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[TV] Robert Knepper Talks About The Clock King In Arrow
Posted by Joseph Lee on 02.26.2014

In an interview with Zap2it, Robert Knepper spoke about his role as the Clock King in the Arrow episode "Time of Death". Here are highlights:

On what he knew about the Clock King before he took the role: "I'd been down in Hawaii shooting 'Hawaii Five-0,' got back, took my wife to Yosemite, got back, got the offer for this character, and I said 'Yeah!' because I love Vancouver and I wanted to go back up. Then my wife said, 'I just Googled this character and he's kind of a big thing in the DC world.' It's like there's a nice little history to him. And what I was intrigued by was, most characters that I see come from comic books or graphic novels even, by the time they end up on television or, especially, on screen, that's the image that you associate with that character and that's it ... Spider-Man is Spider-Man. This guy, if you Google him, he's all over the place. There's a lot of different images. There's an actor who played him on the 'Batman' series, and he's a completely different person than some of the drawings."

On how the Arrow version is different from earlier versions: "What was really cool about creating or being a part of creating this guy is really honing in, taking him off the page and making him real -- not a caricature and not an effete, kind of wimpier guy, but someone who could really do some damage -- starting with his intellect. Everything from the ground up -- from the makeup to the costumes to the facial hair to the glasses, a lot of those things were ideas that I'd had or I'd brought to the table ... Luckily, the props department, we had worked together before, and they were so instrumental for me in picking the right glasses and where to find the right watches and where to put the watches. I mean, the guy is a walking clock! I didn't even hear it and see it until my wife showed me a link -- I think it's on YouTube now -- with [executive producer Marc] Guggenheim talking about it and they show some clips from it. And I go, 'Really? Did I really talk like that?' I don't even remember consciously thinking, 'This is how I'm going to talk.' It just kind of worked and it came out and I stuck with it."

On how big a threat he is to Starling City: I love wearing a watch, but it's not something I'm led by anymore. To me, computers and smart technology, that's the modern equivalent of a clock. What they were able to do as writers -- and I think part of the reason why these characters are timeless, no pun intended -- they figure out how to modernize them. And the Clock King, he's also pretty darn smart at computer technology. He can track you better than anybody. He's just graduated from the simple watch or clock mechanism to computer technology and GPS, and you see he's got his mission control -- he's in this unit, just flying back and forth between these computer screens. Tockman is intellectually a worthy opponent. There were a lot more mind games going on in this episode than there would be in some of the other ones. His fighting is with words and cat-and-mouse games, as opposed to actual physical contact. Which I think, the way we've developed and created Tockman, is he could actually do that. It's not like he's going to be confronted by it and say "Oh no!" and run away. I think he could hold his own. Maybe that's down the road a little bit in some other episodes."


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