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Fox Shows Scenes from Dawn of the Planet of the Apes at WonderCon (SPOILERS)
Posted by Jeremy Thomas on 04.20.2014

WonderCon was in full force this weekend, and SuperHeroHype has a report from Fox's sneak preview of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. The site reports that twenty minutes of the footage was previewed, the recaps of which you can see below.

The film opens on July 11th and stars Andy Serkis, Jason Clarke, Gary Oldman, Keri Russell, Toby Kebbell, Kodi Smit-McPhee, Enrique Murciano, Kirk Acevedo, Judy Greer

The first scene opens with two apes standing by an expansive river, spear-fishing with handmade weapons. When they finish, they begin to trek back through the forest and are startled to come across a human being. Terrified to see the apes himself, the man draws a gun and begins to yell. One of the ape pair (whose name is Ash and who is the child of Rise's Rocket), is clearly furious and, in the heat of the moment, the man fires at (but does not appear to kill) Ash. The other ape begins to scream just as more humans (led by Jason Clarke's Malcolm) arrive on the scene. Within moments, the ape village responds as hundreds of them descend from the trees, surrounding Malcolm and his group.

"We mean no harm!" Malcolm shouts. (He's chastised by another human for it. Mankind doesn't seem to know that apes can talk yet.)

Caesar looks down on the small band of men, fury in his eyes.

"Go!" he screams with all his might and the humans run away.

"Follow," he signs to Toby Kebbell's Koba (taking over the role from Rise's Christopher Gordon), also holding back an over-anxious gorilla. In their terror, the humans have left behind a backpack, which the apes are quick to recover.

The next scene moves to the ape council, held in the center of the ape village. Maurice, the wise orangutan, looks through a book that was found inside the backpack. In it are a child's drawings of what happened during the Simian Flu contagion.

Speaking in ASL and broken English, the council is trying to decide their next move. They can either attack the humans to get revenge for Ash or ignore the assault and continue on. Many are in favor of going on the offensive, but all agree that it is Caesar's choice. He signs that he doesn't know how many guns the humans have and doesn't want to lose what they've built, speaking aloud the word, "Future." He says he'll have decision by morning.

"Ape must show strength!" Koba tells him.

The next scene jumps over to the human side of things. In the ruins of San Francisco, Gary Oldman's Dreyfus is preparing for the ape response inside some sort of fortified compound. Outside, the apes arrive, decorated in war paint with many of them on horseback.

"That's a lot more than 80," says Dreyfus, who clearly has no love lost for the apes.

Malcolm and a small group (among them Kerri Russell's Ellie) head outside. Their fear is palpable. As they step from the compound, they look up to see hundreds and hundreds of apes lining the roofs of what used to be The Golden Gate City.

"Apes not want war," Caesar glares down at Malcolm, then pointing alternately at the woods and the compound. "Ape home. Human home. We fight if we must. Do not come back."

The apes depart on horseback with one last ape stepping forward to return the backpack.

Serkis offered a bit of a background for the final two scenes. It seems that the human group is attempting to restart a hydroelectric plant and an uneasy truce with the apes is formed, Caesar believing that man and ape can peacefully coexist. Brief and virtually without dialogue, the fourth scene takes place after Caesar has saved several humans from some kind of an explosion and largely showcases Russell's Ellie playing the very young and very curious son of Caesar.

The final full scene featured Kodi Smit-McPhee's character, Alexander, who is Malcolm's son. He's staying in a tent in the woods and is approached by an orangutan. He goes into his bag and pulls out a well-worn copy of Charles Burns' "Black Hole" and shows it to the very interested ape. The two sit together on the ground, reading it together, illustrating a potential for peace between man and ape.


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