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Supernatural Review 9.11 - "First Born"
Posted by Joseph Lee on 01.22.2014

The Road So Far: In the middle of Gadreel's killing spree, he is found by Dean and Castiel. They make a deal with Crowley to help extract the angel from Sam, but it only works when Crowley is allowed to enter Sam and convince him to cast Gadreel out. The Winchesters split up when Dean decides he's no good for Sam and wants to hunt down Abaddon and Gadreel on his own.

Season 9, Episode 11: First Born
Directed By: John Badham
Written By: Robbie Thompson

We're really on a roll with this season as long as we stick to the main story, which remains the best since season five...maybe even the best since season three, depending on how it ends. There were some more wrinkles to the plot and characters as they continue to grow and change as a result of their experiences. This show is really getting back to its glory days as it seems to have found the right creative team, the best since Eric Kripke was in charge.

This episode sees Crowley approach Dean with a deal: help him find the "first blade", which is guaranteed to be able to kill Abaddon. Their search leads them to Cain. Yes, that Cain. All they need to do is convince Cain to give them the blade, but a horde of demons has followed them. Meanwhile, Castiel is healing Sam and discovers that some of Gadreel's grace is still in him. This leads to some interesting implications.

The people behind this show were able to keep up the momentum of the the midseason finale and last week's episode with another great watch. If they keep up this level of quality this really will be one of the best seasons in the show's history. I always tend to enjoy the show more when they stick to the main story, especially this late in the show's run. This is, of course, unless the "monster of the week" approach reveals a better than normal story or tries something new with a somewhat tired formula.

This episode sees the introduction of Cain, who I think will quickly become a new favorite character. I certainly hope he sticks around in a recurring role as I enjoyed the twists to his backstory and thought he was one of the better characters they've introduced in some time. I'm not saying he should take on a mentor role or anything but the both Winchesters in a darker place (especially Dean), he should prove interesting in the episodes to come.

In the B story, it wasn't so much about what Sam and Castiel were doing (which honestly was kind of pointless when you really think about where it went) but it did lead to some bonding and character growth that we really needed. How often have Sam and Castiel really spent any time together at all in the past eight and a half seasons? It was nice to see them interact and get along.

I really like the direction this season is going, if you can't tell. If we keep going at this rate then the season finale will lead to some climactic conclusions while setting up for the tenth (and rumored to be the last) season. There's definitely an end game in mind for these two as you can only kill so many big bads of Heaven and Hell before you're done killing all that needs to be killed.

Next week sees the return of Garth, and apparently he's a werewolf. We'll see how that plays out.

The 411: With the introduction of Cain and a strong focus on where they want to go to the story, Season 9 continues to roll along with quality episodes and "First Born" was no exception. That's three really good episodes in a row, hopefully they can keep the momentum going.
411 Elite Award
Final Score:  9.0   [  Amazing ]  legend


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