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Hannibal Executive Producer Bryan Fuller Discusses Season 2 Finale and Upcoming Third Season (SPOILERS)
Posted by Jeffrey Harris on 05.24.2014

IGN recently interviewed Hannibal showrunner and executive producer Bryan Fuller on the show's season 2 finale, which aired last night, and the show's upcoming third season.

Hannibal will be returning for its new season in 2015. Below are some highlights from the interview:

Fuller on what would've happened if there was no third season: "Well, basically, if we weren't coming back for a Season 3, then I think the end of Season 2 would have been a very happy ending for anyone rooting for Hannibal."

Fuller on the post-credit scene with Bedelia, and if it really happened, and what could've taken place between Hannibal and Bedelia: "Oh, yeah, yeah. She is absolutely there, in the physical, sitting next to him. It's not a dream...Well, I think we can assume that some communication happened between episode 12 [and the finale] -- between her capture by the FBI and the time she got on the flight. So, part of that, the fun in that, will be revealed in the first episode of Season 3 - exactly why she was on that plane, what is her agenda, and how she fits into the bigger story of Season 3. That's all going to be wrapped up in that first episode of Season 3, which will function almost like a pilot for a new series."

Fuller on how things will change now that Hannibal Lecter had to flee: "Oh, yeah, it's a huge paradigm shift, and everything that we knew about the show is kind of out the window for the time being. And, you know, the exciting thing for me is that I always felt like Bedelia Du Maurier was the smartest person on the show and that she will remain in that position. Yet there is this sickening feeling of… We saw what happened to Will Graham and Jack Crawford and Alana Bloom and Abigail Hobbs when they trifled with a cannibal. They've kind of rocketed toward their doom. The feeling with Bedelia is, you know, is she rocketing toward her doom now as a part of this new cabal? What is that paradigm shift between those two characters, which I think will be part of the intrigue of the third season."

Fuller on if we will see more of Gillian Anderson next season: "Yes, that is the goal. We are hoping, depending on Gillian's schedule, that she would be a regular, but that's all down to negotiation and her availability, and that sort of thing. But, you know, I went into Season 2 wanting Gillian to be a series regular and that's definitely the intention going into Season 3, is that we would love a lot more of Gillian Anderson, because that's never a bad thing."

Fuller on if Hannibal killed Abigail to cut ties with Will: "Yes. Yes, and it's also the act of a heartbroken man. You know, it is the very ugly breakup, where you didn't want it. He didn't want any of this, so, "I'm destroying all of it and everything that we were supposed to have, I'm going to raze the Earth." It such an almost adolescent reaction. "I'm taking my ball and going home!" or "I'm deflating the ball and going home." But it's also, I think, an indicator of just how deeply Will Graham got through to Hannibal Lecter on an emotional, connective level, and the hurt of the betrayal. Because Hannibal discovers this at the end of Act I, and gives Will Graham the chance to come clean – and with immunity, essentially, and Will didn't take it. So Will's gamble on how much he could get away with, with, his "double agenting" of Hannibal Lecter, was something that didn't work out well for anybody."


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