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Supernatural Review 9.06 - "Heaven Can't Wait"
Posted by Joseph Lee on 11.13.2013

The Road So Far: Sam and Dean decide to take a break from the angel problem to work a normal case. When they find out a dog may be the only witness to the crimes, Dean links his mind with the canine and is able to speak to it. He also starts acting like it. At some point, the monster behind the crimes slits Sam's throat, which causes Zeke to appear and heal Sam. The monster remarks that Sam isn't human, which raises more questions.

Season 9, Episode 6: Heaven Can't Wait
Directed By: Rob Spera
Written By: Robert Berens

It seems as though I was in the minority on the episode last week, which is great. If everyone else seems to think season nine is still quality (and it is, one weaker episode doesn't change that) then I approve. I didn't dislike last week's episode either, I just thought it could have been funnier and the villain was weak. I don't really dislike many episodes of this show, outside of the terrible found footage one last season.

This week we're back into the mythology, sort-of. Ezekiel is absent for the first time this season, but we get some movement on the rest of the angel story, Cas' time as a human and some new developments with Crowley and Abaddon. This is another Cas-centric episode, but it gives a little more time to Sam's story as well so it feels more evenly-balanced. Both stories are equally important for different reasons. Castiel's story is more personal while Sam's story is dropping some bombshells for this season's story.

So without spoiling anything, let's go over what happened. There is a string of deaths in the city where Castiel is now living, as people are exploding in pink sprays of flesh and blood. Castiel has a job now at a gas station, living under the name Steve, and is looking to finally get his life on track. Dean, terrified at the thought of doing research at the Den of Letters, comes in to work the case and we get some bonding for the first time since Castiel became human. Meanwhile, Kevin has hit a break on the angel tablet, but it's in a different language when he translates it. So Kevin and Sam have to work on a deal with Crowley to get him to translate the paper, which could tell them how to reverse Metatron's spell.

If I have one problem with this episode is that it tries to be both a monster-of-the-week episode and a mytharc episode all in one. Sam and Kevin are working on the main story while Dean and Cas are working a case. The case itself is superfluous and the villain once again is lacking. However, that story is still a good one because we get more character development with Castiel, who is doing better as a human now than when we last saw him. I just think if you're going to work on "Castiel's first case as a human", you should do that. Don't make it half-and-half. Pick one story or the other.

However I have nothing but praise for the other story. Crowley's interaction with Sam and Kevin, the revelations at the end, it all worked. I like that the story with Crowley this season is more than just "we have the bad guy imprisoned". It's building on what they set up in the finale and we're slowing getting to some sort of payoff with the character. I don't see the King of Hell lasting to the end of the season though. Something tells me finding that small sliver of humanity in season eight is going to be what kills him.

The big revelations here, which I won't reveal, open up some more possibilities while shutting the door on others. I didn't see either coming, and I'm not sure how they will play out. That's all you can really ask for a show in general, much less one in its ninth season. Keep the audience guessing but make sure the twists and turns are a logical progression of what we've seen before. While I liked season eight, it was all over the place in terms of story flow, and certain plot threads were dropped entirely. This is flowing a lot better and we definitely have a clear direction while not knowing exactly which path we'll take.

So we're not back to the heights of the start of the season but this was a very solid episode. I once again think this show is lacking on the main villain (who could have been more interesting than he ended up being) of the episode and the attempts to combine two different stories into one. It's still good and I still like where the season is headed.

Next week, it looks like we have a haunted house episode of some sort, with a twist. The ghosts certainly look creepy.

The 411: "Heaven Can't Wait" is another solid episode for a really good season of Supernatural. While there were some flaws in the story flow and the villain, the positives were enough to overcome them for an entertaining watch.
Final Score:  7.0   [ Good ]  legend


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