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[Movies] New Photos Released For World War Z (SPOILERS)
Posted by Joseph Lee on 03.29.2013

Coming Soon reports that three new photos have been released for World War Z, which is based on the book by Max Brooks. It is directed by Marc Forster and stars Brad Pitt. Check out the pics below.

Meanwhile, Shock Till You Drop was given a 20-minute preview for the PG-13 zombie film.

Pitt said at the screening: "I wanted to make a film that my sons could actually see before they get old and as you will see, we got a little carried away. I hope you enjoy as much as my boys are, they're going to love it."

Here's a description of the footage:

One scene found Pitt's character - Gerry Lane of the United Nations - and his family sitting in traffic in downtown Philadelphia. Yes, the sequence we've seen in the trailers. But this took the action further than we've witnessed before. Something is causing a disturbance in the streets, Lane gets out of his car and an explosion erupts just a few blocks away. This chaos is compounded by a garbage truck - driven by someone clearly "infected" - careening down the street, hammering idle cars out of the way and clearing a path. Lane sees this as an opportunity to drive his family out of traffic and to safety, so he guns it, driving his family through the path in traffic until they're struck by another car. The Lane family escapes from their vehicle and is swept into a crowd of fleeing people. Fleeing from what? Zombies, of course. The vicious "running and leaping" kind.

The scene is notable because it represents just how fast the infection spreads. Lane's daughter has some sort of stuffed bear that counts out loud. She drops the bear and Lane scoops it up, squeezing it accidentally and setting the bear off, its voice chip beginning to count. As this occurs, he watches someone gets bitten and, as they turn, we hear the bear counting away, "1...2...3...4..." and so on. So, while Pitt is trying to get his family to safety, he's listening and observing this person change in the span of a matter of 12 seconds. And then they're up and fully zombified, ready to feed.

In another sequence we were shown, Lane and his family are aboard an aircraft carrier. Here, Lee and a bunch of military types are monitoring the spread of the zombie infection and Lee is being tasked with finding "patient zero." If he refuses those duties, he and his family will be booted from the aircraft carrier and sent home. Obviously, this doesn't happen because we next find Lane in a whopper of an action sequence - one hinted at the trailers as well.

Lane is whisked off to a portion of Israel that has been "walled off" to keep its residents safe from zombies. This wall is breached - regardless of the armed military force surrounding it - when the zombies pile on top of one another like ants, spilling into the town. Some land onto the ground below and are immobilized. Others are injured, but continue to crawl onward. Others land effortlessly and keep on running until they find a victim to feed upon. Lane is caught up in this mess, naturally. The soldiers protecting him are ordered to escort him to a helicopter landing site, but getting there is difficult. I don't really want to go blow-by-blow through this scene because there are plenty of "oh shit!" moments, however, someone gets their hand chopped off after getting bitten (it's a rather bloodless affair) and Lane and company miss their rendezvous point and are forced to improvise.


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