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[Movies] Robert Rodriguez Calls From Dusk Till Dawn Series an 'Alternate Reality' Version of the Film
Posted by Jeremy Thomas on 03.10.2014

Robert Rodriguez recently spoke with IGN about the From Dusk Till Dawn series which is airing on the new El Rey Network. Check out the highlights:

On finding the balance between appealing to fans and bringing in a wider audience: "Yeah, no, it matters to do both. The reason I did it, really, was for the personal reasons. You know, having five kids, knowing that they don't see themselves reflected in media, in a way that could be inclusive, that speaks to them, but yet to speaks to the masses at the same time. I kind of did that in the movies, but I didn't see the equivalent in television, across the board. It was just so needed and so important. That it didn't exist already was just embarrassing. I started then feeling guilty, going like, "Well, of course it doesn't exist! It needs somebody like you to go to do it. Who else is going to it?" So it only made sense that I do it. So I needed to catch up, and it needed to be successful right away, so to do that, you've got to track everything. So we thought that Dusk Till Dawn could be our Walking Dead-type show. It's got a Hispanic angle to it, but not overplayed, like you don't even really think about it. You just go, "Oh, Dusk Till Dawn! I know that." You see it, and then it's like, "Oh my God, the quality of this is unbelievable." You just watch it, and it's so entertaining. It's a simple way to bring people in. Then I started expanding the palette from there. If that's our 10 o'clock show, then our nine o'clock show would be Bob Orci's Matador, which is more like the Sleepy Hollow-type audience, which is broader; an exciting James Bond -- a Latin, Hispanic James Bond. It just makes it more universal, how specific it makes him. It's not just for Latins, just like James Bond's not just for Britain. So we really wanted to expand the type of programming we do to include as many people as possible. I'm going to do a lot outreach into the community to build filmmakers up, to build up the next voices, to give them a place to experiment and try things and make things, and make it easy, so that people have a voice."

On whether he talked with Quentin Tarantino about the series: "Oh, he completely gave me his blessing to go ahead and do it. I told him, and he loves the idea of the network and everything that it represents and thought it was just a really cool idea. He is excited to see what we do with it, because there's a lot of stuff we didn't even include in the original film that was in the original script that was never shot; there was just not going to be time to do it, and that is now going to be explored. So he's excited to see it as well. It definitely has his blessing, and he's very excited to see it."

On the film's tone: "It's hard to say. It's not the same as the film. I think the film, because of the time it was made and the time it was conceived -- the guys who conceived the story before Quentin wrote the script -- it was much more the feel of an Evil Dead-type movie. It had a lot of comedy in it and stuff. I think it will still be darkly comic, but it's way more intense and more modern in that way. People will be surprised by how engaging and realistic it is, and fun. In the story, it's just really cool that we crafted it to build it up to go over several seasons."

On the film's gore quotient: "It's pretty graphic right now. We're not necessarily trying to top anybody as far as graphic goes. It just feels right for the story. If it feels honest and it's good, you know. It's not cheap or anything."

On whether the characters will have different fates: "Definitely some of the characters have completely different fates in this, from the beginning. It's almost like an alternate reality in some aspects. But there's also new characters that you would swear were probably in the original film, but they're not. They fit so well into this world that, they're new, but they fit. Then other characters, yeah, completely different trajectories."


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