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[Movies] Kevin Smith Talks Comic Book Men, Reviews Some Movies And More
Posted by Joseph Lee on 11.30.2012

In an interview with Coming Soon to promote his new EPIX special Jay And Silent Bob Go Down Under, which premieres today. It features Smith and his on-screen partner Jason Mewes recording their Jay and Silent Bob Get Old show in front of an audience in Australia.

Here are highlights:

On why he hasn't made any movies since Red State: "What got me into the film business was me following my heart and chasing the passion of 'I gotta make this movie on a dime' and now I've gotten to a point where now I'm just making movies because that's what I do for a living and it went from being the art to being the thing that was paying the bills. You don't want to treat your art that way. It's like loving someone and just using them for sex. You balance it, so I said to myself, 'Slow down, just stop or don't do it.' There's an expectation that if you're not making films then 'who the f*ck are you because that's what you do for a living?' I had these little offshoots of things that I liked doing that I could also figure out how to do because walking away from movie money, trust me, that was tough, dude. That movie money is heroin. I haven't had the big paycheck since 'Zack and Miri' but back in the day, they give you fat money to make pretend and it's tough to walk away from that money. You're like, 'I'm going to make pretend anyway, but if I don't do it with these cats, I won't get all that sick money,' but then you become beholden to that money and as an artist, you can't perform like that all the time. The sh*t that made up 'Clerks' and 'Mallrats' and 'Chasing Amy' was a lifetime's worth of experiences and then I shot my wad making those movies, even 'Dogma,' and for the next seven where I left the real world and just started making movies for a living and my whole life was making movies.

Treat it like the artform that it is, not a business. Don't use it like a f*cking ATM. Use it like the artform. You got something to say? Then go behind the cameras and put something together so 'Hit Somebody' is taking my sweet ass time with what I consider my thesis film, like the thing that I want to express everything that I learned in 20 years of making films."

On his thoughts on the Wachowskis and Cloud Atlas: "They're not going to do the cookie-cutter, these are the beats you need in a mainstream or even now, an indie flick. They f*cked with the form and that just blew my f*cking mind. You don't always get rewarded for f*cking with the form. First one through the door usually winds up taking a bunch of bullets in the face, but these cats, they're onto something. They're being experimental on a large scale the way that Nolan was kind of experimental on a large-scale with 'Inception.' Even though a movie like 'Cloud Atlas' doesn't make a sh*t ton of money, you sit there going, 'Thank God, that movie exists.' It's going to be discovered by a lot of people over time that didn't rush out to see it in movie theaters. Sometimes to get to great art, you have to break the formalism and those guys totally broke with the formalism."

On if Comic Book Men is Clerks: The Reality Show: "'Comic Book Men' being close to 'Clerks' is a by-product. When I saw the first cut of 'Comic Book Men,' I got on the phone with the editorial team that worked on the show and said, 'Hey, man, this is like: Clerks, the Reality Show.'" They were like, "Isn't that what you wanted to make?" I was like, "Now it is but you guys figured out how to make it." I couldn't even f*cking see that they were making "Clerks: The Reality Show." That's not even what I pitched and I love watching it. I was so happy that I went to 'Season 2' because I enjoyed watching it so much. The boys shoot 90% of it when I'm not there and then I come in for 2 days three times during the shooting period to do the podcast wraparound. When I get sent a cut of the show as exec. producer, there's so much sh*t I'm not seeing because I'm not on set. For me, I enjoy it so much. I'm a fan of the show and I can't even take pure responsibility for it. Most importantly, it's Brian and Walter, it's all predicated on them because all that sh*t is them talking."


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