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Adam Canto Talks About Playing Sunspot in X-Men: Days of Future Past
Posted by Jeremy Thomas on 05.19.2014

Adam Canto spoke with SHH about his role as Sunspot in X-Men: Days of Future Past. Check out the highlights:

On the audition process: "We were fortunate to get the meeting with the casting director. I was shooting "The Following" in New York at the time and we were able to line it up on a trip back to LA. Yeah, it was basically reading for it and auditioning for it and it happened fortunately."

On how familiar he was with the X-Men: "I had read the comics as a kid. A bunch then. My restless nature just didn't allow me to sit down and keep reading comics. I was very playful, I was just moving around all the time when I was a kid. I did follow the movies years later after the 2000 "X-Men," but I've always been a fan. I did have to dive in again to understand the character of Sunspot, and I didn't know what the level of involvement of this character in the film at the beginning, so I just wanted to be very, very secure. Just have more information than necessary."

On whether he was more influenced by the cartoon than the comics: "Yeah, I can see why though, but no. Fortunately, I did try to watch cartoons as well but I didn't like the way Sunspot was depicted necessarily in the cartoons. I thought there was so much more depth within these comics and there was a lot more thought to it, and less distraction, less visual distraction."

On whether he knew Sunspot before being cast: "No I was not. Like I said, I immediately started to read more about it to understand. I had heard about him but I wasn't familiar with him."

On Sunspot in the film: "Well he's a mutant from the future. We're basically starting off in the future and we're seeing the mutants surviving. They have to be fighting these Sentinels, these 15-foot Sentinels, that are quite invincible. We're keeping together, there's been a lot of loss of mutants and the remainder of us are fighting together to beat these guys. Mainly our sequences are just action, action, action, we have to protect them, but once we come together with your "A" X-Men, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Hugh Jackman, then we come together to find a solution for this. That's when the travel to the past comes about."

On working with the cast: "Oh absolutely, I have to say it was overwhelming, in only good ways, once I knew I was cast in the movie. Fortunately before we started filming we were able to meet up and have a dinner, the production scheduled this. We got to break the ice a little bit and got to know each other on a more personal level. These people are amazing, they've very warm, and it kind of seems like a family. They use that word to describe themselves, "family," they're "the X-men family." So once we started working it was just swift, it was smooth from there on out."

On working as a post-production-heavy character: "Fortunately they showed me a few ideas of what they were going to do and because of that I knew that it needed to be very physical, very wide. Kind of like movement in a big space so you could actually see his body because it's just a ball of fire if I kept everything constrained. So I was aware of this. I love to run and cycle so I just brought it into a higher level just so I could back it up, I didn't want to fall short with all this physical conditions."

On how many different iterations of the character they went trhough: "I saw a few pictures of them and everything was along the same lines. I wasn't radically different at all. They stayed true to the sun pretty much. Just becoming the surface of the sun and so we won't be confused with fire, because this guy is completely lava, he is magma, and he can channel all these energies. So they just showed me what my skin was going to look like and I just thought if it's going to look that way I better give this guy a lot of space, a lot of wide movements. Even when you run or move from side to side, I thought in that way. I took that into consideration."

On the secrecy: "It was also top secret. I remember I got the script much later after I learned I had the role of Sunspot, that's when I just went to town investigating everything I could and doing my research on this character since I didn't know the level of involvement of Sunspot in the movie. Then a few weeks later I got the script. They were very secretive and I can completely understand why."

On working with the backstory: "That's one of the things I noticed in the cartoon, he was very affable. I would say too care free in the cartoon. It took me a few minutes to see that so that's why I just didn't want to do it, because when you read the comic books and see everything this guy went through it's just too much. So I wanted to find a balance between this guy being affable and a good guy at heart but at the same time he did face all that disillusion and all that abandonment when he was young, so I wanted to keep all those things in mind, and also his passion for making things right and surviving helping his friends."

On whether we'll see Sunspot again: "I would love, I would really love it. There's a lot of stuff in the stories, every character's storyline, but definitely with Sunspot as well. I hope that we come back."


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