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Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Review 1.21 - 'Ragtag'
Posted by Wyatt Beougher on 05.07.2014

Previously on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Skye did her best to stall Ward and escape from him, but Deathlok made sure that she not only didn’t escape, but that she also decrypted the hard drive containing all the files from the Bus. May returned to the team with a potentially devastating revelation for Coulson, and the rest of the team tried to deal with the fact that Ward is working for Hydra and that S.H.I.E.L.D. is no more.

Season 01, Episode 21: Ragtag

At a juvenile detention center in Plymouth, Massachusetts, Garrett meets up with a fifteen years younger Grant Ward, who went AWOL from military school, stole a car, and drove home to try to burn his own house down. Garrett asks Ward if he knew his brother was in the house, and Ward denies that he did. He offers Ward the opportunity to join a super-secret organization, rather than face his parents pressing charges for arson and attempted murder and his brother asking that he be tried as an adult. Ward doesn’t seem overly interested and Garrett tells him that going with him will be the hardest thing he’s ever done, but fun. Ward agrees just as a team of armed agents bursts through the doors and tell everyone to get down.

Back in the present, Colombia’s biggest drug lord was murdered by a single superhuman, and FitzSimmons and Skye believe it to be Deathlok, which means they need to expand their search grid, as the Bus might not be in US airspace. Coulson calls them into his room where he’s drawn a chart with Cybertek in the middle. They go over Garrett’s motivations, and Skye reveals she left a Trojan horse on the drive that’s been mapping every Hydra system that it’s been uploaded to. Unfortunately, because she didn’t have time to complete it, she can’t activate it and take over their systems without installing a second file onto a Hydra computer from a thumb drive. May suggests they infiltrate a Cybertek office because of their long-standing relationship with Garrett.

On the Bus, Ward complains that he could’ve taken the drug lord out with a single shot from 1500 yards without getting his picture on television, but Garrett says that he wanted to make a spectacle. Garrett tells Mike that he did a great job, but Mike doesn’t seem like he did. Garrett makes a big deal about letting Mike watched streamed video of Ace, and he asks Ward if he’s still mad about Deathlok did to him. Ward replies that he’s mad that Garrett made him do it, but Garrett says he’s about to achieve something he’s been working towards for twenty-five years and Ward should be happy for him. Raina tells Garrett that they’re close to replicated GH-325, and Garrett compliments her while getting a dig in on Ward. At the hotel, Coulson gets off the phone with a Cybertek employee and says that they’ve got an appointment with R&D. Fitz is nervous about giving them designs, but Coulson assures him that they’re not actually giving Cybertek anything. Fitz is convinced that Ward didn’t betray them, and he thinks that Garrett might’ve installed an eye implant in Ward. Skye tries to convince him that Ward’s evil, but Fitz isn’t buying it.

Just then, Triplett shows up with a big suitcase full of his grandfather’s Howling Commandos gear. Coulson suggests they do a full inventory, but he’s immediately overwhelmed by the collector geek we saw in The Avengers when he sees a “handheld hypo-ray”. He and Trip have a geek out moment. Skye is unimpressed...until she presses the button on a joybuzzer and sets off an EMP. The team is impressed with Trip’s collection of gadgets, but Fitz accidentally sets a curtain on fire with a laser hidden inside a fake cigarette.

Fifteen years in the past, Garrett shows Ward around the thousand acres he owns in Wyoming, but Ward is worried about the police finding them. Garrett assures him that no one is even looking. Ward asks about the S.H.I.E.L.D. academy, but Garrett tells him he has more pressing issues, like what he’s going to eat for dinner. Garrett tells Ward he’s going to have to be self-sufficient if he wants to survive, and then he leaves Ward with a duffel bag and some mental abuse about being weak and worthless. He does leave Buddy the lab behind, says he’ll be back in a couple of months, and that he believes Ward can survive.

