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Iggy Azalea - The New Classic Review (6.5)   (04.23.2014)  - Tony Acero

Iggy Azalea has gone out of her way in the past couple of years to prove to herself and the hip hop world that she is more than just someone from Down Under with a lot down under. Does her debut album The New Classic erase the hate or leave more doubt in peoples' minds? Check in with Tony Acero's full review!
Jason Derulo - Talk Dirty Review (4.5)   (04.15.2014)  - Jeremy Thomas

R&B star Jason Derulo is back with Talk Dirty, his third American studio LP! But is this collection of club songs able to put him back on top or is it just a collection of soulless pop schmaltz? 411's Jeremy Thomas checks in with his full review!
Wilko Johnson and Roger Daltrey - Going Back Home Review (7.5)   (04.08.2014)  - Daniel Wilcox

Two British music legends collaborate to tackle 11 classic blues tracks for what might be Johnson's last hurrah.
Kaiser Chiefs - Education, Education, Education & War Review (7.5)   (04.03.2014)  - Daniel Wilcox

After losing a founding member and principle song writer, how does Ricky Wilson and the Kaiser Chiefs fare with their comeback album Education, Education, Education & War?
The Used - Imaginary Enemy Review (5.5)   (04.03.2014)  - Daniel Wilcox

The Used gets all political on new album Imaginary Enemy.
Howler - World of Joy Review (7.5)   (04.03.2014)  - Daniel Wilcox

Howler's sophomore record offers up more of the same garage rock workmanship of its debut and succeeds.
Lacuna Coil - Broken Crown Halo Review (7.5)   (04.01.2014)  - Jeremy Thomas

Gothic metal band Lacuna Coil tries to follow up on the momentum built off 2012's Dark Adrenaline with a new LP, Broken Crown Halo! But are they able to move forward or does it fall apart? 411's Jeremy Thomas checks in with his full review!
Nick Cannon - White People Party Music Review (1.5)   (04.01.2014)  - Jeremy Thomas

Nick Cannon returns to music in an attempt to satire the EDM pop trend with White People Party Music! But does he make a successful comedic point or is he just trolling the charts? 411's Jeremy Thomas checks in with his full review!
Wolfmother - New Crown Review (8.0)   (03.26.2014)  - Daniel Wilcox

Andrew Stockdale's Wolfmother have surprised fans by dropping its third album, New Crown, but is it the glorious return fans had hoped for or was New Crown best left under wraps?
Shakira - Shakira Review [2] (6.5)   (03.26.2014)  - David Hayter

Shakira has all the good will in the world, but can she translate a likeable personality into cutting edge pop music or does she spread herself too thin on her latest self-titled LP?
Liars - Mess Review (7.0)   (03.26.2014)  - Daniel Wilcox

Liars' seventh studio album Mess continues the band's work with the electronic genre but is it worth your time or is the title an apt description of the content?
My Chemical Romance - May Death Never Stop You: The Greatest Hits 2001-2013 Review (8.5)   (03.25.2014)  - Daniel Wilcox

Following their split last year, emo pioneers MCR offer up their greatest hits as one last hurrah for their fans, but what will the legacy of the band be?
Shakira - Shakira Review (7.0)   (03.25.2014)  - Daniel Wilcox

Shakira steps away from the dancefloor for her new self-titled effort and embraces a more subdued country and rock sound with mixed results.
Future Islands - Singles Review (9.0)   (03.25.2014)  - Daniel Wilcox

If you liked what you saw on Letterman, Future Islands' fourth album Singles will confirm them as your new favourite band.
Temples - Sun Structures Review (5.5)   (03.24.2014)  - Daniel Wilcox

Temples look to transport us back to the 60s psych rock sound but fail in making debut album Sun Structures sound relevant in 2014.
Foster the People - Supermodel Review (5.5)   (03.18.2014)  - Jeremy Thomas

Indie rock band Foster the People try to follow up on the breakout success of their first LP with Supermodel! But are they able to capture the magic of "Pumped Up Kicks" a second time? 411's Jeremy Thomas checks in with his full review!
Taking Back Sunday - Happiness Is Review (7.0)   (03.18.2014)  - Daniel Wilcox

