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Antonio Banderas and Wesley Snipes Talk About Joining The Expendables III
Posted by Larry Csonka on 08.07.2014

In an interview with Coming Soon, Antonio Banderas and Wesley Snipes spoke about joining the team in The Expendables III, which will be out on August 15. Here are highlights:

Banderas on how the film compared to his expectations: "At the beginning, you know, to tell you the truth, when you go to a movie with so many stars, you don't know what you're going to find, exactly. You don't know if it's going to be an ego trip, ego on the set [laughs], who is taking this position, where the camera is, I want to be in front of this guy – that's true. In fact, I think everybody was joking about that possibility on the set. It's worse, actually, when you have people around you that are very hungry to obtain something that they never had. Success. And these guys are so successful, not just with movies. With franchises and everything they have done. They've overcome, actually these tons of stars, to become legends, and that's what they are. So they are not hungry. It was a sense of fun. That's the truth. That's what I experienced. [To Snipes] I don't know in your case."

Snipes on what he hoped it would be: "I was just hoping that it wasn't just about jumping and gunning and shooting and blasting stuff up. That we would be given the opportunity to create a character, not just come and play ourselves – a version of ourselves and get to play off one another. That repartee, like, you know, theater actors do. I was looking forward to that. And sure enough, that's the way it turned out. We had a latitude to play and experiment and call and response, as we say, and build the character and give some nuances and bring some subtleties that actors like to do to characters."

Banderas on playing an annoying character: "It was. It was, actually. And when I saw them rolling [their] eyes, I said, this is working. This is working. These guys are tired of me! I love it. No, I saw that immediately, when I read the script, I had to be sincere. There was a choice. I mean, if this guy stops, he goes immediately into a depression. This guy has to, for his own sake, continue this hyperactivity, in order to don't allow himself to think. In the moment that he stops for a second, and starts thinking, all the sh*t starts coming up. I think someone, actually Sly (Stallone), though I must respect Patrick (Hughes), he was very, very nice with me and he just allowed me to do whatever I had in my mind, but in regards to Sly, the day we were in the warehouse… I explained to him about the guys, these guys, mates that I have in my mind and there was the last one and I play the two first in comedy. And he accepted it. But the last one, he came to me – he was fixing the plane at the moment, and he came down and said, "Antonio, I understand what you're doing, but think about, it's almost like, in the middle of the story that you're telling with me, you're getting in touch with your real truth. And that is not funny for you. Do something, in this particular story that makes me turn my head and look at you in a different way. You're not annoying anymore. Suddenly there is something that is true there that I want to see you embracing." And that is good direction. That is very good direction, which he is going to need as to one scene that he never touches, because I thought it was well-written, that we have in the movie, in which the guy was suddenly calmer, he's just walking along and you can see that his wheels are turning and he comes to me and he's just talking at the guy until he makes him vomit what he's got inside. That gives a beautiful dimension to the character. If you don't have that, he would be just an annoying guy. "

Snipes on how he approaches his characters: "My approach is, I watch a lot of different films. A lot of different performances and I find a lot of little things from the films or things that actors do or people in real life who have behaviors or idiosyncrasies that I like or find interesting and I try to remember that. And then I'll do a prayer. I'll do a prayer to ask the character or the spirit of the character to come and visit me. And let's work together. Use me as an antenna to communicate what it is that you would like me to say. And bring with the prayer and all those little pieces together and then I let it flow. I mean, technically I actually take images of things and put them up around the wall and in a room. I set a room aside. It might be colors, it might be animals, or energy and words. And I'll just leave it there, so it begins to work on my subconscious when I think about the character. Which gives me some latitude to be really flexible and spontaneous but within the context of the character and the world of the character without having to think about it. Or I'll look at something or read something and let it work on my subconscious mind. And then in the morning, when it comes time to perform, it's there for me."


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