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[Movies] Captain America: The Winter Soldier Screenwriters Talk About The Movie
Posted by Joseph Lee on 04.03.2014

In an interview with Superhero Hype, Captain America: The Winter Soldier screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely spoke about writing the sequel. Here are highlights:

Markus on figuring out the story: "We mostly were trying to figure out what the story to tell was, because you can do any number of Captain America movies—you have a bunch of films, you have a bunch of situations. Eventually, it sort of came down to, "Well, the guy is named Captain America, he's got to get into something political or he's not wearing the right outfit for the party." Then it came down to how would this guy who is ostensibly from the more black and white 1940s react to this ultimately grey world that we live in. Really, we really don't even pretend to be clear-cut anymore. In the ‘60s when Stan Lee brought him back in ‘63, that run of the next ten years, the Captain is dealing with all sorts of the same things that the country is dealing with–Vietnam, Watergate and all that stuff–so he gets to have opinions on that. Our Cap missed it all, he missed 9/11, he missed all of that, but we still wanted that flavor of what's it like for that guy to come face-to-face with questions of today."

McFeely on how much of the first draft made it into the movie: "The very first draft of the screenplay looks a lot like the movie. That said, the Russos came in and had all the same and even better touchstones than what we were talking about. They came in and would say, "This feels like a William Friedkin section, feels like a Brian De Palma section," so like that elevator scene was something not quite as interesting as that elevator scene but the Russos came in and went, "Why don't we do this tense built-up elevator thing" and it was all very exciting the whole time we were working on the second draft with them. Chris and I would talk to each other and say, "They're talking a great game. If they can do what they say they want to do, this will be great," and then we had no idea whether the guys from TV would be able to do this. In a way, it was a really great mesh of that they really got the material and they elevated it. It was a real pleasure."

Markus on developing Nick Fury: "Fury has been at the same level of his unique personality through the preceding movies, very deliberately, but this is not a guy who opens up. When he spent the first five or six movies assembling the Avengers that was his goal. Now that it's done we can find out who he is. We can crack the shell and see where he came from and have him make a mistake or two."


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