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Supernatural Review 9.14 - "Captives"
Posted by Joseph Lee on 02.26.2014

The Road So Far: The Winchesters investigated a string of deaths which involved the victims losing a lot of body fat and dying. They found a new type of monster, killed it and then Sam revealed that he was really upset with Dean saving his life. He said he was ready to die and if the situation were reversed, he would not save Dean.

Season 9, Episode 14: Captives
Directed By: Jerry Wanek
Written By: Robert Berens

So I've been thinking about it over the past several weeks and I think I've come to terms with what Sam said to Dean. He's not just upset that Dean tried to save him when he wanted to die, he's upset with how Dean did it. Dean basically tricked him and took the choice of whether to live or die away from him. It's understandable why Dean did it and maybe there is some truth to what Sam told him. However, I refuse to believe that Sam would never try to help his brother or save his life. In fact, the first few moments of this episode more or less confirm that he still cares.

There are two stories this week, and since The CW was nice enough to not spoil one of them, I'm not going to focus on that as much. Basically, Sam and Dean discover a ghost in the Den of Letters, and this ghost sends them on a special rescue mission to a location Crowley set up to hold certain people he wanted kept alive. I'll talk a little more about the ramifications next week, but there are some surprises early on that I'm not going to spoil.

The second story involves Castiel and his hunt for Metatron. He comes across Bartholomew's faction of angels who abduct him and try to convert him to their ways. Maybe it's just me being sick of the angel war already or maybe it's just the way it was presented in this episode, but I thought this as the B-story was a little week.

It's nice to see Castiel get out there on his own but at this point angel politics is so convoluted that I'm starting to long for the less complicated days of the Apocalypse. Things weren't this jumbled when Lucifer was out of his cage, I'll tell you that much. Anyway, there's more talk about following orders and doing evil for the common good and Castiel has had this same story with so many other angels it's getting redundant. The good news is that it ends with a new twist that will hopefully take this story in a better direction.

The relationship with Sam and Dean gets a little more focus this episode too. A friend basically tells them to just "get over" their problems as he's sick of seeing them fight. I think he was speaking for some of the fans, but I'm enjoying the Winchesters actually having some difficulty like this. Too often they have problems and completely ignore them to go back to status quo. I was actually hoping the split this season would have lasted a little longer before something big forces them to reconcile, but it seems like this show will never truly separate them for an extended period of time.

Overall, I liked this episode. While I'm suffering from fatigue with the angel story, it did go in a good direction and Misha Collins is still bringing his A-game as Cas. The main story was really good, in my opinion, as it offered some emotional closure to previous events and it sets up tragedy down the road. I just don't wish to talk about it this week, as it's very spoiler-heavy. The Winchesters side of the plot was definitely the winner.

Next week we get the return of....The Ghostfacers! Also, last episode had a preview for an episode with Snooki in it, but that seems to be happening later in the season. There was no Snooki this week, thank Cas.

The 411Captives was a solid episode for the show that carries on the story while tying up some emotional loose ends. The angel subplot is starting to wear thin but hopefully is heading to a good direction, while the Winchesters get some closure for past mistakes.
Final Score:  7.0   [ Good ]  legend


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