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411 Indy Update: Loaded With Results, Shoot Wrestlers, Legacy Cup And More
Posted by Josh Nason on 07.30.2002

The latest indy news from the man with the really bad acid reflux who is still wondering why no one emails him ANY RING OF HONOR results...including the fed itself. Just...plain...bizarre.

--Don't forget that Slyk Wagner Brown chats live on Wednesday night at the following addy: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/slykwagnerbrown/

--Premier Wrestling Federation (Pottstown, PA) has added Jay Briscoe vs. Rapid Fire Maldonado and CW Anderson vs. Jack Victory for the Xtreme belt to their August 11th Pottstown show. The fed also announced that Jay Briscoe and Quiet Storm are the first two participants in the fed's Legacy Cup event, to take place on September 15th.(Thanks to www.pwfprowrestling.com)

--Midwest Championship Wrestling's T3 Tag Tourney
Streamwood, Il
Spanish Announce Team beat Sharkboy/Ace Steele, Chris Chetti and Red defeated American Dragon and Brad Bradley, Ballard Brothers defeated The Furies, BJ Whittmer and Colt Cabana defeated Vinny Massaro and Tommy Drake; 2nd Round: SAT's defeated Chris Chetti and Red, BJ Whittmer and Colt Cabana defeated The Ballard Brothers; Finals: The SAT's defeated BJ Whittmer and Colt Cabana.

--New Era Wrestling
Shelbyville, IN
Jerimiah Graber defeated P.J. Flowers, Cruiser Champ Psycho defeated Bobby Black, Ricky Ruckus defeated Joey Moore, Poison Apollo Star defeated Yang, John Stratlin & Tello Ozaeta defeated Damian Cole & Itch, John Wall defeated A.W. Lurch, Johnny Rayz defeated Pastor Pain, Blade defeated Reficule, Scott Magnum & Brad Anderson defeated Tom & Troy Van Zant for the N.E.W. Tag Team Titles.

--Independent Wrestling Federation
Summer Sizzler Weekend - Part 2
IWF Centre - West Paterson, NJ
Tag Team Champions Shawn Donavan & Travis Blake defeated Pierce St. John & Shane O'Brien. Damian Adams pinned CJ Summers, American Champion Hadrian pinned Josh Daniels, Kevin Knight defeated Roman in a Best 2/3 Falls Match, BPA Barry & Frankie Finesse defeated Brandon Young & Shawn Moore, IWF Champion Biggie Biggs pinned Erik Andretti. Next shows on August 17/18 in West Paterson, NJ.

--Phoenix Wrestling this August 9th at the Lavalette Firehouse in Lavalette Township, PA, with PCW Champ Malice vs. Khull and Donnie B. vs. Donnie Bon Jovi in a loser-never-wrestles in PCW ever again match. Call 732-270-1678 or email Dbd56@aol.com.

The Moose Lodge - Hanover, PA
Ronnie Wake beat the Ring Announcer, I-C Champ Travis D. beat JT Roberts, Kage beat Night Prowler, Harley Watkins beat Bobby B. Good, SPW European Champ IB Green beat Matt Skills, Carmichael Witlock & Randy Rogers beat the Harvesters Of Sorrow, Otto Schtark beat The Wolfman, Jessica Bell beat Trixie by dq, Champion Morgus The Maniac beat Tommy Biggs, American Champion Rikki Lane and Durst went to a double-dq in a blindfold match, The Bodyguard and Kage was declared a no-contest, Doink The Clown beat Zach Carlucci, Jessica Bell won a battle royal.

--Gangrel and Luna at a Mason-Dixon Wrestling card at the West Virginia Blackberry Festival in Nutter Fort, WV, on August 3rd. The free show also features the Batten Twins. (Thanks to nate stein and www.masondixonwrestling.com)

--NWA Wildside
Cornelia, GA
Jeff Lewis defeated Dirt, The Rage beat G-Rated, Kevin Harden defeated Destiny, Tag Champions Lost Boys beat Slim J & Jay Freeze, Todd Sexton beat Jeremy V, Rick Michaels and Rainman went to a no-contest in a cage match due to some bizzare referee angle. Next show in Friday in Cornelia with the same main event and THERE MUST BE A WINNER!

