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[Gossip] Angus T. Jones Supported By Member Of His New Church
Posted by Joseph Lee on 11.30.2012

Radar Online reports that a member of Angus T. Jones' church is supportive of his rant against Two and a Half Men.

Jones, who is one of the highest paid teens in Hollywood because of the show, ranted against the show in a video that went viral on Monday. It has been claimed that he was brainwashed by the Seventh Adventist Church and ForeRunner Chronicles pastor, Christopher Hudson. In the video, he called his on-air character Jake a "nonexistent character" and added: "I don't want to be on it. Please stop watching it. Please stop filling your head with filth."

ForeRunner follower Michael McNamee (of Memphis, Tennessee) said: "I believe Angus is going to be a guiding light for Hollywood. He felt the love of God and his spirit came over him like he was being hugged from the inside out. He had a radical encounter with the presence of God, and I have experienced the exact same thing it is called the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. God really did turn his life around. From what I know from Angus T. Jones' testimony, he came from a troubled home and his parents were splitting up and he nearly turned to drugs. His friend and him were discussing ways in which he could make money and he came up with a business plan and said he wanted God to be at the center of it."

Hudson's teachings have caused controversy, particularly among Liberals. He was criticized in 2009 when he released a documentary on Youtube called The Jay-Z Deception, in which he said the rapper was a Freemason with Satanist ties. He called masturbation a sin and said that President Obama's health-care plan as a "carbon copy" of Hitler's health-care policies.

While McNamee doesn't worship with Hudson, he says that he's not alone in his views on celebrities. He added: "In the South especially there are a lot of people who believe that Hollywood is full of sinners. I believe that Beyonce and Jay-Z are both members of the Illuminati and that is part of a Satanic cult. A lot of the rap singers such as Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, and rock stars are in it and they have given their souls to the enemy in return for fortune. The Illuminati is basically a spin off from the Freemasons, but it is a new age thing. I do believe that in some cases they made a bargain with Satan in return for fame and fortune, I wouldn't say that every star has but there are several in Hollywood who have done that. For example, Katy Perry comes from an Evangelical Christian background and her dad is a preacher. I think she is in the Illuminati now."

McNamee then explained some of the teachings of the church that are preached at the Valley Crossroads Church in California's San Fernando Valley, which Jones is a member of. It was created in 1863 and is a Protestant Christian denomination that considers Saturday the Sabbath and has a worldwide baptized membership of about 16.3 million people.

McNamee said: "The Seventh Day Adventists do still believe that Jesus is the son of God but they've got some other weird ideas. They have the bible like you and me know, then they took the bible of prophetess Mary Smith, from the late 1800s and added her words to the holy book. The bible actually says that nothing should be added or taken away from it, but the Seventh Day did it anyway. Rather than people being forgiven for their sins, the sect believes there is an angel in heaven who is actually writing down what people do for a judgment. While Evangelicals believe in the grace of God with the Seventh Day it is all about work. Masturbation is considered a sin because sexual immorality is impure to do, like premarital sex. All the churches are similar but there are just more people who are extreme and radical about it here. I think it should be more like that and people not backing down in the light of the truth."


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