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Maisie Williams Says She Thinks Arya Will Be Fine in Game of Thrones
Posted by Jeremy Thomas on 07.29.2014

Maisie Williams is playing one of the most beloved characters on Game of Thrones in the form of young Arya Stark, and if she had her way the show would take some turns for the unexpected. Williams spoke with TV Line about her new film Heatstroke which is now available in the U.S. on iTunes and VOD, her work on Game of Thrones and more. Check out the highlights:

On what attracted her to the role of Josie in Heatstroke: "I shot this two or three years ago, and when we got the script, I wasn't in any position to be picking and choosing roles to play. I think people think stuff gets thrown at us all the time, but that's not the case; there aren't many roles out there for people my age."

On whether she enjoyed not having to be the fighter: "[Josie and Arya] are both completely different characters, and I enjoy doing both. I enjoy Game of Thrones for obvious reasons, but it was also refreshing to work with a different crew on a different set with different cast members."

On what Arya will be dealing with in season five: "I haven't gotten the scripts yet, so I still don't know what's happening. I have a rough outline of what happens in the books, but you never know what they're going to put into this season versus next season, or what they're going to scrap altogether. I know a couple of really cool things happen in the books with Arya, and I just had a meeting about about a certain thing that happens to Arya, but I still don't know how it happens. And that's what it was like last year; I was learning fight scenes, even though I didn't know who I'd be fighting or why I'd be fighting them. People think the cast members know all the ins and outs, but we really don't."

On fans being upset about Lady Stoneheart's exclusion from the season four finale: "That was a massive deal, but honestly, I really like it. I'm so sick of going on the internet and seeing all the book readers being snobby, spoiling it for other people, then saying, "Well, it's not a spoiler. The books have been out for years." Like, couldn't you just stop being mad for a second and let other people enjoy the show? They feel they have a claim on the series because they read the books first, and I understand that, but they don't need to be mean about it. That's why I liked moments like this, because book readers think they know what's coming, then we change it and it's really funny to watch their reactions. They're always like, "That's not what happened in the books, so the show's really bad now." But really, they just feel insecure because they're used to knowing what's coming next."

On Arya's arc in the upcoming season: "I don't know, honestly. We're starting to catch up with what's been written, so I'd love to do something completely new. Again, I'd love to keep making the book readers go, "Wait, is that what's going to come in the next book? Did they make that up completely?" I love it when we do something really dramatic and shock everyone. They should throw in more stuff that no one knows about."

On if Arya will be okay on her own, without the Hound: "I think she's going to be fine. And I think, for the first time ever, she actually believes she's going to be fine. It's refreshing to me; this girl's been pulled left and right by people who've been telling her what she's going to do with her life, and she's sick of it. She knows this world, she knows who to trust and she's ready to go off on her own."


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