on lots of hilarious moments for at least a few episodes. It will also show families that a teen's sexuality is alright, which I think is ok. I don't know if I want my lessons coming from a sitcom, but people relate to fictional characters, and if one teen realizes it's ok, than good job Modern Family. Phil's spoof on 27 Hours was classic Phil, and was just one of the many reasons why he is currently my favorite character on TV. I think I am finding a strong similarity between Phil and Michael Scott, my other favorite character on TV, and I LOVE it. Like I said, this was a very good "filler" episode that was meant more for laughs than it was for actual plot.
Final Score:  8.0   [ Very Good ]  legend


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