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James McAvoy Says Mystique Could Become the New Focal Point of the X-Men Franchise
Posted by Jeremy Thomas on 05.14.2014

James McAvoy is a confirmed Mystique fan. The actor, who plays the younger Charles Xavier in X-Men: Days of Future Past, target=new>spoke with IGN and said that he sees Mystique as a character who could become the focal point of the X-Men universe. Check out the highlights:

On the character's potential: "I think it's kind of a surprise that nobody was looking at the Mystique character, or the Raven character, to be quite so prominent at the end of First Class. And yet that character's grown so much, partly because they've got an incredible actress like Jennifer playing it. But yeah, maybe that could be a good one to go with."

On why Wolverine has been the focal point up to now: "There are so many interesting characters within the universe. Somebody like Logan, who's got an amazing -- the reason that he's so interesting, the reason that has been the anchor for all of the movies so far and one of the most popular characters in the comic books is because, as much as he's really tough and he's got claws and he can heal, that's all cool, but
that's not what's interesting. What's interesting is the fact that he's got such a human dilemma. He's got an existential f***ing nightmare, which is he can live forever, but he doesn't know who he is... forever. [Laughs] That's a really sort of poetic, existential nightmare to be going through. That's why he's been the anchor for all those movies for so long."

On the period aspect that X-Men: Apocalypse will likely take: "I'm not a fan of the '80s, I have to say. The '70s is my ideal decade, and my wife quite often says I should have been an adult in the '70s. The '80s, not so much for me. With Apocalypse -- the thing with Days of Future Past, actually, they were both a surprise to me, as much as they're both really iconic runs of X-Men and stuff in the past. They're quite out there, and I didn't expect folks to have the balls to go for something like that, so more power to them for doing it -- because they are quite out there, Apocalypse especially. So I'm quite excited to see where it goes next. I don't know where it's going to go for my character, so I'm kind of waiting on that. But again, with Days of Future Past, after First Class, I had absolutely no idea what they were going to do and how they were going to treat my character, how healed or how traumatized he would be at the beginning of the movie and all that stuff, or whether they'd even concentrate on Charles at all. So I'm just kind of waiting to see what happens. But they seem to be fairly brave with the direction that they're going, and I think -- in fact, I know -- I applaud them for it."

On where Charles will be by the time Apocalypse comes around: "I think he's really on the road, if not fully now, to becoming the Charles that we expect to see eventually. I was played by Patrick in the previous movies, you know, and whether they go fully there or not for Apocalypse, I don't know. I spoke to them, and I don't think they actually know yet either. It will be interesting to see how far down the road towards being fully healed he is. I'm pretty sure he'll be pretty healed, certainly more so than in Days of Future Past, because he's just a total, injured, dying animal at the beginning of the movie."


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