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Modern Family Review - 4.7 'Arrested'
Posted by Michael Adams on 11.08.2012

The Dunphy Family
Phil and Claire get the phone call that the parent of every college student dreads, that your child has been arrested. Thinking they'll need some legal help, the call Mitchell and ask him to come with them. When they get to the police station, they're told that it's more than underage drinking that Haley was arrested for; she also assaulted an officer and resisted arrest. Although both of these allegations were an accident on Haley's part, she must go before the disciplinary board to see if she'll get kicked out of school or not. Haley represents herself in front of the board, after Mitchell is told he can't represent her, and she comes clean with a lot things she's done wrong while at school. The board dismisses Haley from school, and she returns home to the Dunphy house.

Meanwhile, Cam is put in charge of Alex and Luke while their parents are away. Cam serves Luke soy bacon, and they are off to the hospital, as Luke is allergic to soy. Alex pretends to be a medical intern, but soon becomes a patient after she passes out during a c-section.

Well, that solves the Haley in college problem. I thought how they were handling it with her on Skype was actually a good solution and gave her at least one scene an episode, but I guess the writers or male viewers age 18-24 wanted to see more Haley. My only complaint on this storyline was there just wasn't enough Phil.

The Pritchett Family
Jay has Gloria go out baby shopping on her own, but after a phone call from DeDe, he realizes he should have went. DeDe is stopping by to pick up a photo album, which worries Jay. He has been keeping Gloria and DeDe away from each other because he doesn't want DeDe to know he's having another child. When she does find out, the reaction is quite different that what he expected. Gloria and DeDe actually bond over this, which puts Jay on the outside. Their bonding makes Jay realize that he should step up to the plate with his new child, and decides to help Gloria more.

We also learn that there has been a relationship between Manny and Gloria that is very funny.

I loved this story. I like it when DeDe comes back because it really adds a lot more tension and comedy to the episode, and it really lets Ed O'Neil shine. His contempt and spite for DeDe is similar to Al's for Peggy, and it's great. I think what I enjoyed the most about this story, was that final moment in the end with Manny. It was odd, yes, but showed Manny's awkward maturity and opened the door for more DeDe appearance, who may go to Manny for counseling.

The Tucker-Pritchett Family
Mitchell is called to help Haley with her arrest, but soon realizes that his help isn't needed. Jay continues to belittle his son's law career, because he's an environmental lawyer and not a real one like Perry Mason. Mitchell soon starts to see his father's point when his services actually aren't needed.

Cam is trying to prove that he's a better parent that Claire thinks he is. However, when Luke winds up in the hospital after eating some of Cam's soy bacon, Cam realizes he may not be that good of a parent. More and more incidents occur, such as Alex passing out in the hospital and a close call in the car. However, Alex reveals that Claire thinks Cam is a great parent, it's just his cooking that stinks.

This was pretty funny. I like Cam's usual overreacting regarding Claire's opinion of him and towards Luke's allergy. However, What I loves more was Mitchell. His banter with Jay about him being a real lawyer was great. I also loved when he was reading the case-file and realized he got the information correct. Small things, but very funny that really help the character shine.

This Week's Top Quotes...
(telling Alex about Haley)
Lily: She's in jail.
Cam: Lily, what did I say?
Lily: That it was only a matter of time.

Cam: Been on a little bit of a health kick lately, so I took a vegan cooking class and my new thing is vacon. It's like real bacon.
Mitchell: Except for the look, the texture and the taste.
Cam: Maybe the store bought kind, but I make my own, so it's not even real vacon, it's faux facon. Focen.
Mitchell:It's focen disgusting.

Phil:I remember one night, freshman year, a bunch of us on the Frisbee-golf team got a case of Zima. Enough said.

Jay:Sorry, I'd love to go to the spoken word festival, but I'm already going to the blow my brains out jamboree.

Halley: In Legally Blonde, Elle won her case because she was true to herself and dressed cute.
Phil: Haley, this is real life, not an excellent movie.

Lily: (pulling on Luke's IV tube)What does this do?
Luke: I don't know, but thanks to Obama, you're paying for it.

Luke: Alex, don't fight with her. She might have a shiv. We cool?
Don't see your favorite quote? Add it in the comments section!

Character of the Week... is Jay. He wasn't a major part of the main storyline tonight, but what he had was great. I love seeing him interact with DeDe. His realization of where Gloria and DeDe's friendship is going was perfection. Jay is just a cool character/dad, but his moments of vulnerability always make for great comedy.

The 411: I thought this episode was great. It gave every character, even Lily, a chance to have their moment, which is one of the many things I love about this show. One thing I found really interesting was that Phil, the shows MVP, was kind of in the background this week. I know it's not something to look too much into, but it's just an observation. Another thing I liked about this episode was that it gave us some story progression, as Haley is now back home; obviously we'll be seeing a lot more of her now that she's back under Claire and Phil's roof. Lastly, I wonder if there is a chance we'll see more of DeDe now that we know there is a relationship between her a Many. Who knows?
Final Score:  8.0   [ Very Good ]  legend


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