At Cybertek, May and Coulson, looking like Fitz and Simmons (with glasses). They notice that there is a stenographer in the room, and the Cybertek guys say they haven’t been impressed with the S.H.I.E.L.D. employees that they’ve met with thus far, and that the Hydra employees have less constraints on their thinking and are generally younger. FitzSimmons are feeding Coulson and May lines, while Skye is using Trip’s grandfather’s pin to scan UHF frequencies for data. Skye says it’s brilliant because no one is even scanning those frequencies for data leaks. Unfortunately, Skye doesn’t pick up any digital data, so she has Coulson and May stall. Fitz feeds Coulson lines about the I.C.E.R. bullet, including a momentary lapse into Fitz’ brogue. May pulls Simmons off flawlessly without an accent, and they even hit the FitzSimmons talking over one another thing pretty effortlessly. Unfortunately, the Cybertek team is unimpressed, having already taken a “Sleepy Sleep” gun and turned it into a much more effective aerosol grenade. Coulson tries to sell them on the I.C.E.R. being more powerful (and having a cooler name), while Skye pulls up Cybertek’s building plans on file with the city. She finds an unusual room on the fourth floor, so May and Coulson break up their interview and get into the elevator with a security guy, who lasts about two seconds after the door closes. On the fourth floor, they’re spotted by a second security guy, who races for a red phone, but May flips to the phone, kicks the guy in mid-flip, and hangs it back up before he can alarm the rest of the facility. Coulson slices a hole in the door with the cigarettes, and they discover that Cybertek only keeps hard copies at that facility. May says that they should look around since they’re already in.

In Cuba, Raina says Mike is staring at her again, and he’s rightfully upset about her giving Ace to Hydra. She says she was following orders, and he asks if she’s got an implant in her eyeball as well. Raina admits that she doesn’t, but says that she’s there for Mike, because she wants to see what’s inside people with gifts when they’re revealed. Raina asks Mike about Skye, saying that she thinks she and Skye are similar inside. Back at Cybertek, Coulson is looking around, but May calls him over to look at Mike’s file, which is one of the many Project: Deathlok files, which go back to at least 1990. As they dig deeper, they find Garrett’s file, and he was the first Deathlok. Before they can do anything else, they hear people, so they send the filing cabinet containing the Deathlok files out the window. As FitzSimmons retrieve them, Trip shoots a cable into the roof of the room that May and Coulson are in, and they slide down the cable to make their escape.

In the Wyoming wilderness of fifteen years ago, Ward huddles against Buddy in a rainstorm, while his present version confronts Garrett about letting him die to get the hard drive decrypted. Garrett says he knew Skye wouldn’t let Ward die and chastises him for playing the victim, only to collapse to the ground. Ward clears out the lab, angrily ordering everyone to leave, and he hooks some wires and tubes up to Garrett’s cybernetic parts. At the hotel, Skye realizes that Garrett doesn’t just want GH-325 for his supersoldiers, he wants it for himself. Fitz again tries to defend Ward, but Simmons says Ward is the perpetrator, not the victim, and Skye actually flips out on him, reminding him that Ward kills people in cold blood. Skye says she was weak because she didn’t let Mike finish Ward off, but Coulson says she had compassion, which was tougher. Coulson, using the name Pablo Jiminez, gets a pizza delivery, but Skye heads inside. On the Bus, Ward gets Garrett’s cybernetics rebooted, and Garrett reveals that his biomechanics are fine, but that his organs are failing and he’s dying. Cybertek has given him maybe two months to live.

Back at the hotel, May brings Skye a drink and explains that Fitz can’t process the truth about Ward. Skye and May agree that Ward isn’t being controlled, and Skye wishes she could be like May and feel nothing. May says she is furious, but she’s not going to waste it on a tantrum, but that she’s going to save it and use it to take Ward down. Coulson knocks and comes in to tell them that Trip identified Cybertek shipments all over the globe, but that they all ended up in Havana, where S.H.I.E.L.D. used to have a base. They head to Cuba, where Ian Quinn is getting a haircut. Garrett and Ward meet up with him, and Garrett says Quinn is the face of their operations. Ward wants to know how an international terrorist is going to pull that off, and Quinn points out that S.H.I.E.L.D. was really the only organization to accuse him of any crimes, and with him being a long-standing critic of an organization that’s since fallen into utter disrepute, he actually came out smelling like roses. Quinn says he’ll be Washington the following day to meet people based on Deathlok’s Colombian assassination. Ward gets a text from Raina and goes downstairs to meet with her while Garrett gets his own haircut.

