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Director Matt Reeves and the Cast Of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Talk About The New Film
Posted by Joseph Lee on 04.25.2014

In an interview with Superhero Hype at WonderCon, director Matt Reeves, along with cast members Gary Oldman and Andy Serkis, spoke about the upcoming film Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.

Gary Oldman on not actually enjoying science fiction: "No, not really. I mean, I liked "Planet of the Apes" growing up. I have to say and I know this is sinful of me. Blasphemous even I can't watch I just don't get "Star Wars." It's just not for me. I never read "Batman" comics. I'm not into wizards. I haven't thought about "Planet of the Apes" since I saw it as a kid."

Reeves on how the original Planet of the Apes comes from this story: "'Dawn' sets us on a trajectory. If and when we ever got to that movie, it would likely be transformed just by taking this trajectory. It might not literally be the same movie but, by the time we get there, I think it would certainly be our version of that. I also feel very strongly, though, that we shouldn't get there too soon. I think there's a lot to tell in that story."

Serkis on watching the original films' take on Caesar: "I watched them, I suppose, right at the beginning when I was working on "Rise." There were lots of homages there. But no, Caesar is a very particular journey because we're starting off as real apes. It just wouldn't have been useful. They're at a completely different point of the evolutionary scale. We're just at the very, very beginning. I based Caesar on a real chimpanzee named Oliver who, in the 1970s, had a lot of experiments carried out on him because they believed he was the progeny of man and ape. He was known as "humanzee." He traveled the world and visited Japan. Very, very early DNA experiments were done on him. He walked bipedally all the time. He'd walk into this room, sit down and pick up a glass. They dressed him in clothes and put him in private jets and flew him around. Very strange. There was something, though, about his physiognomy and his facial expressions that was just so close to human. That's because he was always brought up around human beings. I've done a lot of working looking at that relationship, going back to "King Kong." How do apes move and behave when they're surrounded by human beings? How do they behave in the wild? I spent time in Rwanda observing them and the London zoo and a number of zoos watching them. Everything about apes in captivity has a much speedier rhythym. When they put a hand out, it's much more like a human hand. In the Rwandan mountains, everything moves at such a slow pace. It's like some rock festival where everyone is stoned out of their brains. It's extraordinary. Caesar in this had to be moved from that younger revolutionary character who thought he was human, realized he wasn't, and then engaged with his own kind to galvanize them and lead them to freedom. Now here's an ape who is beginning to feel, after these years and years, the weight and the responsiblity of it all. With that came a lot of challenges as far as how to characterize him and put that up on the screen in terms of emotional intelligence and linguistic ability. All of those things were things that we discovered. It was a pretty great journey, wasn't it?"


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