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Supernatural Review 9.15 - "#THINMAN"
Posted by Joseph Lee on 03.06.2014

The Road So Far: Kevin Tran contacted the Winchesters from the veil, which is in flux ever since Metatron closed off Heaven. He wanted them to find his mother, who he learned was actually alive. Sam and Dean did just that, locating Mama Tran and bringing her to her dead son. Kevin told them to get over their problems but they didn't really listen. Meanwhile, Castiel is captured by Bartholomew and eventually escapes, only to discover he has some followers of his own.

Season 9, Episode 15: #Thinman
Directed By: Jeannot Szwarc
Written By: Jenny Klein

After last week's decent return, we get another return this week: Ghostfacers! We haven't seen these guys since season four and I don't know about the rest of you, but I missed them. Having Ed and Harry back guaranteed I would get some enjoyment out of this episode...until something went wrong. Trust me, I'll get to that.

This episode sees Sam and Dean, still bickering over things like "oh you let an angel possess me" and "oh you wanted to die". They take on a case that appears to be a ghost and they run into the ghostfacers, who inform them that it's actually Thin Man. I'm not hip on the whole "slender man" meme (I'm not hip to most memes), but that's what they're taking on here with the type of monster they're supposed to be hunting.

As I said before, I was glad to see the ghostfacers back. The only problem was, I was convinced they were coming back to die. Supernatural has a really bad habit of bringing back characters you may or may not have liked just to kill them off. I'm surprised Charlie and Garth have lasted this long. Thankfully, they don't die, but they might as well have died considering where the story goes with them.

I'll try to be as vague about this as I possibly can. Some stuff comes up between Ed and Harry that causes them to get mad at each other and they are on the verge of spitting up at a certain point. I know why the story was made that way. They wanted a parallel to Sam and Dean to get them to reconsider how they view each other. However, what it plays out like is that not enough fun comedic relief characters are allowed to exist on this show for long without becoming whiny and full of angst. This show gets too far into that particular pool for its own stars, I don't need side characters getting involved with that too.

That's not to say the entire episode is a waste due to one change that I didn't care for. I liked the idea of bringing forth a new type of monster that actually looked creepy. It could have been a ghost or a new type of creature entirely. I had my own suspicions (based on the fact it was similar to the Ghostfacers' debut episode) but the actual twist was pretty great. This show hasn't tried a twist like that since the first season and it's great that it went there again.

I'm sure I'll get over my problems with this episode in time (especially if it's resolved later) but for fight now I'll have to say this is simply average. I enjoyed a lot but that particular twist to the characters is not one I enjoyed. Next week we see the return of Crowley, so we're probably going to focus on the hell side of the story. I still hope he returns completely drenched in water, as he was searching the bottom of the ocean for a blade.

The 411: While the change to the ghostfacers is not a welcome one, it's not enough to make "#THINMAN" a bad episode. It still has some good moments and a twist that thankfully isn't tired or played out. It's a decent enough watch but you may not like the places it takes you.
Final Score:  6.5   [ Average ]  legend


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