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Arrow's Paul Blackthorne Comments On If Lance Knows Oliver's Secret (SPOILERS)
Posted by Joseph Lee on 04.30.2014

In an interview with IGN, Paul Blackthorne commented on if Lance knows Oliver Queen's secret in Arrow. The interview contains spoilers up to "Seeing Red", so don't read if you aren't caught up.

On "City of Blood": "Oh, you know. It'll be chock full of the usual Starling City mayhem. It'll kick off with a rather huge revelation regarding Sebastian Blood's relationship with Starling City. It's somewhat different than what everybody thought it was. Of course the suspicions that Laurel had about him months ago are realized, and we then realize what we're truly up against. All of us. So a big revelation on that front. And then by the time we reach the end of the episode we'll really see what we're up against in terms of all the evil forces that are upon us. Which Blood is very much a part of. So it's that wonderful amplification of the stakes that we've been seeing from episode to episode. And it gets tougher and tougher for the good guys. But we do what we can."

On if Lance knows Oliver's secret identity: "I think Lance has his suspicions about who the Arrow might be. But - on two levels here - he doesn't want to know because he wants to keep that emotional distance from knowing who he is because then he might care about the guy. He's got to keep him as a functional character in his mind because he knows that the guy does so much good for the city. He doesn't want to care about him too much. And then also imagine if Lance does know who the Arrow is. Then he'd be in even more of a conundrum because as part of the police department he'd have to give up his identity. And then he'd be taking out a force who was ultimately doing good for the city. But one that works outside of the system. So he'd be in a conflicting position there too. So you know what? Lance doesn't want to know. Because Lance cares about Starling City and wants to do what's best for it. That's why he's purposefully got his fingers in his ears whenever the question of Arrow's identity comes up."

On if there will be more scenes between Lance and Felicity: "I don't know. You never know what lies around the corner in these episodes. But I actually did an interview recently where someone asked me who Lance would rather have a burger with: Laurel or Sara? And my answer was Felicity. He just seems to be very curious about Felicity. There's something very enigmatic and peculiar about her. There's just something so curious about her that he can't help but be intrigued. And I think as much as he's like "Get out of here!" because of her relationship with the Arrow, he really wants to sit down with her and have a burger and say 'What is your deal? What is going on with you?'"


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