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[Gossip] Gummy Bear Breast Implants?!?
Posted by Joseph Lee on 04.11.2012

The "gummy bear" breast implant is now the latest product in the world of breast augmentation.

The FDA have approved a new implant that uses high-strength silicone gel that helps it hold it's shape, even with a rupture. It's similar to gummy bear candies: soft and squishy. This makes the implants more natural looking, unlike saline implants which can b get hard when overfilled.

"Gummy bear" implants also have a minimal chance of leakage.

Dr. Grant Stevens, a plastic surgeon in California, said: "If you removed the shell covering, the silicone inside would retain its shape. I got tired of explaining to patients that they're sort of like Jello—which, when you cut it in squares, holds its shape. One day I just said, ‘They're like gummy bears.'"

This type of implant was only available as part of a case-study by the FDA, but has now been approved. Sientra, the maker of plastic surgery implants will make the new implants in round and tear-drop shapes. Allergen and Mentor may soon receive approval also.

The number of silicone breast enhancements has increased rapidly since the reintroduction of silicone in 2006. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery says that in 2011, breast augmentation was the second highest plastic surgery demanded by women and of 316,848 procedures performed, 69% were done with silicone implants as opposed saline.


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