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//  Maroon 5 - V Review
//  Opeth - Pale Communion Review
//  Wiz Khalifa - Blacc Hollywood Review [2]
//  Wiz Khalifa - Blacc Hollywood Review
//  The Gaslight Anthem - Get Hurt Review
//  Godsmack - 1000hp Review
//  Kanye West
//  Rihanna
//  Nicki Minaj
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Maroon 5 - V Review (7.5)   (09.02.2014)  - Jeremy Thomas

Maroon 5 return with their fifth album, V! Can they capitalize on their forward commercial momentum while bouncing back from the creatively lackluster Overexposed? 411's Jeremy Thomas checks in with his full review!
Opeth - Pale Communion Review (8.5)   (08.26.2014)  - Jeremy Thomas

Opeth are back with their latest studio album, Pale Communion! Are they able to refine their move away from death metal to greater heights or should they go back to what works? 411's Jeremy Thomas checks in with his full review!
Wiz Khalifa - Blacc Hollywood Review [2] (6.7)   (08.20.2014)  - Jake St-Pierre

Expectations weren't high for Wiz after he released the abysmal 28 Grams mixtape earlier in 2014. Does he redeem himself with his fifth studio album or is it more lazy auto-tuned trap?
Wiz Khalifa - Blacc Hollywood Review (5.5)   (08.19.2014)  - Jeremy Thomas

Wiz Khalifa returns with his fifth studio album, Blacc Hollywood! But is this a pop-rap classic or a forgettable, watered-down affair? 411's Jeremy Thomas checks in with his full review!
The Gaslight Anthem - Get Hurt Review (7.0)   (08.12.2014)  - Jeremy Thomas

The Gaslight Anthem are back with their fifth studio album, Get Hurt! But does making some changes to their sound work in the album's favor or cause it to come up short? 411's Jeremy Thomas checks in with his full review!
Godsmack - 1000hp Review (8.0)   (08.05.2014)  - Jeremy Thomas

Godsmack is back with their sixth studio album, 1000hp! But is there anything left in the alt-metal band's tank, or are they running on fumes? 411's Jeremy Thomas checks in with his full review!
Shabazz Palaces - Lese Majesty Review (8.0)   (07.30.2014)  - David Hayter

Shabazz Palaces rip the conventions of hip hop to shreds on Lese Majesty, but is this genuine innovation or artistic postures in lieu of genuine intellect?
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - Hypnotic Eye Review (8.5)   (07.29.2014)  - Jeremy Thomas

Rock and roll icons Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers deliver their thirteenth studio album, Hypnotic Eye! But does it live up to the group's legacy? 411's Jeremy Thomas checks in with his full review!
Fozzy - Do You Want to Start a War Review (7.5)   (07.22.2014)  - Jeremy Thomas

Chris Jericho and Fozzy are back with their sixth studio album, Do You Want to Start a War! But does it continue the momentum from 2012's Sin and Bones or come up short? 411's Jeremy Thomas checks in with his full review!
La Roux - Trouble In Paradise Review (7.5)   (07.22.2014)  - David Hayter

Panic attacks and creative differences may have kept Elly Jackson out of the limelight for six years, but her comeback album, Trouble In Paradise, is more than worth the wait.
Judas Priest - Redeemer of Souls Review (8.5)   (07.08.2014)  - Jeremy Thomas

Metal icons Judas Priest are back with their seventeenth studio album, Redeemer of Souls! But does it deliver on the band's undeniable legacy or fall flat? 411's Jeremy Thomas checks in with his full review!
Robin Thicke - Paula Review (4.5)   (07.01.2014)  - Jeremy Thomas

Robin Thicke follows up on his breakout hit LP Blurred Lines by taking his reconciliation attempts with his wife public on Paula! But is it anything more than a desperation move? 411's Jeremy Thomas checks in with his full review!
Ed Sheeran - X Review (8.0)   (06.23.2014)  - Jeremy Thomas

Singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran is back with X, his second studio LP! But does the album mark a new spot of quality in his evolution as an artist or simply bore? 411's Jeremy Thomas checks in with his full review!
Linkin Park - The Hunting Party Review (8.5)   (06.17.2014)  - Jeremy Thomas

Linkin Park brings the aggression back on their sixth studio album The Hunting Party, but do they find a new creative high or deliver a hollow retread of their classic work? 411's Jeremy Thomas checks in with his full review!
Möngöl Hörde - Möngöl Hörde Review (8.0)   (06.11.2014)  - Daniel Wilcox

Frank Turner returns to his hardcore roots with the self-titled debut record from side project Möngöl Hörde. Frequent collaborators Ben Dawson and Matt Nasir are in tow, but is it a worthwhile venture?
Jack White - Lazaretto Review (9.0)   (06.10.2014)  - Jeremy Thomas

