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Supernatural Review 9.23 - "Do You Believe In Miracles?"
Posted by Joseph Lee on 05.22.2014

The Road So Far: With his followers killing angels in his name, Castiel gets the Winchesters to help him find out why. Dean is still suffering the effects of the First blade, even more so now that he's killed Abaddon. Tessa the Reaper returns, hired by Metatron to attempt to turn Castiel's followers against him. It ultimately works when Castiel refuses to kill Dean to keep them on his side. As Sam, Dean and Castiel ponder what to do, Gadreel shows up in the Den of Letters to offer his support. Dean decides he would rather kill him and slashes him across the chest, moments after he told Sam their team was a "dictatorship".

Season 9, Episode 23: Do You Believe In Miracles?

Directed By: Thomas J. Wright

Written By: Jeremy Carver

Well that was certainly one hell of a season finale. Give the series credit, it delivers when it comes to starting and ending seasons. It's just the road in between that tends to get jumbled up. Since there's no way to discuss what happens here in next week's review (since, you know, there won't be a review next week), I'm going to reveal spoilers in this week's edition. It's something I normally try to avoid but I do like to get into it more with a season finale review. Don't worry, I'll cram it into the middle of the review so the next thing you see isn't what happens in the final ten seconds.

The episode opens right where we left off last week. Dean has slashed Gadreel in the chest because he just has to kill and so Sam and Castiel put him on time out in the Den of Letters. They then create a plan, with Gadreel's help, to stop Metatron themselves. Meanwhile, Metatron's plan is starting to be revealed more. He thinks God hasn't been doing a good job. So not only does he want to be God, but he plans on using his God powers to help everyone that needs it. Honestly, if he just started out that way he probably would have been accepted more. The problem is that his actions led to the Fall, killed Kevin and turned Dean into a bloodthirsty monster.

Okay, here's where the spoilers start. I'm giving you one last warning to click the back button now or just jump all the way down to the end with the page down button. Seriously, do not read any more after this sentence if you haven't seen the episode yet.

I'm glad Metatron didn't die. There, I said it. I really like the idea of Curtis Armstrong coming back in later seasons as I enjoy him in this role. I can't have Lucifer back because he's in the cage. Death seems to be off doing better things. I don't think anyone really wants the Leviathans back, and I didn't think they were all that bad. So yes, Metatron remaining in Heaven's prison for more appearances in the future is something I'm okay with.

Of course it wasn't a clean road to get there. Heaven's a mess, the angels are severely depleted and Castiel needs to find a way to restore his grace since the one he stole is going to kill him eventually. The road to stopping Metatron also caused the deaths of two characters. The first is Gadreel, in a move that I saw coming but was still kind of saddened by. The guy had noble intentions but did some very reprehensible things. He killed Kevin and needed to die, but at least he got to redeem himself a little in the process.

We also lost Dean Winchester as we know him. Metatron killed Dean with an angel blade, stabbing him. This lead to some touching brotherly moments, including finding out that Sam really did care about Dean after all. It was essentially a way to repair two years worth of character damaging to Sam by making it seem like he stopped caring about his brother. He didn't look for him while he was in Purgatory (not that he really knew the first place to start) and he said that if Dean were dying he wouldn't try to save him. As it turns out, he lied.

But Dean does die, and I didn't see it coming. I said for weeks that there is no way they'd kill off a Winchester. I mean, they didn't kill him off, but they killed off who he was. I thought if a Winchester was going to die, it was going to be Sam trying to stop a Dean murder frenzy. I thought Castiel was the most likely to bite it. Instead it's Dean. Worse than that, the Mark of Cain has corrupted his soul enough that Crowley is able to resurrect him as a demon.

Demon Dean is going to be interesting, and probably really fun. I honestly kind of hope he remains a demon through all of season ten. Let Sam try to cure him and have it not work. Let Dean become the big bad of the season. Let us see new dynamics of Sam and Castiel vs Dean and Crowley. Change the formula up a bit.

Season ten hasn't been announced as the final season, but I really hope it is. I'm glad they still have ideas going into the tenth season but at some point enough is enough.

The 411: It's another solid season finale for Supernatural as we get some shocking moments to close out season nine. It will be interesting to see where they go from here, but once again this series delivered when it really counts.
411 Elite Award
Final Score:  8.5   [ Very Good ]  legend


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