Happiness Is is album number six from Taking Back Sunday, but is there still a place for one of the former poster boys of the emo scene?
The Pretty Reckless - Going to Hell Review (7.0)   (03.18.2014)  - Jeremy Thomas

Taylor Momsen's hard rock outfit The Pretty Reckless are back with their second LP, Going to Hell! But is the band able to deliver or are they damned to the sophomore curse? 411's Jeremy Thomas checks in with his full review!
Skrillex - Recess Review (1.5)   (03.18.2014)  - Daniel Wilcox

Last week Skrillex surprised us with the release of his first official studio album, Recess! How does it stack up?
The Pretty Reckless - Going to Hell Review [2] (7.5)   (03.18.2014)  - Daniel Wilcox

Taylor Momsen and co. are back with album number two, Going to Hell, an unrelenting record about sex, sins, love and everything in between.
Kylie Minogue - Kiss Me Once Review (4.5)   (03.18.2014)  - David Hayter

Kylie Minogue returns with her twelfth studio album, Kiss Me Once! But is she still on top of the pop genre or is she out of touch? 411's David Hayter checks in with his full review!
Sisyphus - Sisyphus Review (8.0)   (03.18.2014)  - Daniel Wilcox

The debut record from the hip hop trio featuring indie icon Sufjan Stevens and Anticon label mates Son Lux and Serengeti is a dreamy, atmospheric and often bizarre offering that's well worth your time and attention.
Kamchatka - The Search Goes On Review (8.0)   (03.14.2014)  - Daniel Wilcox

An album soaked in blues and hard rock influences, Kamchatka's The Search Goes On is a nostalgic tour de force of classic rock sensibilities with a modern twist.
Elbow - The Take Off and Landing of Everything Review (6.5)   (03.13.2014)  - Daniel Wilcox

Elbow play it safe with album number six, The Taking Off and Landing of Everything.
Architects - Lost Forever // Lost Together Review (6.0)   (03.13.2014)  - Daniel Wilcox

After two polarizing albums in as many years, metalcore outfit Architects return to their roots with their unrelenting new record, Lost Forever // Lost Together, but does it bring the desired results?
Blood Red Shoes - Blood Red Shoes Review (5.5)   (03.11.2014)  - Daniel Wilcox

Brighton duo Blood Red Shoes ditch their acclaimed producer in favour of going it alone on album number four, but did the risk pay off?
Metronomy - Love Letters Review (9.0)   (03.11.2014)  - Daniel Wilcox

Following the success of 2011's The English Riveira, Joe Mount and co. pay homage to a past life in the quintessential Metronomy record, the fabulous Love Letters.
MØ - No Mythologies To Follow Review (7.0)   (03.11.2014)  - David Hayter

Danish starlet MØ made a hell of impact with her early singles, but after two years of hype, was No Mythologies To Follow worth the wait?
Broken Bells - After the Disco Review (6.0)   (03.06.2014)  - Daniel Wilcox

Brian Burton and James Mercer team up once again as Broken Bells, but do they manage to build on the success of their debut or buckle under the pressure of considerable expectations?
Reverend and the Makers - ThirtyTwo Review (8.5)   (03.05.2014)  - Daniel Wilcox

Incorporating sounds as far-reaching as ska, indie, dance and 80s, Reverend and the Makers strike gold with album number four, the uncompromising ThirtyTwo.
Comeback Kid - Die Knowing Review (7.5)   (03.05.2014)  - Daniel Wilcox

Canadian hardcore band Comeback Kid continue to add to their aggressive back catalogue with album number five, Die Knowing.
Real Estate - Atlas Review (8.5)   (03.05.2014)  - Daniel Wilcox

With their third full-length effort, Real Estate provided one of the most biting yet uplifting records in recent memory with the delightfully melancholy Atlas.
Rick Ross - Mastermind Review [2] (7.0)   (03.04.2014)  - Bill Wannop

Rick Ross returns with Mastermind, his sixth studio album, which Ross himself said was more street and a definite classic. Does Mastermind live up to the hype and continue the consistent quality that Rick Ross is known for, or does the album signal that the fall from grace has begun for Maybach Music?
Rick Ross - Mastermind Review (7.5)   (03.04.2014)  - Daniel Wilcox