--Big Time Wrestling
North Side Community Center - Fort Worth, Texas
Kid Dynamo defeated Mark Fury, Johnny Rage beat Solo, Tad Murphy beat Prof. Takada in a Total Athletic Martial Arts Rules Match, Robert Evans defeated Jonny Tek, Cobra beat Prince Fontenot to become the first BTW Champion. The Fort-Worth Star Telegram also did an article on the new fed: www.dfw.com/mld/startelegram/3746412.htm.

Eastern Shore Summer Fairgrounds, Musquodoboit Harbour, Nova Scotia, Canada
Credit: Devin Chittick
Show 1: Outcast d. Shawn Morgan, Vance Nevada d. Legion Cage, Kyle Kruze/Damien Dredd d. Sonny Soprano/Jerry Martell, Shadow d. Tony Armstrong; Show 2: Sonny Soprano d. Tony Armstrong, Kameo d. Legion Cage, Shawn Morgan d. Jerry Martell, Tony Armstrong/Legion Cage/Shawn Morgan/Damien Dredd d. Vance Nevada/Shadow/Jerry Martell/Sonny Soprano in an 8-Man Elimination Match

Eastern Shore Summer Fairgrounds, Musquodoboit Harbour, Nova Scotia, Canada
Credit: Devin Chittick
Show 1: Damien Dredd d. Tony Armstrong, Shawn Morgan d. Shadow, Sonny Soprano d. Cypress, Vance Nevada/Jerry Martell d. Kyle Kruze/Legion Cage; Show 2: Damien Dredd d. Cypress, Vance Nevada d. Shawn Morgan, Legion Cage d. Shadow, Jerry Martell d. Sonny Soprano for the RPW Heavyweight Championship.

--World Wrestling Council (PA) invites all women wrestlers and those would like to be trained to join in the new WWC (PA) women's division. If you are interested in joining us and being part of the division, email wwcnj@hotmail.com. The fed is going this Saturday in Limerick, PA at the Flea and Farmers market. (Thanks to www.worldwrestlingcouncilpa.4t.com)

Credit: nason and 411...wait a damn minute.

I found this random file in my email account...the lost Indy Update!!! It's from mid-July but I took the time to do it, so what the hell...

--Pro Wrestling Iron's on 8/2 in Fairfield, CA, with Pro Wrestling NOAH's Takao Omori, England's Doug Williams, Donovan Morgan & Mike Modest. Plus, a 'huge surprise.' Williams is phenomenal and was one of the Brits here recently on a mini-tour. (Thanks to www.prowrestlingiron.com)

--Green Mountain Wrestling - TV Taping
GMW Dojo - Massachussetts.
Fred Curry Jr. beat Allen Green, Mark Vincent and Brian Jury in a gauntlet match, Mark Malibu beat Radical Rob, Kid Mikaze beat Flying Frankie, TV Champ Alex Arion beat Justin Powers, Johnny Idol/Mike Steele beat Flying Radicals, Sonny Goodspeed beat Dave Walker, Tarzan Taylor beat Allen Green, GMW Champ Maverick Wild beat Antonio Thomas, Aaron Morrison beat Mark Vincent, Women's Champ Trinity H. Campbell beat Mercedes Martinez, Brian Jury beat Texas Hangman No. 2, Tag Champs Southeast Connection beat Flying Radicals, Sonny Goodspeed beat Allen Greene, Brian Jury beat Holyoke Joe, Alex Arion beat Fred Curry Jr. by dq, Aaron Morrison beat Southeast Connection and Antonio Thomas in a handicap match.