Jack White is back with his second solo LP, Lazaretto! But is the bluesy affair a step in the right direction for the former White Stripes frontman or is he stuck too far in the past? 411's Jeremy Thomas checks in with his full review!
50 Cent - Animal Ambition Review (4.5)   (06.03.2014)  - Jeremy Thomas

After a five year hiatus, 50 Cent has returned with his latest studio LP Animal Ambition! But can the rap mogul reclaim his position as king of the wild or is it an omega effort? 411's Jeremy Thomas checks in with his full review!
Mariah Carey - Me. I Am Mariah...The Elusive Chanteuse Review (8.0)   (05.27.2014)  - Jeremy Thomas

Mariah Carey returns with her first regular studio album in over five years. But does the vocally versatile diva have a place in the pop music landscape anymore? 411's Jeremy Thomas checks in with his full review!
Powerman 5000 - Builders of the Future Review (8.0)   (05.27.2014)  - Jeremy Thomas

Industrial metalheads Powerman 5000 return with another sci-fi inspired LP in Builders of the Future! But is this another "When Worlds Collide"-style hit or just a weak attempt to recapture faded glory? 411's Jeremy Thomas checks in with his full review!
Coldplay - Ghost Stories Review (5.5)   (05.19.2014)  - Jeremy Thomas

Coldplay returns with their sixth studio album, Ghost Stories! But does this selection of break-up songs soar like classic Coldplay or is it a somber failure? 411's Jeremy Thomas checks in with his full review!
Michael Jackson - Xscape Review (8.5)   (05.13.2014)  - Jeremy Thomas

Michael Jackson's second posthumous album hits stores today, but can L.A. Reid and Timbaland make Xscape an LP worthy of the King of Pop or is it another misfire like 2010's Michael? 411's Jeremy Thomas checks in with his full review!
Lily Allen - Sheezus Review (7.5)   (05.06.2014)  - Jeremy Thomas

Lily Allen returns to music after a five year hiatus with her third album, Sheezus! But does her creativity end with the Kanye-parodying title or does Allen still have something to say? 411's Jeremy Thomas checks in with his full review!
Atmosphere - Southsiders Review (8.5)   (05.06.2014)  - Bill Wannop

Atmosphere is back with their eighth studio album, Southsiders, which pays tribute where the group originated. Is the group able to bring listeners into their world and create another great album to add to their catalog, or does the album leave the majority of listeners out in the cold?
Damon Albarn - Everyday Robots Review (8.5)   (04.29.2014)  - Jeremy Thomas

Blur and Gorillaz frontman Damon Albarn steps out on his own at last for a thoughtful reflection on technology, life, love and more! But is it worth your time? 411's Jeremy Thomas checks in with his full review!
Iggy Azalea - The New Classic Review (6.5)   (04.23.2014)  - Tony Acero

Iggy Azalea has gone out of her way in the past couple of years to prove to herself and the hip hop world that she is more than just someone from Down Under with a lot down under. Does her debut album The New Classic erase the hate or leave more doubt in peoples' minds? Check in with Tony Acero's full review!
Jason Derulo - Talk Dirty Review (4.5)   (04.15.2014)  - Jeremy Thomas

R&B star Jason Derulo is back with Talk Dirty, his third American studio LP! But is this collection of club songs able to put him back on top or is it just a collection of soulless pop schmaltz? 411's Jeremy Thomas checks in with his full review!
Wilko Johnson and Roger Daltrey - Going Back Home Review (7.5)   (04.08.2014)  - Daniel Wilcox

Two British music legends collaborate to tackle 11 classic blues tracks for what might be Johnson's last hurrah.
Kaiser Chiefs - Education, Education, Education & War Review (7.5)   (04.03.2014)  - Daniel Wilcox

After losing a founding member and principle song writer, how does Ricky Wilson and the Kaiser Chiefs fare with their comeback album Education, Education, Education & War?
The Used - Imaginary Enemy Review (5.5)   (04.03.2014)  - Daniel Wilcox

The Used gets all political on new album Imaginary Enemy.
Howler - World of Joy Review (7.5)   (04.03.2014)  - Daniel Wilcox

Howler's sophomore record offers up more of the same garage rock workmanship of its debut and succeeds.
Lacuna Coil - Broken Crown Halo Review (7.5)   (04.01.2014)  - Jeremy Thomas

Gothic metal band Lacuna Coil tries to follow up on the momentum built off 2012's Dark Adrenaline with a new LP, Broken Crown Halo! But are they able to move forward or does it fall apart? 411's Jeremy Thomas checks in with his full review!
Nick Cannon - White People Party Music Review (1.5)   (04.01.2014)  - Jeremy Thomas

