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Supernatural Review 09.16 - "Blade Runners"
Posted by Joseph Lee on 03.19.2014

The Road So Far: The Winchesters teamed up with the Ghostfacers to track down the "Thin man", which turned out to be a hoax. The Ghostfacers split up at the end of the episode when one of them lied to the other, offering a parallel of Sam and Dean's story.

Season 9, Episode 16: Blade Runners
Directed By: Serge Ladouceur
Written By: Brad Buckner & Eugenie Ross-Leming

After a short break (and just before another short break), Supernatural returns this week with an episode more focused on the main story. This time we're dealing with Crowley, Abaddon and Hell, which means it's back to finding out where the first blade is. As we saw the last time we dealt with this, Dean has the Mark of Cain which is the only way the blade will work to kill Abaddon.

The episode begins with Dean unable to contact Crowley and for good reason: Crowley is hooked on human blood and avoiding contact with everyone but a demon he shares his bed with. This leaves the Winchesters to sober Crowley up and find the blade themselves, which causes them to cross paths with a former Man of Letters. Crowley continues to be a nuisance to both.

First of all, I'm disappointed that Crowley never came back drenched in water with the blade, but I sort of knew that he wouldn't deliver. The first blade seemed like a good excuse for its own episode and this is the episode we get. It's half of a boring time-waster and half of an interesting progression of the story. In this case, it was the first half that I didn't like and the second half which won me over.

The first half is mostly dealing with finding Crowley and getting him to help find the blade. I don't necessarily get the whole "Crowley loves blood" thing as it's never been properly explained and now there seems to be some sort of process involved that makes him somewhat human. Once again, it's not explained os it's just confusing. Even Crowley in this part of the story wasn't as entertaining as he normally is. This episode was written by two guys, as many episodes in the series have been. This is one of the only ones I can remember that feels like it was written by more than one person.

There is a nice little cameo that was alluded to earlier in the season in a preview. Yes, Snooki finally makes her Supernatural debut and she wasn't terrible. I won't give away exactly why she's here or what she's doing, but much like the use of Paris Hilton in season five, it's funny and it makes sense in context. She's not on screen long enough to ruin anything and is no worse than any other bit part actor that shows up in an episode.

The second half contains spoilers so I won't really mention what happens. I will say that we learn more about the Mark of Cain and what it does to the person who holds it. Some more problems are presented for the second half of the season as it seems like Sam and Dean just can't catch a break. The second half was definitely more fun than the first half because it's the Supernatural that we're used to. Less angst, less confusing character twists, less of the stuff that made season six hit or miss.

Next week looks like more of the same in regards to where the story is going, as we deal with the fallout from this. After that it's another break and then the final six episodes of the season, including the backdoor pilot for the spin-off.

The 411Blade Runners was half of a dull, listless episode and half of a solid, entertaining episode. We'll split it right down the middle and call it average overall. The story progresses in a good direction and the Mark of Cain could be more trouble than it's worth.
Final Score:  6.0   [ Average ]  legend


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