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Supernatural Review 9.18 - "Meta Fiction"
Posted by Joseph Lee on 04.16.2014

The Road So Far: Dean continues to research Abaddon and is dealing with the influence of the Mark of Cain. Sam investigates a case on his own and discovers that Abaddon is collecting the souls of innocent people in order to create new demons for her Army. We also see how Abaddon got her body.

Season 9, Episode 18: Meta Fiction
Directed By: Thomas J. Wright
Written By: Adam Glass

After a two week hiatus, Supernatural is back for the final six episodes of season nine. Once again we have another solid episode as this season is definitely since season five, possibly earlier. I really enjoy the main story and there have been more twists and turns than the entire past two seasons. I say this as someone who actually enjoyed seasons seven and eight, but they did play a little slower than I'm used to.

This episode features a huge spoiler that I can't really talk about this week (I don't talk spoilers until the following week). Let me just say that I really, really enjoyed the twist a third through the episode and then the second twist following that. A character returned and it was a very welcome return. With the returns of the Ghostfacers and Kevin Tran this season (and the surprise Bobby appearance during the premiere), this is a very continuity-heavy season.

The episode begins as Sam and Dean resolve to finally track down Gadreel once they figure out where he is. They capture him and then begin the process of torturing him (remember when that was hard for them to do? The years have hardened the Winchesters) to find out where Metatron is. There are also rumors that there is a secret doorway to Heaven which could allow the angels to return home and allow the Winchesters to restore the balance.

Meanwhile, Castiel gets an unexpected visitor and is being urged to become a leader to the fallen angels, who are wanting to follow him on his quest. Castiel is still hesitant to lead as he continues to see himself as "just a soldier". To be fair, his last attmepts at being in charge of anything ended with him going mad with power and wiping out a large portion of his race. He's also having some problems with his stolen grace, but that would fall under spoiler territory.

Both stories this week were great and they eventually combine for a finale that sees the Winchesters face off with Metatron, who is very confident in his ability to win. He thinks he's the good guy in all of this, which probably makes his character so interesting. He isn't a typical bad guy and has very good reasons for why he's doing what he's doing. They don't make sense to us but he's not just doing it to be evil. It's kind of like how Lucifer was even made sympathetic by this show.

If you asked me if Curtis Armstrong could have made for such a compelling villain two years ago I would have laughed in your face. But here we are, with Booger playing a strong foe for Sam and Dean. I'm assuming with the possibility of a trip to Heaven brought up that we will see the finale take place there. If season ten is the last season (who knows at this point), then maybe God will show up at the end to really provide a good teaser for the next season. I'm still hoping for Lucifer to return.

We have five episodes left and next week appears to be a stand-alone with vampires involved. But Jody Mills is back, so that's always good news.

The 411: Another great season nine episode, "Meta Fiction" begins the final journey towards the end of the season by revealing more of Metatron's plan and setting up the plan for Castiel down the road. Not only that, but it includes a shocking return that will leave fans only wanting more.
411 Elite Award
Final Score:  8.5   [ Very Good ]  legend


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