Nick Cannon returns to music in an attempt to satire the EDM pop trend with White People Party Music! But does he make a successful comedic point or is he just trolling the charts? 411's Jeremy Thomas checks in with his full review!
Wolfmother - New Crown Review (8.0)   (03.26.2014)  - Daniel Wilcox

Andrew Stockdale's Wolfmother have surprised fans by dropping its third album, New Crown, but is it the glorious return fans had hoped for or was New Crown best left under wraps?
Shakira - Shakira Review [2] (6.5)   (03.26.2014)  - David Hayter

Shakira has all the good will in the world, but can she translate a likeable personality into cutting edge pop music or does she spread herself too thin on her latest self-titled LP?
Liars - Mess Review (7.0)   (03.26.2014)  - Daniel Wilcox

Liars' seventh studio album Mess continues the band's work with the electronic genre but is it worth your time or is the title an apt description of the content?
My Chemical Romance - May Death Never Stop You: The Greatest Hits 2001-2013 Review (8.5)   (03.25.2014)  - Daniel Wilcox

Following their split last year, emo pioneers MCR offer up their greatest hits as one last hurrah for their fans, but what will the legacy of the band be?
Shakira - Shakira Review (7.0)   (03.25.2014)  - Daniel Wilcox

Shakira steps away from the dancefloor for her new self-titled effort and embraces a more subdued country and rock sound with mixed results.
Future Islands - Singles Review (9.0)   (03.25.2014)  - Daniel Wilcox

If you liked what you saw on Letterman, Future Islands' fourth album Singles will confirm them as your new favourite band.
Temples - Sun Structures Review (5.5)   (03.24.2014)  - Daniel Wilcox

Temples look to transport us back to the 60s psych rock sound but fail in making debut album Sun Structures sound relevant in 2014.
Foster the People - Supermodel Review (5.5)   (03.18.2014)  - Jeremy Thomas

Indie rock band Foster the People try to follow up on the breakout success of their first LP with Supermodel! But are they able to capture the magic of "Pumped Up Kicks" a second time? 411's Jeremy Thomas checks in with his full review!
Taking Back Sunday - Happiness Is Review (7.0)   (03.18.2014)  - Daniel Wilcox

Happiness Is is album number six from Taking Back Sunday, but is there still a place for one of the former poster boys of the emo scene?
The Pretty Reckless - Going to Hell Review (7.0)   (03.18.2014)  - Jeremy Thomas

Taylor Momsen's hard rock outfit The Pretty Reckless are back with their second LP, Going to Hell! But is the band able to deliver or are they damned to the sophomore curse? 411's Jeremy Thomas checks in with his full review!
Skrillex - Recess Review (1.5)   (03.18.2014)  - Daniel Wilcox

Last week Skrillex surprised us with the release of his first official studio album, Recess! How does it stack up?
The Pretty Reckless - Going to Hell Review [2] (7.5)   (03.18.2014)  - Daniel Wilcox

Taylor Momsen and co. are back with album number two, Going to Hell, an unrelenting record about sex, sins, love and everything in between.
Kylie Minogue - Kiss Me Once Review (4.5)   (03.18.2014)  - David Hayter

Kylie Minogue returns with her twelfth studio album, Kiss Me Once! But is she still on top of the pop genre or is she out of touch? 411's David Hayter checks in with his full review!
Sisyphus - Sisyphus Review (8.0)   (03.18.2014)  - Daniel Wilcox

The debut record from the hip hop trio featuring indie icon Sufjan Stevens and Anticon label mates Son Lux and Serengeti is a dreamy, atmospheric and often bizarre offering that's well worth your time and attention.
Kamchatka - The Search Goes On Review (8.0)   (03.14.2014)  - Daniel Wilcox

An album soaked in blues and hard rock influences, Kamchatka's The Search Goes On is a nostalgic tour de force of classic rock sensibilities with a modern twist.
Elbow - The Take Off and Landing of Everything Review (6.5)   (03.13.2014)  - Daniel Wilcox

Elbow play it safe with album number six, The Taking Off and Landing of Everything.
Architects - Lost Forever // Lost Together Review (6.0)   (03.13.2014)  - Daniel Wilcox

After two polarizing albums in as many years, metalcore outfit Architects return to their roots with their unrelenting new record, Lost Forever // Lost Together, but does it bring the desired results?
Blood Red Shoes - Blood Red Shoes Review (5.5)   (03.11.2014)  - Daniel Wilcox

Brighton duo Blood Red Shoes ditch their acclaimed producer in favour of going it alone on album number four, but did the risk pay off?
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