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[Movies] James McAvoy Discusses Xavier’s Relationship With Magneto in X-Men: Days of Future Past (POSSIBLE SPOILERS)
Posted by Larry Csonka on 02.25.2014

- James McAvoy recently spoke about X-Men: Days of Future Past. Here are the highlights…

On Discusses Xavier's Relationship With Magneto: Yeah, well, it's pretty dire, their relationship, to put it softly. I'd go so far as to say that Charles f#@king hates him. And it's about exploring the things that were built up in Bryan's previous movies with Patrick [Stewart] and Ian [McKellen], about these two people who were obviously on a very similar path at one point, and then some mega s#!t went down. And now they find themselves as adversaries. Well, this movie and the end of the last movie is an exploration of that s#!t that went down. But again, they are in lots of ways very, very similar. They can't help but relate to each other, be drawn to each other, because they should be friends. It's just the fact that they come from different camps, and they have slightly different approaches to getting the same thing.

On Wolverine Influencing Xavier: Logan is trying to constantly push me to get my act together and to get Charles up. But he's not very successful in doing that. It's another Charles who ultimately provides the key to helping him become who he has to be in order for the X-Men to win the day and move on.

On The Feel of The FIlm: Yes, this one feels more X-Men-y -- it feels like the other X-Mens which came before, just by virtue of the fact that we have all of those [original] guys in it. And we have the director of the first two, which is fantastic. This is a coming together of the two, not universes because they are of the same universe, but of two different approaches to the same universe. So whilst not abandoning all the stuff we tried to find in the last movie, it's very much a conversation with the aesthetic and the tone of the other movies as well. And hopefully those two tones will complement each other.

On if The Wheelchair Impacted His Performance: Hardly at all. Well, I mean… [checks with publicist] Am I able to reveal things? [Publicist says not too much] The wheelchair is cool. Well, you know what? One of the things I always liked about the X-Men universe is that one of the main protagonists was significantly physically disabled. And that's great because usually your heroes are… even if they're all messed up inside and messed up emotionally and they've got demons to fight and all that, they're still pretty much A-one, good-looking, handsome, muscular dudes, so to have someone who is fighting the physical battle and who has fought a physical battle in their past, that was quite interesting to me. And Patrick's opportunity to play the character, with my time playing the character, you get to see not just somebody who has had to deal with that all their life, but you get to see somebody dealing with it in the here and now. It's not like a trauma and an obstacle they've had to get over in their life, it's an obstacle they are having to deal with right now. And I think that's refreshing.

On The 1970s Wardrobe: Listen, I feel like I'm in The Last King of Scotland! I'm Nicholas Garrigan grown up! Ten years older. A 34-year-old Nicholas! Yeah, I like it. Michael [Fassbender] hates it. The '70s had unique clothing. I love it.

On Sharing a Role With Another Actor: I don't think I've ever had to share a role [before this], no. Thankfully, because it's a nightmare! [Laughs] No, it's fine. I don't think I have. … [We didn't really share notes.] Again, one of my overriding notes to myself since First Class and in this movie is that I owe it to an audience, a paying audience, to let them see something new, different, and yet traveling towards Patrick Stewart. So he's in a very different place, he's on a journey that's very different from the one that Patrick's been on, and he approaches situations and is a different person entirely. But he's on a path that hopefully by the middle of the end of the third movie -- if we make a third movie -- I will then be very close to Patrick. And that will be the biggest challenge for me. Because it's easy to go, "All right, that's what we've seen Professor X be like before. Right, I basically get the whole universe of things that are different from that to pick from." But by the time we get to the end of this sort of journey, I'm actually going to have to be doing something more akin to what somebody else did, and that'll be more difficult than anything I've done. But I don't have to deal with that in this movie.

On Differences Between Bryan Singer and Matthew Vaughb: Well, they're just totally different -- one director is different to the other. They always are. They've got different approaches. Bryan treats the world incredibly seriously, and I think he treats it with a lot of integrity and passion. I think he feels very protective over the universe, partly because he loves it, but also partly because he owes a debt to it as well. Don't get me wrong, he did create stuff before X-Men, but it's helped create him as well. I think he feels like he's a custodian, a protector, of the legacy of X-Men. Whereas Matthew was very irreverent -- not just for the sake of being irreverent. He loved it too -- but he was much more like, "F#@k it, let's just paint everything pink and have you guys being funny." In a weird way, they both get similar results going at it completely differently.

Credit: ign.com


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