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[TV] Bryan Fuller Talks About Impact and What’s in Store for Season 2 of Hannibal
Posted by Jeffrey Harris on 03.13.2014

IGN recently interviewed Hannibal executive producer Bryan Fuller on the show's second season. Below are some highlights.

On the idea of role reversal between Hannibla and Will Graham this eason: "Yeah, I think there was fun in subverting what people would expect from a Hannibal Lecter show. Because Will's the first person who figured it out in the first season, we've kind of had to deal with him. You don't just get knowledge without consequence. So Will being put into Hannibal Lecter's shoes, where he is consulting unofficially on FBI cases, was exciting, because it gets us to shift the dynamic around. We're still doing interesting murder cases that you don't get to see on a traditional procedural. It was really about subverting expectations, shaking things up, keeping them interesting, not only for us, but for the audience who has seen five Hannibal Lecter movies. So we have to put up orange cones of where everybody else has gone to make sure that we're valid; because if we're just doing the same thing, there's no point. There's a great Judy Garland quote, "You don't want to be the second best version of somebody else. You want to be the best version of yourself." So we want our version to be unique."

Fuller on the show's impactful opening scene this season and if it was a "put your cards on the table" moment: "Yes. It's also because there have been so many different versions of the story and, also, there could very easily be a complacency with the audience in watching it and thinking, "Oh, they're just going to be doing this." We want to make sure [people get], "No, you need to watch the whole thing," because this is where we're going, and there's a lot of steps to get there. So we wanted to make sure that the audience was engaged from the get-go and knew that were going to be consequences this season that were going to be huge and dramatic. It was essentially blackmailing the audience into watching the whole season, because this is where we're ending up, and you have to dig in."

Fuller on if any assumptions can be made on how Jack is left at the end of the sequence: "Well, three characters have terrible fates, and there are three characters that you know and love. So I don't think you should make any assumptions. I think everybody's in danger."


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