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[Movies] Gareth Edwards Talks About Frank Darabont's Work On Godzilla
Posted by Joseph Lee on 03.19.2014

In an interview with Shock Till You Drop on the set of Godzilla, director Gareth Edwards spoke about the work Frank Darabont did on the film and more. Here are highlights:

On Frank Darabont's work on the script: "He did a fantastic job. There's a particular scene we finished filming the other day - I can't talk about it - but it was very strong, and it was all his idea. One of the actors that was in it, as we were just chit-chatting off to the side, said "This is the reason I took this job." And everyone felt that way when we were filming it as well. He brought a very emotional, powerful series of ideas to the story."

On Toho's involvement: "I went to Japan probably over a year ago, and went to visit them, and met with the heads of the studio and the president of Toho, and they were very generous. They released Monsters, my previous film, and they had the rights to that and when I arrived, they had the DVD and Godzilla merchandise, and they were incredibly welcoming. We went to dinner and they had a few questions about the story and what we planned to do, and then from that point on, we've been sharing all the scripts with them; sharing the concept art and the development of the film, and they were heavily involved in the design of Godzilla in terms of approvals and everything, so it's very much been a Toho-approved Godzilla movie, which we wanted it to be, because for us it was very important that…it would be kind of pointless if Toho didn't feel like it was a real Godzilla movie. So we were pretty keen to try and get that right."

On Godzilla's personality: "I guess with all good characters, there's some sort of arc to their character, and sometimes that's not theirs - it's our understanding of that character that changes. I don't think we could be the best film we could be if there wasn't a perception change in the movie. So it does evolve, but it's not straightforward, and it's not black and white. Hopefully, it's subtle enough that people can watch it and have their own opinion of him and what was really going on. But amongst ourselves, we've made decisions and hinted at certain choices, but I like the idea that if someone people just want to come and watch a big, massive monster movie, they can and have fun watching things get smashed up; and other people can come and there will be another layer and a bit more meaning to some of the things that happen. Because at the end of the day, we're not really going to have a giant monster attack the world. It's not something we need to worry about, but the ramifications of the giant monster attacking the world - skyscrapers collapse, whole neighborhoods are trashed, radiation is left behind - they're things we deal with all the time, and that's probably why we invent monsters. It's usually sci-fi and fantasy films that get to address modern day concerns quickest because they can kind of go under the radar, and more serious films have to kind of wait more in line. So hopefully it's not lightweight, popcorn fodder. I hope there's a little bit more about it than just that."


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