Raina tells Ward that she is disappointed that Garrett only wants the drug because he’s afraid to die, so she’s not sure how interested Garrett will be in what she’s found out about Skye. She says she should go tell Garrett, but Ward grabs her arm and says she should tell him because Garrett has other things to worry about. She reveals the story of monsters slaying an entire Chinese village looking for a baby girl. Ward wants to know if the monsters killed the baby’s parents, but Raina says the monsters WERE the baby’s parents. Back in the wilderness, younger Garrett comes back looking for Ward and he finds a pretty decent campground...and a shotgun barrel pressed against his neck. Apparently, young Ward wasn’t too pleased about being left behind for six months, but Garrett was out of the country on assignment. Garrett says he brought tacos, but it looks like Ward and Buddy did alright without him. Ward admits the first few weeks were rough, but then he started raiding cabins to get tools and food and a tent and things got much easier. Garrett is impressed, and he pulls a pistol on Ward. Rather than shooting Ward, he shoots a bunch of the stuff Ward has collected and tells him that he’ll teach him to shoot better than that.

In the present, Raina watches as the laboratory is torn down. She smiles at Garrett, who is unnerved by her. He asks Ward what Raina texted about, and Ward lies to him about her wondering about moving back to the States. Garrett says they were always planning on expanding, but the Cybertek files being stolen just moved up the timetable. Raina gives Garrett a vial of her serum because he wanted to hold onto it during the flight and she tells Ward that they’ve distilled all the genetic components from the previous samples into one vial, which should heal and regenerate cells like the GH-325 did. Raina tells Garrett to take care of it because it’s one of a kind. Elsewhere in Cuba, the team is preparing to split up, and Trip convinces Fitz to take a quarter walkie-talkie with a homing beacon and he keeps the other one for himself. Trip looks for a fist bump, but Fitz awkwards wraps his open hand around Trip’s fist. Coulson lays out the plan - he, Skye, Trip, and May will go looking for the base, while FitzSimmons will look for the Bus, but are not to engage under any circumstances.

Coulson’s team finds the barbershop deserted, but they get a call from FitzSimmons, who have found the Bus roughly three hours away. Simmons says Hydra will be long gone by the time they get there, so Coulson orders them back to the jumpjet. May says they have to try to get there, but Skye says if there’s a computer in the barbershop, they won’t have to - she can upload the rest of the Trojan and they can track them that way. They prepare to enter the barbershop for that purpose, but Simmons, unaware of the rest of the team’s plan, is worried that if they don’t go after Garrett, they’ll be back to square one, which she can’t take. Fitz sees Garrett and says Ward will be with him, so Simmons suggest sending one of the Dwarves (the quadcopter drones) onto the Bus. Fitz agrees, but before he can get Sleepy from the car, Ward walks in the door.

Ten years in the past, a Ward who looks much more like the Ward of today is enjoying a meal with Garrett and Buddy. Garrett compares himself to Buddy, saying that trust and loyalty are rewarding with abandonment. He reveals to Ward that he’s got a cybernetic implant because he was wounded on a mission and S.H.I.E.L.D. did nothing to rescue him. He had to tape himself back together and make his own escape, at which point he was approached by Hydra. On the Bus, Fitz tells Garrett they want their plane back. Garrett tells one of his men to call Komiskey because he’ll know what to do about Coulson and company being in the barbershop. Fitz reaches into his pocket, but Ward stops him, revealing a quarter and a joybuzzer. Garrett dismisses it as junk and turns his back, which allows Fitz to set off the joybuzzer’s EMP, which fries Garrett’s biotechnology. As the Bus takes off, Ward panics and tries to save Garrett. Fitz talks some trash on Garrett and tells Ward that he doesn’t have to take orders from Garrett anymore.

Back in the past, Garrett has good news for Ward, who shoots a deer with a sniper rifle. As Buddy runs off to retrieve it, Garrett informs Ward that he’s been accepted by S.H.I.E.L.D.’s operations division. Ward tries to thank him, but Garrett says he doesn’t owe anybody anything, that he’s earned it all himself. He also tells Ward that he can’t get attached to anybody or anything if he’s going to work for Hydra inside S.H.I.E.L.D. He tells Ward to “take care of Buddy” so they can leave. He asks if Buddy’s a weakness and Ward says no. Back in the present, Ward tries to work on Garrett, but Garrett wants him to cross off FitzSimmons. Ward objects because he wants to take care of Garrett, but Garrett insists and Raina volunteers to stay with him. Back in the barbershop secret lair, the team looks for the computers, while Garrett talks Raina through the mechanical failsafe in his cybernetics. She opens the hatch and sees Centipede serum, and Garrett says it’s the only thing that’s been keeping him alive, though it can’t make him strong because he’s too far gone. She says his whole system’s shutting down, and he gives her the synthetic GH-325 to see if she can restart it.

