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[Movies] Charlie Hunnam, Ron Perlman And Lizzy Caplan Talk 3, 2, 1...Frankie Go Boom
Posted by Joseph Lee on 10.11.2012

Coming Soon has a new interview with Ron Perlman, Charlie Hunnam and Lizzy Caplan about their new comedy 3, 2, 1...Frankie Go Boom.

The film will be released tomorrow and is written and directed by Jordan Roberts. It also stars Chris O'Dowd, Nora Dunn, Whitney Cummings and Chris Noth.

Here's a synopsis: Hunnam plays Frank Bartlett, a seemingly ordinary young man who has spent his entire life being tortured, embarrassed and humiliated by his older brother Bruce (O'Dowd) who has a fondness for catching Frank on film at his very worst. As Frank begins a new phase of his life and hits it off with a girl, Lassie (Lizzy Caplan), he thinks that his brother is finally going to let him be. Before long, however, Frank finds himself, Lassie and Bruce involved in a situation that involves a sex tape, a feature film production and a 200 pound transsexual named Phyllis (Perlman).

Perlman on playing a transsexual with a straight face: "Well, that's basically what they pay us for. To find the reality of everything. What makes comedy funny is that people can be so serious about their reality to the point of ridiculousness. Therein lies the comedy. If you really deconstruct any comedic performance, you're going to see huge amounts of earnestness to the point where it's comical. I figured this was the best approach for Phyllis. Find the reality of who he was as a guy and find the reason that was compelling him to transform himself and how he feels about life now that he's got his wish."

Hunnam on working with Perlman's character of Phyllis: "Chris O'Dowd was the first guy to be cast because that was really the lynchpin of the whole film. You could argue that I'm the lead, but I would make a strong counterargument that the film is really about him. You follow my journey because it's an easier journey to follow, but he's really the central energy of the film. Chris O'Dowd joined and then they hired me and then I got a little involved in the casting process. We went through a slew of girls and Lizzy [Caplan] was just so clearly the right choice. Then we had a week to cast the rest of the film because, for reasons that are just too boring to get into, we had a very finite amount of time to make this film. So we sent Ron the script for the Chris Noth role. He said, "I don't want to do it. But who's playing Phyllis?" I said, "Ron, you're f--ing crazy." He said, "No, seriously bro. Seriously. I don't want this to get out, but I've always secretly wanted to play a woman." I said, "Alright man! It's on your head." I realized, after the fact, that what he actually secretly always wanted was to make out with me. That was the inspiration for the whole thing. We got him and, boy, it was just the best day of filming that I've ever had. Really, truly the day that I've had the most fun in my whole career was that day working with Ron. Ron and I have a bit of a weird relationship normally. Because of me. Ron has been doing this for 35, 40 years. He's brilliant and effortless in his ability to turn on and off the goods. I have to work at it a little harder. I don't have that experience and that same bag of tricks. When I need to hate someone, it's a lot easier for me to hate them than to act like I hate them. I keep Ron, because of that, at a real arm's length. And I love Ron so much as a man and respect him so much as an actor. I think he's extraordinary. But our relationship on "Sons of Anarchy" is pretty contentious. Most days I don't say good morning to him. I'll say good morning to the rest of the guys and then just give him a nod. That's just the way we are. I'm not sitting with Ron at lunch. I really hold him at arm's length, which is difficult for him and difficult for me at times. On this, we just got to be pals and enjoy each other's company. We could collaborate and have fun. It's just a really beautiful palette-cleanser to the atmosphere we have on 'Sons.'"

Caplan on why she signed on: "Yes. It was a really funny, funny, funny script. It made me laugh aloud, which I don't do. Ever. In my life. I just thought it was one of those things that was just so zany and strange. It was a risky movie, but all these cool actors were signing on for it. That encouraged me to want to swing the bat as well. But with these little baby movies, if they're really bad, they just disappear. It feels sort of safe."


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