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The Walking Dead Review 4.13 - 'Alone'
Posted by Josh Syvertsen on 03.09.2014

Welcome back to your favorite little corner of the interwebs to read and talk about the latest episode of The Walking Dead (at least it better be your favorite. I don't take rejection well.) Hope everyone had a wonderful week. Out of 21 meals this week I'm pretty sure I had pizza for at least half of them, it's New York pizza, so it's certainly better than the pizza in whatever shitty little burgh you live in, but still you can figure out how my week went. One more thing...I have a personal message for Mets GM Sandy Alderson - If you can trade Rafael Montero, or a lower rated prospect, to Seattle for Nick Franklin, please do so. That is all. Now it's time for your favorite part of the whole column....Housekeeping!

Caveat #1:First, and most importantly for some of you I guess, I have not read the acclaimed graphic novel series on which the show is based. I have not done this for a myriad of reasons, the first being laziness. I'm a busy man people. But the second and most important, is that this column/review is about the television show The Walking Dead, not the graphic novel series. It would be unfair to the show and unfair to you, the reader, if I was constantly bitching about how the show is different than the source material (and believe me I would bitch). Think that's wrong? Hit me up on twitter some time and mention 'Under The Dome' - watch my head explode. I will make this promise to you who are ever so pissed about my lack of The Walking Dead graphic novel experience, that someday when the show has completed its run, I will check it out.

Caveat #2: Have fun. What's expressed here is one solitary, bitterly lonely mans opinion. If you believe something different, write about it! Let everyone out there know what you think, but don't be a dick. It's a television show - not life or death.

Reader Mail: Not much to go over this week, but just a thought. Some folks were a little upset that the episode was a character development one and not a plot development one. Show development wise, we really needed to learn more about Beth. Out of all the prisons survivors, we have spent the least amount of time with Beth. Hell, we've spent more time learning about Tara than we have with Beth. So we spend some time with Beth and her plot device foil, Daryl. Now when Beth does have to do something important, we have a little more context behind where her actions are coming from.

All that rationalization is great, but when you think about it, the real reason the show threw on a character driven episode rather than a plot driven one was because the show was up against the Oscars. If you happened to blow off last weeks episode to stare into Jared Letos piercing blue eyes for three hours, you can easily slip back into the show this week with all the major players basically in the same place they were last time you watched. It's probably not the first time the show has done this. In fact, I would bet that if you would look back at the previous season you would see that the show did something similar in years past.

Oooo...pretty colors:

"I don't know how to tell you all just how crazy this life feels. I look around for the friends that I used to turn to to pull me through. Looking into their eyes I see them running too... "

Last Week On The Walking Dead: Beth led Daryl on an expedition through the wilds of suburban Atlanta looking to find some hooch. After Daryl deems peach schnaps not good enough for young Beths first alcoholic experience, he leads her to an old house with a moonshine still so she can learn to drink like a man, or something. As usually happens when two people get drunk together they talk about their feelings. Luckily, they did not do the other thing that people of the opposite sex often do when they drink together. They bond over their disparate views of the past and the future and decide the best way to deal with their feelings is to turn the house into a structure fire and flip off the burning house as they leave.

This Week On The Walking Dead: It's flashback Bob! Walking in slow motion with an awesome machete and an even more awesome theme song! Seriously, Bear McCreary is great at choosing these songs. Bob's drinking cough syrup, at least he will stop that sniffling, sneezing, achy head, feeling! He hangs out on the top of a truck. Flashback Glenn and Daryl run into him. Flashback Daryl gives him Ricks famous three questions. Bobs answers suffice. They invite him to join the group but are disturbed by the fact he has no questions for them. That brings up to the....opening credits!

Back in the present where a fog bank has rolled in giving Maggie, Sasha, and Bob some cover from the walkers. Sure enough though they are discovered. If Super Mario Brothers taught me anything, it's that clouds aren't really good hiding places. Sasha is forced to shoot one of the walkers. Bob appears to have been bitten, but it was on his bandage, so no harm, no foul.

Elsewhere, Daryl is teaching Beth the subtle intricacies of tracking a walker. She tries to sneak up behind one, but gets her foot caught in a trap. Like always, Daryl is there to save her. Beths ankle it pretty fucked though, so Daryl offers her a piggy back ride. They find an mortuary with it's own grave yard outside, Beth hopes there are people there. Daryl hopes there's not. They leave flowers on a grave as Beth grabs Daryls hand. Daryls not so sure about this. He's not really into blondes. But here we go apparently.

Maggie and Sasha are getting nervous about their lack of supplies. They broke their timepiece, but Bob knows what watching the sun move across the sky means...so it's all good. They find a sign for Terminus. Maggie wants to go. Sasha questions the quest for Glenn. Maggie thinks Glenn would have gone there. Bob is on Maggies side so...to Terminus we go!

Daryl enters the funeral home. Beth notices how clean the place is. Daryl would rather it look like shit. It looks like they've stumbled into an episode of Six Feet Under. There are recently embalmed bodies lying around. Beth points out that there is a certain beauty in the fact someone sought to hold on to the old ways.

