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Lorenzo di Bonaventura Says Making The Transformers Films Like the Cartoon Would Be Laughable
Posted by Joseph Lee on 07.05.2014

In an interview with IGN, Transformers producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura spoke about the franchise, and mentioned that the films has to be done differently than the 1980s cartoon series. Here are highlights:

On adapting a 1980s cartoon for a film: "If you do it exactly the way it is, people will actually be disappointed. You can't do it the way their memory is. You can't do it the nostalgic way. I mean, can you imagine what these things would have looked like if we'd done the 1980s cartoon version of them on the big screen? They'd look laughable. You know, it's a big trick, but you're paying attention to them, for sure. The hard part is there are so many voices. The worst thing that can happen to any filmmaker is to begin to get back on their heels and go like, 'Wait, I don't know. What do they think? How do they think?' You've got to have a certain sense of your own confidence about it."

On if Lockdown will return in the sequels: "You don't really know until you see it. We learn how cool he's going to look later on. So at the point where we learned just how cool and crazy his introduction was, if nothing else -- that's just one of the great introductions. One of my favorite shots in the whole movie is when he comes walking out of that dark cloud of smoke, and the spaceship's behind him. You're just like, 'What the hell is going on!?' Then you go, 'Holy cow, what a great villain.' We haven't talked about whether he would come back or not. Megatron has come back in different iterations and has now gone forward, if you would, and evolved. We'll see."

On if the reviews impact the creative team: "Sure, yeah. We're human. [Laughs]. We're not Autobots -- we're not Lockdown, I should say. Yeah, no, for sure. It doesn't feel good to be -- you know, we all put our best effort in, and sometimes we succeed, and sometimes we don't. But I've never worked on a film where everybody wasn't giving it their all. So what you try to do is you try to listen to a few voices rather than all the voices. With all the voices, how do you make sense of that -- in anything? It's like a political forum. How do you make any sense of any political decision, really? So from our point of view, we're lucky in working with Hasbro. There's a lot of real hardcore fans who work at Hasbro. So we have people who are intimate with the process to a certain degree, who are also fanboys at heart. So they're our best measure, because they're listening to even more voices. So we can all listen to them, and we all have picked two or three people in our lives that we trust, their reaction to it. A lot of people who work on the movie have grown up with it, so then you have that input too."


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