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Modern Family Review - 4.12 'Party Crasher'
Posted by Michael Adams on 01.16.2013

The Dunphy Family
Haley is home from college, and has been "seeing" a coworker from her boutique. The problem is the coworker is about 15years older than her, and Phil and Claire aren't happy. Phil is prepared to fight this man friend, Kenny, but Claire has a better idea. She realizes that Haley is doing this to get under Phil and Claire's skin, so she tells Phil to sit tight and not chase him off. Later in the evening, Haley and Kenny are off to dinner, so Claire eggs her on and insists that Phil pay for there dinner, and while they're at it, they should get a hotel. Haley is caught and confronts her parents for allowing her to go out with Kenny. At the same time Phil is off to take out Kenny and defend his daughters virtue.

Gloria enlists Luke to film the video for Manny's surprise party, but typical Luke, he takes the camera and records the family throughout the day, making jokes about everyone, as well as on the front line to record the birth of the baby.

I LOVED this storyline. It was fantastic. Phil and Claire, although a loving couple, are at there best when they are at odds with each other, and they had that tonight. The fact that Haley was dating El Cunado(for those who watch FX's The League) and Claire was ok with it, brought out the best in Phil. I also liked Luke's little bits, but it was typical Luke stuff...nothing new.

The Pritchett Family
In the midst of all the babyness in the house, Gloria and Jay completely forgot about Manny's birthday...or did they? It's actually all a ruse to make Manny think they DID forget, but they are planning a surprise party for Manny that night. While Gloria and Jay are running errands for the party, they end up stealing a cake and driving out of the parking garage without paying. Later that night, Manny comes home for the surprise party, but the surprise is on every one else, as Manny has brought a girl home. Right after Manny and his lady kiss, every one is reveal and Manny runs off, embarrassed. While Gloria is trying to coax Manny back down, she starts going into labor, but she does everything she can to keep the baby in so that Manny doesn't have to share his birthday. At the hospital, Manny gives his blessing for the baby to come out today, and with that, a new Pritchett is brought into the world.

Well, I didn't expect this baby to be coming tonight. I thought we'd go to the hospital at the end of this episode and then see the birth next week, but I guess not. I thought it was funny that Manny and his girl were going to get a little frisky thinking that everyone was gone.

The Tucker-Pritchett Family
Cam is getting acclimated in his new role as music teacher, and it's taking its toll on Lily. As a result, Lily is starting to take more of a liking to Mitchell, and Cam can't stand it. Lily has a pretend wedding with Mitchell, so Cam tries to out do him, and in the process injures Lily. Cam realizes that even though he has this new job, Lily will still love him and they will always have their special relationship.

This storyline wasn't necessary to the episode itself, but damn was it funny. The gags between Cam and Lily were hilarious. I also like the moment between Cam and Mitchell, were Mitchell basically came out and told Cam he wasn't doing good at his job. Like I said, not vital to the story, but good stuff.

This Week's Top Quotes...
Jay: That's the whole point of a surprise party. You take someone who you really love and you play them like a fool.

Luke: (referring to Alex)This is very rare indeed, Geekus-nerdapithicus in it's natural habitat. Alone as usual.

Claire: And what middle aged guy would be interested in a young, attractive, newly legal woman. Oh that's right...all of them!
Phil: That's not true. I wouldn't.
Claire: Oh really? Hermione Granger?
Phil: What? I'm just a Harry Potter fan. Has she blossomed into a lovely young lady? Yes, but...LUKE, I'm never telling you anything.

Cam: (after Lily crashes her car) Do not blame me. We always knew there was a strong possibility she'd be a terrible driver.

Phil: I'm gonna fight him...I'm gonna fight him up real nice.

Kenny: Hey, I don't think we met. I'm Kenny.
Alex: Hi, I'm disgusted.

Phil: Why do I listen to you? Why? You were wrong about the iPod being a failure. You were wrong about tomato being a vegetable. I don't even want to talk about your favorite planet, PLUTO! And unless she was lying to the good ladies at the view, it's Demi, not Demi!
Don't see your favorite quote from last night? Add it in the comments section!

Character of the Week...is Cameron Tucker. He had a few great lines, and one slightly offensive stereotype, but what made Cam great in an episode of other great characters, was his bits with Lily. His dumping her in the pool, and knocking her off the chair, were great moments.

The 411: Well here it is, the episode we've been waiting for since May...at least, I've been waiting for it. It was the episode where we finally got to see Jason Mantzoukas! I kid, even though it was great to see another cast member from the League on Modern Family. But no, it was the birth of the new baby. Like I said above, I really thought the birth was going to have an episode entirely to itself, but that didn't seem to be Steve Levitan's plan. Nope. They crammed it into the last 3 minutes of the episode, but it worked. I loved the end, during Jay's speech, where they showed past milestones from older episodes, which eventually led up to the revealing of the baby boy. I liked this episode. I liked the separate family story lines, as well as the final moment where they all got to meet the new family member, and were confused about their relationship towards the baby. ABC has been plugging the latter part of this season with a lot of big moments, the next being a wedding. I can only assume and hope it will be between Mitch and Cam, but we'll have to see.
411 Elite Award
Final Score:  9.0   [  Amazing ]  legend


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