Having put his controversies and criticisms behind him, Rick Ross employs the help of numerous guests to launch comeback record Mastermind, but how does it fare?
Lea Michele - Louder Review (7.0)   (03.04.2014)  - Jeremy Thomas

Glee star Lea Michele makes her major-label album debut with Louder! But does her album stand up to the mainstream pop heavyweights, or does the Broadway-trained diva have a voice that's not right for radio? 411's Jeremy Thomas checks in with his full review!
Major Lazer - Apocalypse Soon Review (2.0)   (03.04.2014)  - Daniel Wilcox

Following the success of his 2013 full-length album, producer Diplo releases EP Apocalypse Soon from his Major Lazer project, but how does it fare?
We Are Scientists - TV en Français Review (6.5)   (03.04.2014)  - Daniel Wilcox

We Are Scientists return with another album packed full with corking indie anthems, but is it to the standard of their previous material?
Pharrell Williams - G I R L Review (7.0)   (03.03.2014)  - Daniel Wilcox

Fresh off a monster comeback in 2013 and the massive solo single "Happy," Pharrell Williams looks to deliver on considerable promise with what will surely be one of the biggest records of the year.
Silversun Pickups - The Singles Collection Review (8.0)   (03.03.2014)  - Daniel Wilcox

One of the best indie rock outfits of the decade compile all of their singles into one glorious record.
The Fray - Helios Review (4.0)   (03.03.2014)  - Daniel Wilcox

Helios is album number four from The Fray, but can it recapture the magic of the band's past successes?
Kid Cudi - Satellite Flight: Journey to Mother Moon Review (9.0)   (03.03.2014)  - Daniel Wilcox

Kid Cudi surprised us last week with the release of a new album, a sprawling journey through time and space, but is it a mere stop gap on the way to Man on the Moon III or does it have its own artistic merit?
(Crosses) (Crosses) Review (6.5)   (02.28.2014)  - Daniel Wilcox

Deftones' main man Chino Moreno returns with his latest side project, the experimental electronic rock band Crosses, but has the debut album been worth the wait?
Schoolboy Q - Oxymoron Review (8.0)   (02.28.2014)  - Daniel Wilcox

Scoolboy Q's major label debut Oxymoron is his most personal record to date, but does it deliver on the hype surrounding it?
Indica - Shine Review (5.0)   (02.27.2014)  - Daniel Wilcox

A rock group comprising solely of smoking hot Scandinavian chicks - what can possibly go wrong?
Grand Magus - Triumph and Power Review (6.0)   (02.27.2014)  - Daniel Wilcox

Metal heavyweights Grand Magus return with album number seven, but is it as triumphant as its title suggests?
Nina Nesbitt - Peroxide Review (9.0)   (02.27.2014)  - Daniel Wilcox

Scottish singer-songwriter Nina Nesbitt debuts with an album of unconventional wit and wisdom well beyond her tender years.
Fanfarlo - Let's Go Extinct Review (4.0)   (02.26.2014)  - Daniel Wilcox

Dream pop outfit Fanfarlo contemplate life, its meaning, how and why we got here and all things in between on new album Let's Go Extinct, but is it a worthwhile exercise?
Issues - Issues Review (7.0)   (02.26.2014)  - Daniel Wilcox

Metalcore sextet Issues offers its denut full length release, blending ferocious riffs and R&B grooves in hopes of giving the genre the kick up the back side it needs, but does it succeed?
The Chain Gang of 1974 - Daydream Forever Review (3.5)   (02.26.2014)  - Daniel Wilcox

You'll have heard the wonderful "Sleepwalking" on the GTAV soundtrack, but does the major label debut from The Chain Gang of 1974 live up to its big promotional singles?
Beck - Morning Phase Review (9.5)   (02.25.2014)  - Daniel Wilcox

Twelve years after the release of Sea Change, Beck offers up its "companion piece," the brilliantly expansive Morning Phase. How does it compare to his impressive back catalogue?
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