Bob and Sascha are tending a fire while Maggie looks for firewood. Sascha figures Glenn is dead and it's only a matter of time before they are. She wants to set up a new camp, in a house, where they actually have a chance to survive. They wake to next morning to find a note from Maggie scrawled in the dirt. It says she is leaving. So she doesn't really want to go to Terminus, at least with Bob and Sascha, that deceptive little minx. She stops to carve something into a metal box but is interrupted by a walker. She kills it, but then cuts its stomach open.

Beth discovers the kitchen of the funeral home. It's well stocked, pigs feet and everything. Daryl wants to take some, but will leave the rest. Beth is happy that there is still some good left in Daryl, like Luke and Vader...kind of. She then plays the piano as Daryl falls asleep in a casket. The next morning they are visited by a one eyed dog. Beth is excited by the dog, but it runs away. She wants to leave a thank you note for the parlors owners. Daryl thinks it might be better if they just stayed there...they have pigs feet after all. Beth want's to know where all Daryls sudden hope has come from, almost begging him to say it comes from her. He refuses to answer. They hear the dog again. Daryl goes to let it in, but finds a shitload of walkers instead. He screams for Beth to leave as he leads the walkers down stairs. The walkers trap him behind a couple for recently embalmed bodies on tables. He barely escapes, making it outside just in time for Beth to speed away in a car. It's a little weird though, it seems as though she had enough time to see him...hmmm

Bob and Sascha set off in search of Maggie. They discover she has scrawled a note to Glenn in walker blood telling him to go to Terminus. That night they hear a walker in the distance. Neither one can sleep, so they continue to talk to each other, which is frankly getting pretty boring. Bob want's to know why Sascha doesn't want to search for Tyreese. She pulls a Daryl and avoids answering. They keep walking and find another message to Glenn. Bob thinks they will catch her if they move quicker. They pass a couple of buildings, Sascha wants to set up shop in one of them. Bob thinks she's afraid and the way to cure that is by kissing Sascha. It doesn't work. She watches him walk away. Alone inside one of the buildings, she starts to break down. Looking out the window she sees Maggie. Of course she then knocks a window out causing one hell of a ruckus and blowing Maggies cover. Maggie fends off the walkers with a no parking sign. Yup, it's as awesome as it sounds. They defeat the walkers and it's time for Sascha to deal with some of the shit she said, because Maggie is not to happy about her thinking Glenn was dead. They have a moment. Maggie gets Sascha to admit that she is afraid.

Daryl is still running after the car. He drops down, exhausted. Some rough looking dudes find him despondent on the ground. The leader of this group...named Joe, offers Daryl a spot with the group, to "hurt other people." Daryl seems to accept.

Sascha and Maggie catch up with Bob. Everyone hugs it out and they head down the tracks. Back at he Terminus sign Glenn points a the map. Looks like we are all going to wind up there. End Episode.

Elsewhere: Just bouncing back and forth between the two groups this week. Sascha and Bob...not sure if that's going to go anywhere. That's about it though.

Reaction: The build continues to the reunion at Terminus for most of our main characters. Everything else right now just seems like fluff. The Glenn/Maggie thing, as much as I love Lauren Cohan, is just getting a little exhausting at this point. The shows are starting to feel a bit repetitive. The Bob/Sascha stuff felt a lot like the Daryl/Beth stuff from last week. Two characters who have differing outlooks on both the future and the past being thrust together and forced to survive. The Beth/Daryl "relationship" though, feels a hell of a lot more organic than the Sascha/Bob "relationship". You can understand Beth's infatuation with Daryl - hell most of the shows female fans feels the same way. You can understand Daryls feelings when it comes to Beth. Whether he feels the same way about her, remains to be seen, but it's pretty obvious Daryl was willing to start a new with Beth. He wanted to stay in the funeral parlor with her, set up house, essentially begin a normal life.

The Bob/Sascha thing while similar in the set up with the dichotomy of the characters to Beth and Daryl, just doesn't feel as organic. It comes a lot from the fact that we never had an episode, like last weeks for Beth, letting us know just who the hell Sascha is other than Tyreeses sister. The other problem with the pairing is that we have no idea what to think of Bob. I've said this before, as an acquaintance of Bill W. I tend to sympathize more with characters with addiction. But I'll be damned if I can be bothered to give even an iota for anything Bob does.

Daryl and Beth wind up separated and Daryl looks to have joined up with a group of bad dudes. I am not convinced that Daryl is going full on heel here. More likely he is just using them as a means to an end.

That's all I've got for this week. Please leave you comments below and as always thanks for reading. "Enjoy every sandwich."

One last thing...My wonderful webmaster, who also doubles as my beautiful wife, redesigned DreadWorld.com you really need to check it out, it's the bees knees as the kids say.

And hit me up on the twittah machine @misterjoshua77 and @dread_world, I'm very clever.

The 411: This weeks episode felt eerily similar to many of the episodes we've seen since the shows mid season hiatus. Kind of like they just cut and pasted pieces of other shows together, just switching out characters. There was some cool walker killing - Daryl in the morgue and Maggie with the no parking sign, so if that's what you are looking for, you probably dug this more than me. But from a story telling point of view, it was pretty weak. Let's get everyone to Terminus already!
Final Score:  7.0   [ Good ]  legend


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