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[Movies] Trey Parker and Matt Stone Talk The Book of Mormon
Posted by Jeffrey Harris on 09.12.2012

ComingSoon.net recently spoke with South Park creators and voice actors Trey Parker and Matt Stone. Their Tony award-winning Broadway musical, The Book of Mormon, is now premiering on the West Coast. The show opens at the Pantages Theater in Hollywood with the original Broadway cast members. Here is what Parker and Stone had to say:

Parker on a movie adaptation of their musical: "We don't have any. The only thing is that, when we first started working on it seven years ago, we kind of toyed with the idea of it being a Broadway show or being a movie and, obviously, since Matt and I knew how to make a movie we were just like, "Let's make a movie! We can do that pretty quickly!" But we stuck with it and after we saw our first few workshops with an audience, we were like, "Nah, this would be cool as a stage thing." As we were doing scenes, I was always kind of visualizing it as a movie because that's just what I knew. So I don't think it would be a really difficult thing, but it would also have to be a pretty different animal when we're done with it. We don't talk about it too much right now or think about it, but it's very possible one day."

Stone on any changes in the show from the NY version to the LA version: "Well there's nothing script-wise or music wise. That's all the exact same show. But the new cast is great because they bring all this energy, because they're really excited to do it and we're coming to do it again. You kind of feed off their energy of discovering the show and it has its own personality. There are things in the original cast that they maybe did better years ago. You're always gonna have that, kind of, in the back of your head, but this cast has found totally new things that we never thought was there. Some stuff is just way better and they just have different strengths and different takes. It's a trip. I don't really think there's a profound difference. It's just about us getting our heads around the fact that it's not done. It's not in the can. That never happens in theater and its something we've dealt with our whole careers. When it's in the can, it's done. That's the way we want it, you know? This is just different."

Parker on if the success of their musical has brought anything new to South Park: "Yeah, they always do. Because of the fact that, with "South Park," we still write and direct every episode ourselves. We haven't handed it off. So even if it isn't a better show, it is a fresh show because we want to do something different all the time and we don't just want to do "Cartmen's fat and he likes Cheesy Poofs!" As we grow older, it's fun because it is kind of like being in a band and having all of these albums to look back on knowing, "Oh, that's where we were at in our lives then," and, "This is where we're at in our lives now." We can really watch the episodes and see that. "

Parker on letting someone else direct a film version of the musical: "No, no one else is directing it...Once we made the decision to go to the theater, we made a bunch of decisions that were really best for the theater version of it. It would really take a rethinking. We wouldn't want to just do this on film. We'd have to really rethink it. But I think we could redo it."

Stone on letting someone else direct a film version of the musical: "No, I don't think anyone else would direct it. The cinematic vision is pretty strong. I mean, I think we want to do a movie of it someday but, right now, we're just trying to get our head around this version."


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