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[Movies] Michael Keaton Talks About His Character In Robocop
Posted by Joseph Lee on 02.04.2014

- In an interview with IGN, Michael Keaton spoke about his character Raymond Sellars and whether or not he's the actual villain of the Robocop remake.

On who Raymond Sellars is: "He's got his hand in a couple of companies. He's always creating off-shoots of companies, and concepts. In this case he runs a company called OmniCorp, and I'm involved in robotics, not only in an investment capacity, but as someone who is interested in big ideas and the future. I wouldn't say that he's a futurist necessarily. But he knows futurists and is intrigued by the whole idea of what the future is. When I talked to [director] Jose [Padilha] about it, I didn't really have an interest in doing it if he was going to be a version of a villain that we saw before, where it was about him becoming extraordinarily financially rich or becoming all-powerful. Not that those can't potentially be fun villains to play if they're interesting, but generally speaking I don't find them interesting. What intrigued me was who's right and who's wrong. And what's evil and what's not in this case. I would argue that my character isn't totally wrong in what he thinks. But I don't know that he's totally right. But it's not just for him he legitimately does have an argument and a case and an opinion about what's good for the country and maybe the world. I think what he does is rationalise a lot of things which people tend to do rationalise things and make yourself believe a lot if you want to get something. So he's not a classic power-hungry or money-hungry evil villain. He just happens to be a guy with a lot of power who's curious and interested in the future of the world and he goes offline a little."

On if he thinks Sellars is a villain: "It's explored in this movie whether he actually is doing anything wrong. He does, ultimately, do something wrong, but generally speaking, philosophically, I know he's not 100% wrong. And then you have things to play. Then you have something nuanced to play. And in a movie like this, that's not often seen. This is a very smart movie. And I think that's how Jose got the cast he got it's a really good cast."

On if he gave Joel Kinnaman suit advice since he played Batman: "I would if he asked me. I was watching this scene and I was trying to remember those things. You walk that line where you can't jump outside and see yourself. It's tricky because you want to be in the character without being self-conscious of watching your own character. But then again you're in a giant big black suit, so you have to be realistic about it and go: "Well is this playing what I'm doing? Or does it look stupid and detract from the story?" You have to think all of those things. Then you start to think "How do I move in this thing?" So watching him I just remembered all those things. It was actually much more critical and the spotlight was really on us because no one had really done anything like this until Tim [Burton] did it. And now a lot of people do a version of Tim. Really talented people do a version of what Tim did with our Batman. Watching him I started to remember all those things. And we had to adjust all the time. Because we never saw the thing until the day we were shooting. And we didn't know if the suit would work, and it kind of didn't, and we had to keep fixing it. And I realised that all the things I thought I was going to do I couldn't do them physically. All my preparation, all my working out, all my martial arts, was just gone. I managed to do some things, but I was really restricted."


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