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Bryan Fuller Talks Shocking Season Finale of Hannibal, What May Happen in Season 3 (SPOILERS)
Posted by Jeffrey Harris on 05.28.2014

TV Line recently interviewed Hannibal executive producer Bryan Fuller, who talked about the show's shocking season finale and what could be in store for season 3. Below are some highlights.

Fuller on if Hannibal would've been caught if he didn't smell Freddie Lounds on Will: "If Will had stayed true to his alliance with Jack Crawford, absolutely. If Hannibal hadn't gotten the whiff, and if Kade Prurnell hadn't shut down [Jack's] operation, they would've had Hannibal Lecter."

Fuller on why Will made the call to Hannibal to warn him about the FBI: "Well, there are several possible reasons, and we won't know exactly which one it was until Season 3. But I think Will is feeling very conflicted about everything concerning Hannibal Lecter. And so, in that moment, he could have been calling Hannibal Lecter for one of two reasons: One was to warn him to get out of dodge, so his partner in crime could escape. Two was he wanted Hannibal Lecter to leave before Jack Crawford arrived, because he feared for Jack Crawford's safety. We very intentionally wanted Will's actions to be open to interpretation."

Fuller on the scene of Alana's fall: "That scene was shot much earlier in the season, and was originally going to open Episode 7, reminding the audience what we were heading for. We knew [from the season premiere] what was going to happen to Jack Crawford, but here comes Alana Bloom into the scenario, and then, you know, we'd say "six weeks earlier…" As we got into Episode 7, though, it felt like we were so much in the Miriam Lass world, and so intrinsically tied into Dr. Chilton's story and Will Graham's release, [the scene of Alana's fall] felt out of place. And so, I just said, "Screw it, let's save it for the finale.""

Fuller on the epilogue scene and what Bedelia is doing there and if she's Hannibal's captive: "Well, we wanted separation between the finality of Hannibal Lecter walking out to the rain, having it wash over him, and cleanse him, and leaving this experience behind — an experience that has been beautiful but also demonstrative of his own weakness. He's shedding it all. And we wanted that fade to black on the stag, the stag heaving its last breath, to be emblematic that this is the end of this chapter of the Hannibal/Will Graham relationship. The stag was symbolic of Hannibal and Will, and Will's attraction to Hannibal, because it first showed up after he was exposed to Hannibal's murder scene, with the raven and the severed stag head and the girl impaled on the antlers."

"The stag had to heave a sigh, go to black. This is the end of Season 2, and essentially, after credits, that scene on the airplane is the first scene of Season 3. And the fun thing about the Season 3 opener is that we're going to get into the specifics of exactly why Bedelia is in that chair, how she came to be in that chair, how it was actually an intriguing, smart decision for her, as opposed to Hannibal Lecter hijacking her and kidnapping her. I think she is absolutely where she has chosen to be, and how she made that choice is the hinge of Episode 1, Season 3."

Fuller on the original plan for the ending to season 2: "Well, the [original] plan was to have Abigail on the plane with Hannibal. But then we got into the story and the emotional content of Will's betrayal of Hannibal. Knowing Hannibal had worked very hard to create this alternate reality where Abigail lived, and where [all three] go on as a family in the shadow of horrible, horrible deeds, it felt like for Hannibal, after this betrayal, he would not be able to go on with Abigail. She was so symbolic of his relationship with Will. So, Hannibal was clearing the table. He was burning the village down. He was leaving nothing behind. He was walking away pure, and unfortunately, Abigail was a Will association for him, and was too painful to carry with him. So, it made sense for him to do what he did to Abigail in that moment, to punish Will. And then Bedelia felt like she had a story with Hannibal Lecter that was yet to be told, and it was a story of equals in some sense. Because I do believe that Bedelia is perhaps the smartest person on the show, and certainly enough to hold her wits against Hannibal Lecter. And I want to continue exploring what that's like for Hannibal."

Fuller on if Gillian Anderson will be a regular for season 2, and if he knows who survived the massacre at Hannibal's home: "Not everybody walks out of Hannibal's house alive, and I would love, love, love for Gillian Anderson to be a regular in Season 3, but that is all yet to be negotiated. In my mind, I would love to work with Gillian on everything. So, I'm hoping that she can be a big part of next year."

Fuller on if Will can continue to go working at the FBI after Cynthia Nixon's character put out a warrant for his arrest: "Well, it certainly helps getting the pickle at least sliced and relished, but Will is going to have all sorts of unexpected allies in Season 3, some who we've met, some who we've not met. And he probably shouldn't trust any of them."


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