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Supernatural Review 9.09 - "Holy Terror"
Posted by Joseph Lee on 12.04.2013

The Road So Far: Sam and Dean team up with Sheriff Jody Mills to find out why “born again” virgins are being kidnapped. The goddess Vesta was behind it as she was eating the livers which purifies the bodies. She was killed by Jody Mills. Meanwhile, Sam confesses to Dean that he’s messed up and has been for a while. Dean attempts to tell him the truth but Ezekiel comes out and vaguely threatens him to prevent it from happening.

Season 9, Episode 9: Holy Terror
Directed By: Thomas J. Wright
Written By: Brad Buckner & Eugenie Ross-Lerning

As expected, this week's episode of Supernatural was suitably epic with bombshell after bombshell being dropped before a very climactic final five minutes that sets the stage for the remainder of the season, possibly the rest of the series. The fact that I try to keep this spoiler-free means I can't talk about any of it, but let's get into what's there.

The angels have started a full-on war on Earth and there are many casualties. Bodies are dropping left and right and the Winchesters want to investigate, but there's just nothing they can really do. Meanwhile, Castiel got himself involved because he wants to help and Ezekiel (who is still inside Sam) doesn't like Castiel being any where near him. That's when Metatron arrives and presents him with an intriguing offer to join him and recreate Heaven.

That's all that can really be said without giving away the story. The fact that Metatron returns for this episode would be a spoiler if they didn't give it away in the beginning of the episode with the guest star list. It may not seem like a lot, but only because there are so many things going down that can't be talked about. Let's put it this way: they jam a lot of material into the roughly 45 minutes of the episode. There's not a single moment this week in which something isn't happening, and that makes for a very exciting watch.

In terms of mid-season finales for this show (which are almost always big), this might rank near the top. Death's Door is still my favorite but this could be battling Abandon All Hope for second-best. In fact it's structured a lot like that one, right down to the ending. We knew there was a threat out there but now it gets even bigger, the heroes strap themselves in for a big fight and some big things happen that shakes their resolve. Sure, it's not Lucifer raising Death while killing Jo and Ellen but some big things do happen in this episode.

I'd like to once again commend Jared Padalecki on his acting this season. Pulling off a dual role can't be easy, but switching back and forth constantly is an excellent feat. Jensen Ackles is usually the workhorse of acting on this show but he's getting shown up by Padalecki in a big way. Not only that, but Jensen is still doing a great job. Throw in Misha Collins nuanced performance as Castiel (who has grown so much as a character he is unrecognizable from Season 4) and you have just a solid team all around.

The twists themselves made sense and happened logically. They weren't twists for the sake of them and have a point, which is more than can be said for some shows that have big revelations or even sometimes kill characters just for shock value. There may be some who hate the way the final five minutes goes down, but it makes perfect sense and is actually a perfect ending to that particular aspect of the story. I can probably discuss it more when the show returns and everyone's had a chance to see it, but I hope there is no back-peddling as this show is sometimes wont to do.

There aren't really any complaints. I would have liked to see Crowley or Abaddon somewhere but this episode really isn't about Hell and there wasn't any room for them. This season has played an interesting balancing act with Heaven and Hell with potentially big stories on both sides. I'm hoping that Hell will get a little more focus in the second half as this season has been more about angels in the first half. The preview for next week suggests that the two stories may actually come to a bit of a crossover.

The show returns on January 14, so I'll see you all then. Time for these reviews to also take a mid-season break!

The 411Holy Terror was even better than the season opener and shows that once again this show can be great even in its ninth season. Like that opener, a lot of interesting twists happened and set up more story down the road, while also giving us some big emotional moments and great acting from our three leads. This has been a fantastic season so far, especially when it comes to the mytharc episodes.
411 Elite Award
Final Score:  9.0   [  Amazing ]  legend


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