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Supernatural Review 9.10 - "Road Trip"
Posted by Joseph Lee on 01.15.2014

The Road So Far: Last month, it was revealed that Ezekiel was not actually Ezekiel, but Gadreel, an angel locked away by God. Metatron strikes a deal with Gadreel to help him return to Heaven if he proves himself. It turns out that proving himself means completely taking over Sam's body and killing prophet Kevin Tran, which he does. He even manages to play Sam convincingly enough that Dean believes him. Meanwhile, Castiel is captured in the middle of an angel war, and steals the grace of one of the evil angels in order to regain some of his power.

Season 9, Episode 10: Road Trip
Directed By: Robert Singer
Written By: Andrew Dabb

It's been a long month waiting for Supernatural to come back, but it's here and it's time to deal with the consequences of all the things that happened in "Holy Terror". They killed off Kevin (and it's revealed in this episode that there will be no more prophets), Gadreel revealed himself as the real angel possessing Sam and Castiel became an angel again. That's a lot for fans to digest in the past month and we open pretty much where we left off, making this one of the true two-parters in Supernatural history.

Like last month, there was a lot that happened this week that I can't really spoil now. It was not only following up on the mid-season finale but it was also setting the stage for what is to come in the second half of the season. It's amazing that eight and a half seasons into this show the show comes back from two seasons (six and seven) in which there wasn't as much story or direction as normal (and I liked those seasons) to now, where it has two stories that could have made up an entire season.

The civil war in Hell is still ongoing with Abaddon trying to take what is left of Crowley's rule, but Crowley still has a few tricks up his sleeve that will definitely go some interesting places later in the season. Meanwhile, the ciivl war between angels is still ongoing with Metatron spinning his wheels trying to make Heaven the way he wants it to be. As always, Earth is caught in the middle which means that Sam and Dean will also be involved for some time. At the rate people have been killed in this show, you have to wonder what the global population will be when it's finally over.

This may be just me, but I think something seems off about Castiel. I don't think he's evil or about to turn on the Wincesters again, but he definitely seems shaken by having another angel's grace inside of him. I wonder if that will mean anything down the road as the final battle with Metatron draws closer. It could just be that he's been broken down by the constant fighting and the fact that he's no longer human (which he seemed to be enjoying at the end of that run).

The biggest impact from the last episode is Dean's reaction to Kevin's death, knowing that it's his fault. He makes more questionable decisions here which prove that he doesn't seem to learn from his mistakes and Crowley may be right about him being poison. At least that seems to be Dean's viewpoint at the moment. It remains to be seen just how dark Dean allows himself to go in order to get the job done, with the ends justifying the means. Unlike the time when Sam was soulless, Dean may end up doing some reprehensible things while fully aware of it. It's hard to tell at this point, but he's definitely giving off a "bad cop" vibe now.

As for Crowley, he seems to be growing as well. I can't say how, but Crowley makes some surprising decisions and it seems to be playing more and more on his emotional confrontation with Sam at the end of last season. Little by little the evil is being chipped away and while Crowley is never going to be good (he's a demon), it looks like he's becoming more than just a generic, if really cool, bad guy.

Next week, it looks like Dean and Crowley are actually going to work together on a hunt! Dean's dealing with Kevin's death in his own way, and it looks like that way may be a darker road as a hunter. Just seeing those two work together next week will be worth the wait. See you then.

The 411: In the second part to last month's intense mid-season finale, "Road Trip" plays very much like a second half to a very solid story. We dealt with the impact of the events from that episode, got some great acting moments from the core cast and set up the road for the rest of the season. No complaints here.
411 Elite Award
Final Score:  9.0   [  Amazing ]  legend


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