In the lab of the Bus, Fitz and Simmons stage an effective (if awkward) escape, leaving their pursuers behind, only to run directly into Ward. They lock themselves in a small room, and Ward demands to get in. Fitz asks for an explanation, but instead of an explanation, we flash back to Ward pointing the pistol at Buddy. He shoots it into the air and Buddy runs away, while in the present, Fitz says Ward is a good person. Ward hesitates, but says that he has his orders and again demands that they open up the door. Simmons refuses, as does Fitz, so Ward goes to a control panel and starts some kind of process that features a bunch of flashing red lights. Fitz says he knows Ward cares about them, and Ward admits it, only to say that it’s a weakness. A quick cut the past shows crosshairs on a running Buddy, and at the sound of gunshot, Ward pulls a handle and dumps the pod that FitzSimmons are in into the ocean. Raina pulls some type of pump out of Garrett and warns him that the drug might not work, and that if she gives it to him, she won’t be able to make any more. He tells her go through with it, and she does, injecting it into the pump (which turns the orange Centipede serum purple). She replaces the pump as Ward walks in. Garrett wants to know if it’s done. He starts to tell Ward something, but he seizes and gets the Extremis glow under his face. He falls backwards and his breathing returns to normal. Ward asks him what he’s feeling and Garrett replies, “The Universe.”

In Havana, Trip uses a handheld scanner to find something behind a false wall. Coulson says he’ll find the secret door, and seconds later, he does, revealing a laptop with the Hydra logo on it. Before they can do anything though, the lights cut off, and the team is greeted by a Centipede soldier wielding the Berzerker staff...and multiple Deathlok soldiers. Back stateside, Quinn meets with representatives from what appear the Army and Navy, and he they seem unimpressed by what Deathlok did, until he reveals that it was a single man with no support team and no extraction plan, which cuts costs significantly. Quinn asks about how much it cost to catch bin Laden before revealing that supersoldier could’ve done it for a fraction of the cost. The Army rep asks if he’s trying to sell them a supersoldier, and Quinn says he’s trying to sell them a thousand of them. He plays up the need for reliable security and asks if they’d like to tour Cybertek’s new state-of-the-art facility.

Weekly Whedon-isms

“Why should I trust you?” “You shouldn’t. Don’t trust anybody, ever...especially me.”

“Told you it was going to be fun.”

“Speculation continues as to whether this superhuman assassination was carried out by a man, a monster, or a machine.” “The correct answer is D - all of the above.”

“I should’ve drawn another chart for this part.”

“We have no authority to do this. We’re…” “Vigilantes.” “I was going to say ‘doing this because it’s the right thing to do’, but yeah. So if you’re with me, I’m going to finish what I started. I’ll be damned if I’m going to let Garrett and Ward get away with murder…...and I want my plane back.”

“Watch out Hydra - here we come.”

“Does your sweater itch?” “Little bit.”

“I don’t know if I’ve said it enough, but I’m glad you’re back.”

“Skye, Trip? Get ready for a large file transfer.” “How large?” *CRASH*

“I wish I knew how to use that Hate Fu.” “I’m up most mornings at five.”

“I knew there was a reason I didn’t rip out that silver tongue of yours.”

“I lied about the tacos.”

“Remember when we first met, and I said I worked for a secret organization? It’s more like a secret organization inside a secret organization.”

“Yeah, you know me - always kidding around.” “What the hell was that?” “An EMP.” “Yeah, looks like the joke’s on you.”

“Trip? Anything in your granddad’s kit that might help us out here?” “Always.”

“A secret door? I’ve got this - they’re like, my thing.”

Reader Referendum

Last week we had some pretty lively discussions. Dirty_Dave_Delaney was comparatively late to the party, but his comment got a pretty good response:

Before this episode I had agreed with the popular theory that Ward will be killed off at some point in this season... but with the teasers for the next episode in what appeared to be Ward having flashbacks explaining his past I really don't want him to be killed off yet if they are going to do more seasons. I'm also curious if there will be any more twists to Ward's character as now he's coming across as maybe there's more to his 'super secret agent' abilities to the point of questioning whether Garrett has used some sort of stashed away SHIELD technology on him to improve his abilities in the past.