--Premier Wrestling Federation's Big Impact
Academy Hall - Pottstown, PA
Allison Danger vs Simply Luscious went to a no contest, Junior Heavyweight champion Quiet Storm defeated The Amazing Red, Fire & Ice (Brandon Blaze and Jason Palligrini) defeated Chi Chi Cruz and Rockin' Rebel, Emerald Fusion defeated The Bash Brothers to become the new PWF Northeast tag team champions, Striker defeated Gino Giovanni, Da Hit Squad defeated The Damned in a Loser Leaves PWF for 90 Days match, Jack Victory defeated Steve Corino in a bloody Canadian Lumberjack match, Universal Tag Team champions The SAT defeated The Rachies, Jay Briscoe defeated Chris Divine in the finals to crown the first ever PWF United States champion. Briscoe had defeated Bax in the first match, while Divine had beaten Dylan Night, Chris Hamrick defeated C.W. Anderson to become the new PWF Universal Heavyweight champion.

--The Wrestling Federation
Martinsburg, WV - Berkeley 2000 Rec Center
Credit: Mr. Softball 18
Kevin Matthews & Valentina defeated The Well Hung Warriors, Slayer pinned Devon Moore, Miss Vanessa defeated Candie, Tag Team Champions Justin Cage & Steve Hayden beat Danny DeManto & Drew Blood, Bill Bain defeated Big Lou, TWF World Champion Mangle beat Jon Brody and Rocky Styles in a handicapped match, TWF Pennsylvania Champion The Doc retained his title against ECW's The Sandman via reverse decision.

--New School Wrestling
NSW Arena - Zephyrhills, Florida
David Mercury defeated Kid Lethal by DQ, Stash pinned Shifty, Druid pinned Overkill, Taurus defeated Bryan Manley, North American Champion DR beat Robbie Markson, Shifty and Kid Lethal defeated Stash and David Mercury in a 2/3 falls match.

--New School Wrestling
Catcher's Mitt - Brooksville, Florida
David Mercury beat Steve Madison, Stash and
Kid Lethal in a four-way dance, Taurus defeated Robbie Markson and Druid in a triangle match, North American champion DR and NSW Heavyweight
champion Scott Davis defeated Kids, Inc.
(Chasyn Rance and Kid Styles), Babysitter won a 13-person Battle Royal.

--OVW Super Summer Sizzlin' Series
Louisville, KY - Six Flags
Seven beat Chris Cage, Travis Bain beat David Flair, John Cena pinned Kanyon, Redd Dogg/Shelton Benjamin beat OVW Tag Champs Trash/Flash by dq, Rob Conway beat Damaja (Sherry Martel was in the corner of Conway), OVW Champ Nova beat Christian. Hurricane faces Jamie Noble for the Cruiser title at the final Six Flags show of the year next Friday night.

--Independent Wrestling Federation's Retribution
JCC Community Center, Edison, NJ
www.wrestlingIWF.com/Rob Hayes/Jason Lodato
Damian Adams pinned Erik Andretti, Dante & Axis defeated Dylan Black & Tommy Trouble, Roman defeated Josh Daniels in a best 2 out of 3 falls match, IWF Heavyweight Champion Biggie Biggs pinned Kevin Knight in a no dq match, Tag Team Champions Shawn Donavan & Travis Blake defeated Pierce St. John & Shane O'Brien, The Patriot pinned Hadrian. Next shows in West Paterson, NJ on Saturday, 7/27 and Sunday, 7/28.

--OVW TV Taping
Jeffersonville, IN
Rob Conway beat Damaja by dq, Johnny Spade beat Chris Cage, Seven beat David Flair, Johnny Jeter beat Shan O'Haire (brother of Sean), Shelton Benjamin & Redd Dogg beat John "Prototype" Cena & Sean O'Haire. Matt Morgan (Tough Enough II) made his OVW debut appearance as well.

Now...credit: nason and 411wrestling.com

The 411
Final Score:  0.0   [ Torture ]  legend


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