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[Movies] Bryan Singer Discusses Jack the Giant Slayer
Posted by Larry Csonka on 01.31.2013

- Bryan Singer recently spoke about his work on Jack the Giant Slayer. Here are the highlights…

On Doing The Film: This is long before Alice in Wonderland or any of that; I wanted to see a fairy tale brought to life on a full grand scale. What if a beanstalk grew miles high in the sky? What if giants were real? I wanted to see a fairy tale done on a large, large budget as a big fantasy film. This was a way to take the simplest fairy tale and embellish it, and kind of make an original fairy tale, but one that echoes one that I read when I was a kid. That was the first thing. Secondly, I wanted to explore this new space of fully rendered CG characters, creature characters, performance capture. It's a part of the craft that interests me that I wanted to explore. And I also liked the essence of storytelling. That interests me. Story's always interesting. If that's a story you told your children, where did that story come from? What if it came from some real thing that happened? What if that story came from another story? In the movie you'll see it. There's a tale about the giants, which is just legend, myth, and then suddenly the reality hits them and then you see how that tale gets told.

On The Freedom With The Film Being So Visual Effects Heavy: During shooting I knew I was scheduling some post-cap, post capture. I could change things and then I would have the actors come in and post cap. But the other day, even in this sequence, there's a big beat that I just decided to change because it's just a cooler, more fun beat, and for that either I have Bill [Nighy] and John Kassir, the two heads, come in and do another capture session or I'll just rely on the key frame animators to animate. So you have the freedom that they're animated characters. You're not slaves to the performance capture, but you are a slave to the plates, meaning what I did on a live set. That you can't change, so those are your commitments, and your 3D. You're committed to your interaxial.

On Deciding Against Using the 48FPS Technology: We didn't do that and, ultimately, he is going to be in a place where to project at 48 will exist down the line somewhat for Hobbit 1, but more maybe for the second part. For us we're coming out six months before that; there would be no benefit. If we shot 48 we'd just be dropping frames, so then you'd be watching it at 24 so we chose not to do it. If I was making a movie to come out two years from now, I would definitely have been like, ‘We have to do this!' But it would be like making a 3D movie, 3D drama, a year before "Avatar."

Credit: comingsoon.net


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