I think most of us can safely agree that somebody is probably going to be killed off in the finale and part of me thinks it might actually be Mike Peterson who gets killed off. It's probably because I'm getting an Anakin Skywalker vibe out of Ward (in that he's a bad dude but has some good still left in him, as opposed to Hayden Christensen levels of crap acting) and can see him getting heavily injured, possibly left for dead, only to wake up late as the new Deathlok! Although admittedly that sounds really clichéd.

As a big fan of J. August Richards, I’m actually hoping that it’s not him who dies. The theory of Garrett using S.H.I.E.L.D. tech on Ward is an interesting one, though, and KipSmithers has heard another theory:

A theory I've read is that Garrett mind-wiped Ward using the T.AH.I.T.I tech, corrupting Ward and causing Ward to think he's really a HYDRA agent.

With Jack Revenge adding:

...and giving him those really bad memories of child abuse, etc.

KipSmithers rightly points out that such a scenario would give the showrunners a whole slew of new storylines to tell, but is that the route that they’ll go with Ward? After this episode, I’m not entirely sure - it seems like Ward is too conflicted to have just been mindwiped by Hydra. And what about the implied other traitor from the plot synopses for the finale? Matias has an idea:

I think Simmons is the other Hydra agent... Who is trying to figure out which saved the life of Skye??

Interesting take. I figured Simmons was trying to get the root of Skye’s recovery because that’s what Coulson ordered her to do, but as we’ve seen with Ward, that means precious little on this show. It does make some sense though, as it would explain Skye’s continued insistence on getting Skye’s blood into the S.H.I.E.L.D. mainframe, where Garrett would theoretically have access to it. Plus, if she and Ward have been working together the entire time, they could’ve orchestrated her jumping out of the Bus to make it easier for Ward to infiltrate the team, and it would explain why she’s been so flirty with Fitz, Mike, and Trip at various points on the show (the same reason Ward was jumping into bed with May). On the other hand, Jack Revenge agrees with me that Fitz is going to be the other agent who goes rogue:

I, too, think Fitz will turn at some point. Not because he's always been evil, but there's only so far you can push the good guy before he snaps. His mini-freak out was one of my favorite parts of this episode. Maybe he works for AIM?

Which APNelson expanded upon:

Either he snaps and goes evil or Simmons dies and he snaps and builds himself some kind of super weapon. Is there a major tech-based hero in Marvel who doesn't use Stark-based weapons and/or armor?

Jack was back to suggest the Fixer, and that could be the case, or Fitz could turn into a new villain created for the show. And, one more passage from Jack I want to highlight, as he was all over the place last week:

What I want: Ward dies and Garrett doesn't. At the start of season 2, Strucker revives Ward using the same methods used on Coulson while wiping any feelings other than hatred of Coulson and his team and anything left of SHIELD. Strucker then has Ward kill Garrett for screwing things up so bad in the first place and takes his place as Strucker's top lieutenant.

While I doubt Strucker shows up outside of the next Captain America movie, that’s actually a pretty cool idea. And if it turns out that Garrett already wiped Ward’s mind, then they could always have Strucker’s wipe make him totally unstable, which would make him even more dangerous. And last, and certainly least, I want to quote myself, just in case anybody missed it in the comments last week:

I know a lot of the other guys who review shows/movies/albums/whatever don't really interact with the people who comment, but honestly, if people weren't reading these reviews, I'd just go back to watching the show and not writing about it. I appreciate everybody who takes the time out to read these, and especially those of you who take the time to comment and theorize with me. I realize 411 has people from all over the world with a whole slew of different interests, but I've started to see the same faces around here, and it's nice to think that we're building our own little community, and these discussions in the comments are way more fun for me than just watching the show in a vacuum would be.

I seriously can’t stress enough how much more fun this show is now that we’ve got our own little thing going on here, and I can actually bounce ideas off of you guys and hear your ideas in return. My fiancee also watches the show, but she’s never read comics before and hadn’t ever seen a Marvel Cinematic Universe film before I took her to see the first Captain America. And while she loves the MCU as much as I do know, it’s just not quite as much fun discussing things with her because she doesn’t have the comic book background that a lot of us do. So, again, as we head into our final episode for this season, I want to thank each and every one of you who have read these reports and commented on them - you’ve truly made reviewing this show a much more rewarding experience. And, since this will be the last week that I can post a poll this season and still put results in a review, I’m turning to you, my faithful readers, to get your opinion on something that I’ve gone back and forth on all season: which female member of the team is the most attractive? (And for any lady/non-traditional readers, leave your votes for the men in the comments, and I promise I’ll give you your own poll next season.)

