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Supernatural Review 9.12 - "Sharp Teeth"
Posted by Joseph Lee on 01.29.2014

The Road So Far: Dean teamed up with Crowley to hunt down a weapon that can kill Abaddon. In the process they meet Cain, who is not as bad as the Bible made him out to be. He gives Dean "the mark of Cain" and tells him where to find the weapon, which Crowley leaves to find. Meanwhile, Castiel discovers some of Gadreel's grace still inside of Sam, which they work to remove and bond in the process.

Season 9, Episode 12: Sharp Teeth
Directed By: John Showalter
Written By: Adam Glass

After a string of really good myth-arc episodes we get a stand-alone "monster of the week" style episode that sees the return of Garth (who hasn't been seen since season eight's "Southern Comfort") and the return of werewolves (which haven't been seen since the awful season eight episode "Bitten"). I am hesitant about both. Garth is kind of a hit or miss character. He hadn't completely won me over in the series but he slowly grew on me.

Meanwhile, I've never been a real big fan of this show's version of werewolves but until "Bitten" they generally had decent episodes. "Bitten", however, is still my pick for the worst episode of the entire series so to see the monsters come back gives me flashbacks. That doesn't mean I was dreading this episode but I wasn't exactly thrilled going into it either. While the episode ended up not being as good as the last three, it wasn't because of the parts I was worried about.

The episode opens with Garth being hit by a car and the Winchesters arriving seperately (since they're still not working together) to find out where he's been for six months. It's eventually revealed that Garth is a werewolf and living with a pack in Wisconsin. That sets our story rolling as the werewolves seem to be like the vampires Lenore was with in season two (hopefully Garth doesn't end up like she did).

Yes, the Garth is a werewolf story is one that I enjoyed. For once, it gave Garth some much needed character development outside of "weird little guy who occasionally helps out the Winchesters". He now has people he cares about and a twist to him that he didn't have before. Meanwhile, the "good" werewolves is something that, while done before, is still done well here. Obviously we've seen Dean grapple with nice monsters before, but it's something that he's always going to deal with as a hunter.

My problem with this episode is actually the Winchesters. I'm not really one of those people who claim that one brother is favored over the other, but this episode was really, really Dean-centric when Sam was actually there on the case with him. Sam doesn't really do anything here and it provides perfect ammo for those who think that the show is all about tearing Sam down and raising Dean up. The episode prior to this had a more Dean focus as well, but then we got some good character development between Sam and Castiel so he was actually doing something. This episode, he might as well have had the week off.

I still approve of the plan to split the Winchesters up for a bit, so the fact that it lasted all of one episode is disconcerting. These two have had years of issues, brothers or not, and we really should have had them split up for a good chunk of the season before something big forces them them back together and leads them to eventually reconcile. Instead they're just back together by coincidence and more or less act as they've always acted. It's probably good for those who want them to remain close through the entire series. But it's bad for those of us who want to see them overcome adversity to keep their bond instead of just shrugging it off.

Next week I didn't really get a sense of what it was about outside of weight loss products. I'm sure there will be many fat jokes. After that, it looks like it's another break. See you then.

The 411: "Sharp Teeth" isn't as good as the past three strong episodes, but that was a high standard to keep going. This episode suffers some flaws, particularly with the way both Winchesters are portrayed, but the twist on werewolves actually work this time and Garth is a more well-rounded character.
Final Score:  7.0   [ Good ]  legend


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