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[Movies] Godzilla Director Reveals A Surprise In The Film (POSSIBLE SPOILERS)
Posted by Joseph Lee on 03.18.2014

In an interview with >IGN, Gareth Edwards confirmed rumors that there would be another monster in Godzilla. Here are highlights:

On the possibility of another monster appearing in the film: "I think it's out there already now… but this movie's not going to end with just Godzilla. Which was one of our goals when we started – something that's such a part of the Godzilla history is him fighting something else. And it felt like it wouldn't really feel like a Godzilla movie if it was just him on his own. And so from the very beginning one of the big remits of the film was that he would have to face something. And then the real trick was trying to invent something that, whatever it was, was motivating everything. And try to come up with a scenario that was based on nature that might involve a fight. And that's all I can say."

On making a blockbuster with brains and heart: "I would never assume that we have. But it's really hard, I think. When films don't have that, I don't think it's because they don't want to. I think it's because there's a factory process to these movie to some extent. And if you don't shut down the factory and start hand-making things, then it's just going to come out like anything else. That's the trick I think – trying to steer all the decisions that get made so you retain as much soul and uniqueness as you possibly can. Otherwise the thing just gets ahead of you, and it becomes just another movie like everything else. I was really nervous about doing this because the last thing that I wanted to do was to make a movie that I wasn't proud of. You hear all these horrible stories about Hollywood and filmmakers like me who get this opportunity and thankfully, everyone has said, ‘If you're going to do this, look at films you respect, and then look at the studio logos at the front.' And Legendary and Warner have high scores on that front. They were really supportive. And everyone said that out of everybody, they are the most filmmaker friendly. And I think they really are. I was given a lot of creative freedom. I kept turning to Seamus, the DOP, whilst we were filming saying ‘How normal is this?' No one was saying no. And he said ‘Gareth, this is not normal at all. I have never worked on a film like this… where you are given so much freedom.' It was pretty incredible. And that comes down to Thomas Toll, the producer and head of Legendary. I'm so indebted to him. He's protected me from everything. And let me go make the film that we all believed we wanted to see."

On his comments that he didn't know Bryan Cranston from Breaking Bad: "I was joking! Now I've joked about it I'm going to have to track down that episode of Airwolf and watch it to keep the joke going. Bryan is so stupidly talented it's embarrassing how good he is as an actor, so anything you can do to knock him down a peg or two! You don't want it going to his head because then he'll be too good to work with."


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