Theory of the Week

I’m curious about Raina describing Skye’s parents as “monsters” - the Kree that we’ve seen didn’t look all that much different than a human, aside from being blue and having some wickedly long fingernails. Then again, we didn’t get a really good look at his teeth or anything, so it’s hard to say how a bunch of villagers in remote China would’ve described them either. I’m wondering if we don’t see Skye use some type of power/ability in the season finale to get the team out of the Deathlok soldiers/rage staff predicament they currently find themselves in. And, if that’s the case, will Raina also display some type of talents beyond her ability to influence people? She did say that she thought Skye had similarities to her.

Also, I would be surprised if Raina doesn’t help Mike break free of Garrett’s control over him, especially since it seems like Garrett’s going to be busy superhuman’ing it up in the finale, if the momentary glimpses we got in the preview for next week’s episode are any indication. With other Deathloks out there, I just don’t see any way Mike remains a bad guy.


Nothing really, short of knowing that Samuel L. Jackson will be back to reprise his role as Nick Fury in next week’s episode.

I’ve seen this episode described online as Ward Begins, and in a way, it’s an appropriate description for the Ward-related stuff. Sadly, faithful, loyal dogs are pretty much only introduced for one thing, and Buddy was no different, though I’m not sure they could’ve found a more effective method of showing Ward’s dedication to ridding himself of weakness. I was pleased when Ward fired the gun into the air and sent Buddy running, and then immediately plunged into sadness when the crosshairs trained in on him. The way they intercut that with Ward ejecting FitzSimmons from the plane was very well-done as well. If I had a complaint about that part of the episode, it was that juvenile Ward didn’t especially look like what I’d imagine teenage Brett Dalton looked like. You’d think the casting department would’ve had their run of teenaged/twenty-something lads, considering the show they would’ve been auditioning for. Of course, they may’ve held auditions back when the show wasn’t so good. Overall, though, we got an idea of how Ward made his way to Garrett and Hydra (arson and attempted murder on his older brother), and that Garrett basically forced him to agree to the little excursion in the woods (I can’t be the only one who thinks Garrett would’ve had the soldiers put a bullet in Ward had he refused, can I?). Taken in that context (forced recruiting at juvenile detention centers), it really gives Garrett and the modern Hydra a slimier side than we’ve seen in the movies thus far, but one that’s certainly in line with the Hydra of Captain America: The First Avenger and the comics.

As for Garrett, not only do we get the full revelation that he’s Deathlok Mark 001, but also that the reason he needed the implants is because S.H.I.E.L.D. basically left him to die, and it’s actually a realistic motivation for turning to the dark side. Completely believable motivation for a guy who’s not exactly bearing the Hydra flag to still be a part of the organization. And the scene where Fitz used the EMP joybuzzer to shut his mechanical systems down was masterfully set up by Garrett being a jerk to Ward for the entire episode.

And can we talk about Trip for a minute? A guy that I had tagged as a throwaway guest star a few episodes back is now one of the best characters on the show. Not only is he a Legacy Agent with access to a bunch of vintage Howling Commandos gear (which I personally think Coulson should’ve geeked out over a lot more), he’s also nearly as smart as Fitz, smooth enough to actually end up with Simmons, loyal to Coulson, and nearly Ward’s equal in the field. If this guy doesn’t still turn out to be a sleeper for Garrett, he’s going to be the breakout star of season two.

Coulson and May going undercover as FitzSimmons was wonderfully fun, especially when Coulson lapsed into Fitz’ brogue for a minute because that’s what was coming into his ear. Plus it set Coulson up to deliver a line that topped what I thought was the line of the season last week. I didn’ think anything would top, “Because I won’t come out then”, but the file transfer bit this week was maybe the best bit of comedy on the show to date.

The 411: Overall, this was one of the strongest episodes to date, with plot development, great acting, and enough requisite fun bits to keep the story moving along without feeling exposition-heavy. Yet again, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has proven that no matter how cliche the story is, if you tell it properly, it can still work wonderfully. With a lot of momentum rolling into the final episode of the season, I’m really looking forward to seeing what we get next week.
411 Elite Award
Final Score:  9.0   [  Amazing ]  legend


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