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Michelle Fairley Compares 24: Live Another Day and Game of Thrones Roles
Posted by Jeremy Thomas on 06.25.2014

WARNING: Spoilers for the most recent episode of 24: Live Another Day and the A Song of Ice & Fire book series (aka Game of Thrones' source material) below.

Michelle Fairley recently spoke with TV Line about her role as Margot Al-Harazi on 24: Live Another Day, her Game of Thrones experience and more. Check out the highlights:

On how she got the 24 role after Judy Davis abruptly left: "You know, I just have fantastic agents. Honestly, I have no idea how that happened, but thankfully they got on the case and got talking to [executive producers] Jon [Cassar] and Kiefer [Sutherland]."

On what she wanted and didn't want from the role: "You don't want to play just a crazy killer, a mad woman. Some people may see her like that, but the fact is she's intelligent, she's powerful, she's completely committed…. This is her life's work and there is no limit to what she is prepared to sacrifice to obtain her goal."

On if she was satisfied with Margot's motivation: "Oh, absolutely. When I got chatting with the writers, they were so open and fantastic… And the fact that it's a woman and a mother, and that her children are involved, makes the character even more complex. She's able to involve her children — some call it indoctrination – and then at the same time she's able to pull down a "lead curtain" within her body to stop [from being too maternal], because ultimately she sees them as people, not children, who are doing a job."

On if she knew that President Heller would survive: "That's what's so interesting — when I got that script, I was like, "Oh my God!" But then you go back and reread it again and again and start to think, "I know what's going to happen… Chloe got in there!" But Margot doesn't know anything about Chloe, or that Jack Bauer was involved, so she takes President Heller at his word."

On which of her deaths was more intense to shoot: "Oh my gosh…. I think any death scene is intense, whether it's on stage or on film — and I've had quite a few of them! [Laughs] It's all about how you face the death. Are you afraid of it? Do you embrace it? Do you want it? Emotionally, I would say Game of Thrones. But on 24, it's complete disappointment for the woman because she couldn't achieve what she wanted to! I empathized with her because of that."

On if she would have liked Margot to get a few hits in on Jack first: "I would have loved for her to have had a big fight with him across the room, but she ain't that sort of woman, unfortunately. [Laughs] But the writers did a nice job with it, the suddenness of it. When you come up against Jack Bauer, you know exactly what's going to happen."

On the reaction of Game of Thrones fans from Lady Stoneheart not appearing at the end of this season: "I don't do any social media or anything like that, so [the fan reaction] was all news to me. I'm sorry that they were disappointed, because it was a fantastic 10 episodes to watch. But yeah, I knew [there'd be no Lady Stoneheart]…. They're wonderful books, but you can't put everything in the TV series."

On if she wants to play the role at some point: [Laughs] "I… I don't know…. I mean, I loved that job, I adored it and I made some great friends. I loved it. I don't know."


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