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[Movies] Screenwriters Of Original Robocop Give Their Thoughts On The Remake
Posted by Joseph Lee on 02.11.2014

In an interview with Superhero Hype, Michael Miner and Edward Neumeir, the screenwriters of the original 1987 Robocop, spoke about their involvement in the original and their thoughts on the remake.

At one point Miner said: "Can I give a message to all the hardcore fans? Please put down your rocks and spears. I've seen the film. It's really great."

Here are highlights:

Neumeier on the new film begin satirical: "I think it's actually a very different movie, despite a lot of similarities. The big difference to me is that this is a Doctor Frankenstein movie whereas my movie is a Frankenstein movie, if you will. That is to say, it's much more about the point of view of the creator and the creation than it is about RoboCop. The other thing that's really different is that it's about a man who has been injured severely as one might be by a roadside bomb and he's put into a giant prosthetic device that keeps him alive and allows him to function. That's somewhat different from the way the story in the first one was told. It's not about identity or who he will be or become. It's about how he's going to hold onto himself. How will he cope with this violence that has been done to his body and to his person. I think that, in that way, both films have a storyline that's about coping with, essentially, technology and how it changes you."

Miner on the concept of a corporation attempting to make a superhero: "Yeah, that's a complex process, how a superhero is forged. Specifically in the case of RoboCop and because the original came at a time with Reagan and the privatization of assets, I think people felt disempowered. By identifying with that character and him taking back his own identity, I think that's what created a lot of the deeply-involved fans. Fast-forward to today and I think those concerns are even more prevalent for an audience. Being disenfranchised and not in control. Being surveilled. The new film really transmits that DNA to a modern era where those concerns are still on people's minds. He's a very different kind of superhero. Different from The Dark Knight. Different from Iron Man. He's got the kind of problem that I think an audience can really relate to."

Miner on if he'd return to write more Robocop: "In a millisecond. I would love to return to it. Ed and I had RoboCop rules. RoboCop can't be on the telephone. He can't kiss the girl. He can't fly. I think they did all three of those in "2" and "3." I think we have a lot more we could say about the future vis a vis cybernetics and the human machine interface. Don't tell my agent, but I would pay MGM to work on the sequel!"


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